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House Numbers Sign Hanging Planter

When you live in the country, giving someone directions to your house can be tricky. There aren’t many landmarks to look for, unless you count fields of corn or barns. So my directions usually sound something like this… “Turn at the 5-way, go past three fields of corn on your left and two fields of soybeans on your right. When you spot the water tower in the distance, turn left.” See the problem?

Talk of the Town #32 – DIY Pallet Light Fixture + More

Welcome back to Talk of the Town! The thing I love most about hosting a weekly link party is that I’m always learning from other other bloggers who have made a project that I’ve never tried. From last week’s party I learned about adding paint sticks on furniture, and how to turn pallet wood into the  coolest hanging light fixture. We’ll take a look at them all, and learn something new this week! First, let’s take a look at what you may have {Read More}

Potting Bench from Old Work Table Reveal

Recently I asked for your ideas for the old work table we found in our barn.  Several of you suggested turning it into a potting bench, and my husband and I thought that sounded like a great idea, given it’s short height. Here’s how it started out.

Recycling Projects: 20+ Amazing Tin Can Projects

I hear so many people say they wish they could move out of the city and into the country. They want an old farmhouse on a few acres, and would like to raise chickens, and listen to the sound of crickets, instead of cars honking. I think I should be honest with you though. There are a few things you might miss about the city, and I feel it’s my duty to tell you.

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Beauty Salon Makeover for an Old Oil Heater

When I was a little girl, I loved going with my mom to the beauty salon. I remember the mint green walls in the salon. I remember the long row of hooded hair dryers. And I remember watching in fascination as the beautician teased mom’s hair into a beehive.  And I distinctly remember the smell of all the Aqua Net required to keep the beehive in place. My mom could rock a beehive! It’s amazing how you can walk into {Read More}

Dorm Room Essentials for My Kiddo

My middle son took a semester off  from school last year to do a full-time internship. He lived off campus in a house full of guys during his internship. Have you ever seen what a house inhabited by five college guys looks like?   It’s scary. Apparently college guys don’t realize that leftover pizza won’t keep for three months in the refrigerator. I was the unlucky mom that got to clean that fridge out on moving day. I’m still recovering {Read More}

Talk of the Town #31 DIY Projects You’ll Love

Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas for the DIY projects that had me stumped last week! I got SO many great ideas from all of you, so I’m working on those projects now, and hope to show them to you soon. Now, it’s time to party and see more incredible DIY project ideas. Welcome back to Talk of the Town! Picking features this week was like going to an all you can eat buffet, and everything looked delicious! 🙂 DIY Projects Features {Read More}

Romantic Homes Feature + More Sale Items

Today was one of those amazing mail days that don’t happen often, but the latest issue of Romantic Homes was in my mailbox, and I’ve got a feature in it! I wanted to hug the mailman, but that might have been a tad awkward, so I just acted cool and casual until he drove away. Then I danced all around my driveway. 🙂