Eggs in a Basket and a New Tiered Stand

I know we aren’t supposed to put all of our eggs in one basket, but I threw caution to the wind and did it.

First off, we’re almost out of eggs. 🙂

But the real reason is I found the cutest little basket at the thrift store.

It was just the right size to hold my less than dozen eggs.

eggs in woven basket Knick of Time

Did I need a cute little basket?

No I didn’t, but the price was right, it was sturdy, and the patina was calling my name.

farmhouse egg basket ironstone pitcher

I won’t leave my real eggs in them, but I found some realistic looking faux ones on Amazon (affiliate link), so I’m going to buy some to put in it.

I love using chicken eggs in my photos, but if you take them from the fridge to room temperature, they get condensation on them, so the faux ones won’t do that.

We’re still waiting to get our first egg from our small flock of chickens.

They’ve been practicing their “I laid an egg” clucking sounds, so we know it should be soon.

My daughter and I are giving them lots of pep talks, but they are taking their sweet time.

My husband threatened to cook them, but they didn’t take him seriously either.

… Okay, enough about eggs and cute little baskets.

I do have something else to show you.

wicker basket farmhouse table

I finally have a new tiered stand available in my online shop.

It’s available HERE.

tiered stand

It’s been months since my husband and I made one, but I finally found the right pieces to do it.

tiered stand 2

This is a 3-tier stand made out of enamelware bowls, all perfectly aged from use.

The spindle holding them together was the leg from an antique table that I painted.

I hope we’ll be able to make another one soon.  I’m looking for one more bowl for it.

I’ll let you know when it’s available!

enamelware tiered stand

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  1. Angie I love that egg basket, it would have come home with me too ! Your three tier is adorable and fun.

  2. I flip and stage houses and LOVE the idea of the “eggs in a basket” in my older farm homes………but I can’t find faux eggs anywhere? Where can I find them???????? Yours look absolutely real!

  3. The 3 tier stand is lovely, it’s a wonder you can part with it. I have a terrible weakness for baskets, especially ones made of willow. What makes this “worse” is the fact that many people are divesting themselves of their old basket collections and I show up!

  4. Hi Angie,
    Love the three tier stand. So creative and fun. Love that little basket too. I have a thing for baskets especially cute little ones like that. I would have brought that one home too. Have a great Sunday and great new week ahead.

  5. Derry Gleason says

    So did that stand even last 24 hours on Etsy??? It’s gorgeous!!!

  6. I love the tiered tray. I haven’t done one yet for the kitchen is still not done. But i have an island counter that will scream for one, when I do. So much fun–that’s adorable, Sandi

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