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Strawberry Pies, Autumn Sign + More Talk of the Town #35

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Whether you are still wanting summer to last longer or are ready for fall, we’ve got you covered at Talk of the Town this week, with everything from fresh strawberry pies to autumn signs, to reurposed and upcycled project ideas!

Typography Stenciled Chair and Chair Back Shelf

If you’ve been a regular visitor of my blog for awhile,  you may remember the grain sack typography chair makeover I did a few years ago (seen HERE).  Well, today is a day of totally trashed chair projects, and I have other typography chair to show you that I finished, as well as a broken chair that I turned into a shelf. Here’s the first chair.  I bought it at an auction several years ago, and stored it in my barn {Read More}

Military Trunk Makeover and Word to the Wise

I’m gonna start by admitting that this military trunk was one of my dumbest purchases ever. WAY dumb. For starters, I bought it when I was in New Mexico back in June. Who buys a big wood trunk while traveling and would have to pack it in a vehicle full of people and luggage? Well, that would be me.  What was I thinking? I also had no need whatsoever of a military trunk.  None. The other reason it was a dumb purchase is {Read More}

Talk of the Town 34: Farmhouse Shelves, Ikea Hack + More

Have you ever done an Ikea hack project?  This week at Talk of the Town we’re featuring an incredible  lamp shade Ikea hack with map pages, a stereo cabinet makeover, farmhouse shelves, and more, so let’s get started!

Thrift Store Makeovers and No More Complaining

I’m so glad my son wasn’t with me last week when I went to the thrift store. If he was, I’d be eating crow right now. I almost never find good deals there these days. I’ve ranted about it before, so I won’t rehash it. Since he’s usually in the car with me, he hears me gripe about the prices every time I shop there. He rolls his eyes. I ignore him and continue griping. I need to get it {Read More}

Sunflowers in Junk to Cheer Me Up

Well, my weekend plans took a nosedive, but sunflowers came to my rescue. I was feeling kind of down in the dumps, because my daughter and I had planned to go camping,  and I was looking forward to stepping away from all my projects and unplugging from the computer. But rain was predicted, so I had to find a new plan.

Give Thanks DIY Painted Wood Sign

I want to enjoy every last minute of summer, but knowing that autumn is just around the corner, I decided to work on a sign with a “give thanks” theme.

Talk of the Town #33: Tablescape, Wood Wall + More

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Our features this week include a really lovely tablescape, a DIY wood wall, an amazing farmhouse table and an upcycled cane back chair. The weather has been nearly perfect this week, and if I could ever get my whole family all home at the same time, I’d love to set a pretty tablescape on our picnic table and enjoy eating outdoors. We didn’t do it nearly as often as I would have liked, but I’m determined we’ll {Read More}

Farm Supply Inspired DIY Bathroom Shelf

Farm Supply Inspired DIY Bathroom Shelf So, we ran out of chicken food the other day, and I ran into the farm supply store to get more. Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about chicken food, but you’ve gotta wait for it … 🙂 I flung the bag of feed over my shoulder, passed by the aisle with fly spray and horse bits, and that’s when I saw them. A shelf full of galvanized buckets and tubs. Be still my {Read More}

Eggs in a Basket and a New Tiered Stand

I know we aren’t supposed to put all of our eggs in one basket, but I threw caution to the wind and did it. First off, we’re almost out of eggs. 🙂 But the real reason is I found the cutest little basket at the thrift store. It was just the right size to hold my less than dozen eggs. Did I need a cute little basket? No I didn’t, but the price was right, it was sturdy, and the patina was calling {Read More}