Beauty Salon Makeover for an Old Oil Heater

When I was a little girl, I loved going with my mom to the beauty salon.

I remember the mint green walls in the salon.

I remember the long row of hooded hair dryers.

And I remember watching in fascination as the beautician teased mom’s hair into a beehive.

 And I distinctly remember the smell of all the Aqua Net required to keep the beehive in place.

My mom could rock a beehive!

It’s amazing how you can walk into a salon feeling dumpy and worn out, but with a little help, you walk out feeling like a million bucks.

So … today  I have an “Angie’s Beauty Salon” before and after for you.

No, I’m not the one who got a makeover …

This poor old oil heater walked into my salon feeling every bit of her age.

Her color has faded, and her rusty roots are showing.

But that’s nothing a new color treatment can’t fix, and I’m just the gal to help her! 🙂

kerosene heater

She kicked back and relaxed, while I worked my makeover magic.

I wouldn’t let her look at herself in the mirror until I had covered all her rusty roots and given her a fresh, clean new color treatment.

No Aqua Net was needed, but I did use spray sealer. 🙂

I couldn’t wait to see her reaction …

painted oil heater

She looked twenty years younger and wondered why she waited so long to get a little help with her looks.

repurposed farmhouse light kerosene heater -

She has a new confidence that comes with feeling good about how she looks.

farmhouse light repurposed vintage heater -

I forgot to take a photo of it, but my husband installed a light inside, so her inner beauty really shines now too!

I’m using it as an accent light in my guest room.  I’m loving how it looks at night when I work in there.

I wonder who my next customer will be! 🙂

Give a worn out old oil heater a farmhouse beauty salon makeover! |

Vaya con Dios,


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  1. Linda Cortez says

    Oh Angi..I love this!! I have one like it..all rusty and missing a foot. I would love it if you could share your process of cleaning it up..I have no clue.

  2. Wonderful? How did hubby install the light inside

  3. Can I come to your shop for a makeover? 🙂

  4. Angie, what a clever idea to use it as a light! Lovely!!

  5. Wow. Absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never seen one of those. I love it. Good job.

  6. How cute! I love that you added a light!


  7. Angie, this is so pretty. I have one out in our barn I’ve been wanting to do something with. I love this idea. Can I ask how your husband installed the light in it?

  8. Awesome job, Angie! I gave my uncle Joe my cast iron heater for his garden. I’ll post photos. We went black. I am thinking the white is so much prettier!

  9. Marlene Stephenson says

    What a beauty and how fine she looks in her new self. They use to make some beautiful stoves. Have a great day Angie.

  10. Perfection!

  11. Love your little stove … especially how you changed her image and introduced her in your blog.

  12. Using that little heater as a light is genuis!! She looks great!!

  13. Oh! i love it.
    I’ve seen these at flea markets and barn sales… waiting for their turn to be made over.
    Now that you tell me you put a light inside…for ambient lighting in the guest room, I’m sort of kicking myself.
    What a great idea.
    Leave it to you to open my mind!

  14. What a night-and-day difference! I love her all dressed up!

  15. (I’m playing catch up on my blog reading – sorry to be so behind).
    It/she looks amazing! – and putting a light in there is genius!
    I too remember going to the beauty salon with mom. I was…..not into it. But I do have fond memories of doing crossword puzzles and word searches with her while she sat under the huge dryers.

  16. Im interested to see how you installed the light in the heater. I have a heater also and have tried different methods . It just doesnt look right, because I can see the bulb inside the heater. How did your husband do it?

  17. So, so cute! Loved your little story too!!

  18. Love the new doo you gave this old heater and how you shared the tale. Clever idea installing a light inside. Very cool! I used to sport a beehive in the day – probably looked silly on an 11-12 year old tween but I just loved the look.

  19. Still hoping you will show us how and where the light was installed inside. Thanks so much.

    Love so many of your ideas.

    • Sorry Pamela – I didn’t take photos while my husband installed the light, so I don’t have any to share.

      • A picture of how it is on the inside now, if you can still open it where the light is installed, please? I just won a heater on eBay and can wait to install a light!!!!! Thanks again for this great idea!!

        • Nellie Bray says

          I have heard some people use those little mini lights that run off batteries, I have seen some with these little strings of lights and they are really cute,

  20. Barbara dlaten says

    Can you tell me what model# your oil heater is? I have one like it but it doesn’t have the model # on it.
    Mine is a perfection brand

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