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Coffee Shop at Home Reclaimed Wood Coffee Station

During the summer when I was traveling with my family, everyone wanted to get out of the car and stretch their legs, so we stopped at a little coffee shop. The owners of the coffee shop had done an amazing job designing the interior and styling the space. The walls were chalkboards filled with chalkboard art and their menu. One wall was filled with coffee merchandise displayed on gorgeous rustic wooden shelves, and a display case was filled with fresh {Read More}

Fall Porches, Signs + Decor Talk of the Town #39

I don’t know about where you live, but autumn has arrived where I live with lower temperatures, corn fields being harvested, and the leaves are starting to turn.  I haven’t bought a single pumpkin yet, but I hope to remedy that soon. Blogland is filled with beautiful fall porches that remind me that my front patio needs some attention.  We’re going to take a look at a few of them day, plus some beautiful autumn signs and home decor. Welcome {Read More}

Guest House Fall Window Box Refresh for Fall

I don’t really “do” Halloween, but quite unintentionally, sometime between May and September, my cute little guest house turned into a haunted house … spider webs and all. I was away from home for several weeks at a time this summer, and all the pretty flowers in my pallet window box died in my absence. When I came home from the most recent trip last week, I discovered that the spiders had taken up residence and had made webs in every corner {Read More}

Reclaimed Wood Stars, Denim Hearts, +More Talk of the Town #39

 Did you see that amazing harvest moon last week?  I was riding on the train, and wishing I had my camera so I could jump off at the next stop to take a photo of it! Well, I can’t bring you the moon, but I do have some DIY  reclaimed wood stars, the most adorable upcycled denim hearts and more!

Homemade Gifts and 80’s Wooden Bin Makeover

I just got home from New Mexico and haven’t worked on any new projects yet, so I thought I’d share a few homemade gifts that my mom and I have given over the years.  We don’t make as many handmade gifts as we used to – simply because all of our houses are maxed out with decor, but those used to be the only kind of gifts we gave.   I’ve also got a quick makeover of a  1980’s  potato bin that {Read More}

Easy DIY No Sew Farmhouse Wall Pocket

If you love easy DIY projects – I’ve got a super cute and easy one.  Make one for yourself, and one to give as a gift! It’s a farmhouse wall pocket that can be made from a scrap piece of fabric, but it’s no-sew and is inexpensive to make. I put together a step by step photo tutorial to help you make your own quickly and easily. Easy DIY Farmhouse Wall Pocket Supplies List : (includes affiliate links for your convenience) ticking fabric (you’ll {Read More}

Get Well Soon or Mother’s Day DIY Flower Vase Bottles

I had the most brilliant idea yesterday.  One I was sure would be SO much fun. “We should go to the State Fair”!  … I told my sister. She wasn’t quite as excited about the idea as I was, but I remembered all the times I’d taken my kids when they were little, and we’d had so much fun, so she went along with the idea.   It was dollar ride day, so I was excited to ride roller coasters and {Read More}

Fall Recipes, Decor + DIY Furniture – Talk of the Town #37

Are you ready for fall, or are you clinging to every last minute of summer? I love summer weather to last as long as possible, but once I see the first few leaves starting to change color, I can’t help myself, I embrace fall wholeheartedly. I love the moderate temperatures, and can’t wait for the trees to break out into a full display of changing colors.  I love going to harvest festivals, and drinking fresh apple cider, and seeing lots {Read More}

Decorating on a Budget for Fall in the Farmhouse Entryway

Decorating on a budget can be tough.  We want our homes to look cozy and inviting – especially in the fall, but money doesn’t grow on trees, does it? It doesn’t help that store shelves are filled with pretty seasonal decor, and everywhere you turn you hear about “must have” decor and “fall essentials”. Very few of us “must have” anything more than we already own, and we are blessed with all the essentials we really need. I admit that {Read More}

Corrugated Metal – It Isn’t Just for Old Barns!

Corrugated metal… Oh how I love it. If it ever goes out of style, I’m in big trouble, but it’s been a staple in farmhouses for years, so hopefully I’m safe. We added it to a wall in my shed turned guest room. I used a piece left over from the guest room to make this pallet wood & galvanized metal flower display. And another small piece for this Fresh Pies sign. This kitchen has corrugated walls behind the exposed wall studs, via Lacquered Life.  Wood {Read More}