Sunflowers in Junk to Cheer Me Up

Well, my weekend plans took a nosedive, but sunflowers came to my rescue.

I was feeling kind of down in the dumps, because my daughter and I had planned to go camping,  and I was looking forward to stepping away from all my projects and unplugging from the computer.

But rain was predicted, so I had to find a new plan.

I didn’t feel like working on any big projects.

My brain had already settled on the idea of taking it easy.

I had picked up some faux sunflowers a few days ago.

Sunflowers are an instant happy pill for me.  They always cheer me up – even fake ones.

I decided I’d look through my workshop to see if I had any junk that I could use as non-traditional vases for them.

I found a poor old wooden firkin that I’d gotten at an auction several years ago.

It’s missing the lid and the handle and the wood is very cracked, but the bottom is still stable and it’s just endearing to me in its worn-outness.

antique firkin

I got four of them that were grouped together as a lot at the auction.  I sold the other three, but felt this one was too damaged to sell, so I’ve kept it all this time.

I just didn’t have the heart to throw it away.

I’m glad I didn’t now, because I love how it looks filled with flowers.

I may put a terra cotta pot inside and switch out the fake sunflowers for real flowers later, but I can’t kill the fake ones. 🙂

Think outside the vase and use salvaged junk as unique flower holders! -

I also had an antique galvanized mop bucket in my junk stash.  I had planned to sell it in my online shop, but just didn’t get around to getting it listed.

antique galvanized mop bucket

I’m going to use it indoors during the fall and winter, but it would make a perfect outdoor planter next spring and summer.

Turn old junk into unique flower planters | Sunflowers in galvanized mop bucket |

One of the wooden rollers flips up so a mop could be put in the bucket, and the name of the company is on the metal plate in front of it, which I love.

antique De Luxe mop bucket

Here’s the side view.  I may remove the rollers and use them for another project later, but I’m too busy being lazy this weekend to bother with it!

sunflowers in galvanized bucket

Have a great weekend!

Repurposed junk flower vases |

Vaya con Dios,


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  1. So nice and bright. That would bring a smile to anyone’s face on a rainy day!

  2. I love old junk with flowers. Especially sunflowers. Your vignettes create beautiful photos.
    (I’m in love with your old chippy door in the last photo collage!)

    • Thanks Robin! I probably should switch out that door for a newer one, or all the chips will eventually fall off. I’m not sure where I’d use it indoors though, so I’ve just never gotten around to it.

  3. Love your back door. My puppy is fast turning mine into the same thing with no help from me at all. Hates to be separated from people

    • Annie, my chippy antique door came off an old house that some friends of mine tore down. I got 2 of them that were exterior doors, but this one was the chippiest!

  4. Camping is a state of mind. Next time, put the sleeping bags on the floor of your shed and pretend. As long as there is a bacon smell in the morning…you’re camping.

  5. Love that mop bucket! I saw one like it recently on craigslist or somewhere and I dismissed it as something I wouldn’t know how to re-purpose. Now I think I should have snapped it up!

    I had to shift gears this weekend, too. Was planning to go to a school reunion but my daughter needed our only vehicle as her car is at the shop waiting to be declared “totaled”. She was back-ended the end of this last week, but no one was hurt, thankfully. Anyway, I wanted to go to this reunion to see a couple of friends I hadn’t connected with for quite a while so I called one of them to see if I could get there she would bring me home. The other friend I’d tried to contact earlier, but wasn’t able to. But the first gal was on the road and wasn’t going and told me that the other friend had told her she was’t going to be able to either. Well, I decided that it was just fine if I didn’t go either! Given the transportation craziness. So, here I am reading your blog! And others. Not a total loss of a day. Sometimes it’s hard to be okay with an unexpected change of plans, but, I think very important for everyone’s sake, to roll with it. It’s taken me a lifetime to really embrace that philosophy, but it does make stress so much less and life happier.

    That was kind of long and rambling! Lastly, I’m glad you could shift gears and decide to just relax and enjoy the time at home, since camping wasn’t going to happen. Hope your week is splendid!

    • You’re so right, Naomi. The older I get, the easier it’s become to “just roll with it”. There’s no point in being miserable over things you can’t change – gotta be grateful for each day!

  6. Love the sunflowers too and wish I could find a mop bucket like yours. I have a large one I love.

  7. Noting like sunflowers in a winsom container to help a gal’s outlook! Gorgeous!

  8. Angie, you have inspired me for a long time, perhaps I can ask a favor. What camera do you use to photograph? I want to begin selling items I have acquired and I need to buy a camera, nothing fancy but functional. Any suggestions?

    • Susan, I use a Canon Rebel T5 and love it. It’s my second Cannon Rebel, and they are easy to use. If you just need a camera to sell things, you mind find using your cell phone gives you good photos, so you wouldn’t need to buy one.

  9. I am the same way Angie, once I know (or think) I’m taking some time off, it’s difficult to get motivated.

    Love the junk vases!

  10. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go camping, but you certainly made some pretty flower arrangements instead!

  11. Jann Olson says

    Cherry flowers for sure Angie! I have some in a white with blue trim enamel coffee pot on my mantle. Love that firkin!

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