Corrugated Metal – It Isn’t Just for Old Barns!

Corrugated metal… Oh how I love it.

If it ever goes out of style, I’m in big trouble, but it’s been a staple in farmhouses for years, so hopefully I’m safe.

9 Farmhouse Style Corrugated Metal Projects -

We added it to a wall in my shed turned guest room.

Barn Door Headboard

I used a piece left over from the guest room to make this pallet wood & galvanized metal flower display.

rustic wood frame corrugated metal

And another small piece for this Fresh Pies sign.

corrugated metal sign

This kitchen has corrugated walls behind the exposed wall studs, via Lacquered Life.  Wood and metal always looks gorgeous together.

corrugated metal walls exposed wall studs

I bought corrugated letters to put on the shelf next to my galvanized tub shelf.

I waited until they were 50% off at Hobby Lobby to buy them.

galvanized tub bathroom shelf

Normally I use old corrugated metal for my projects, but it isn’t easy to come by, so I was so excited to discover you can get this  16×20 Galvanized Metal Sign (affiliate link).  The edges aren’t sharp, like they are when you buy large sheets of corrugated metal, and it comes with a thick twine hanger, so it’s easy to turn it into a sign.  Just glue on wood letters, or decoupage a photo or image on it.  You could even attach a wreath to it.

corrugated metal for DIY sign

Salvage Sister and Mister made this cute DIY metal and wood letters bathroom soap sign. for their kid’s bathroom.

DIY corrugated metal and wood letters bathroom sign by Salvaged Sister and Mister

This corrugated metal Kitchen Island  via Bob Villa is just stunning!  I would love to build one of these for my Farmhouse Kitchen.

corrugated metal kitchen island

The Shabby Creek Cottage shows How to Age Metal Roofing.

how to age corrugaged metal roofing by The Shabby Creek Cottage

Chipping with Charm made a Salvaged Barn Tin and Pallet Wood Arrow that is rustically awesome!

corrugated metal barn tin and pallet wood arrow by Chipping with Charm

Scavenger Chic mad this Salvaged Metal and Pallet Wood Photo Frame via My Repurposed Life.

corrugated metal and pallet wood photo frame by Scavenger Chic

I’m still visiting my mom, and just down the road from her house is a falling apart old shed made of corrugated metal.  Imagine how many projects could be made out of it!

corrugated metal shed

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DIY Salvaged Wood Projects

salvaged wood projects -

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  1. I love the industrial look of this material. Thank you for sharing all these great projects, Angie!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. So many wonderful inspiration projects, Angie! I’ve always loved the guest room you did and Bob Vila’s breakfast bar is awesome, too! Hope your mother is doing okay…sending prayers…xo

    • Thanks so much for the prayers, Linda. She’s had a very rough week, so we’re hoping it gets better before her next treatment. She needs at least a few days of feeling decent before it all starts over again.

    • Thanks Linda! I would really love to have an island with corrugated metal, like the one from Bob Villa, and am trying to figure out how we could add it to my kitchen. We don’t have a good place for it, but I’m still brainstorming how we could make it work.

  3. Angie, you have been through so much this past year or so, prayers for your family.
    I love the metal sign from Hampton ART, but it is actually a little more than $5.00! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your prayers, Cheryl. It really has been a tough year, but we’re praying these treatments help my mom, because we want her around for a lot more years!

      My apologies about the galvanized pallet – it looks like they raised the price. It was $4.99.

  4. Marlene Stephenson says

    Such cute ideas, i love old metal and never knew there were so many things you could use it for. Thanks for the ideas Take care of your mom they are so precious and praying.

  5. you won’t be in trouble…as your home is YOU…not what is on trend….at least that is how I decorate….never trendy….it comes and goes way to quickly…

    • Trends do come and go so quickly Shelly – I just hope corrugated metal survives the trend changes, because I love it!

      • Just was reading another blog on the ins/outs for decor this year, but think we should do what makes us happy basically and I love the galvanized things you show. Would have had them in Ill. where I am from and of course here in NM! Praying for your Mom.

  6. Naomi Shelton says

    The corrugated metal is appealing to me but I don’t know quite how I would use it in my house. Some of the uses that you show in this post are a little bit extreme–if that’s the right word–for my taste in decor. But it’s interesting to think about how it could fit in to my environment.

    By the way, I don’t think you should sneak down to that corrugated shed and cut pieces off to pack in your suitcase to bring home! Just in case you have been thinking about doing anything like that!

    Hope your mom gets a few days reprieve from feeing un-well. I’m assuming she’s having some chemo treatments, but I must have missed a post or two before you went to be with her. I’ve been through chemo and I know that it’s not any fun at all. Sending prayers for her healing.

  7. Naomi Shelton says

    Just a short add-on FYI: The corrugated metal sign is available on Amazon for $13.77 and free shipping from Exclusive Collections Store. Still not $5.99, darn it!

  8. I love the look, but I know it’s not for everyone. My next laundryroom redo will have it.

  9. I’ve always loved the look of corrugated metal. It adds such a rustic charm to any room and gets along well with any style of decor. Thanks for the inspriation!

  10. We are thinking of putting the metal on our basement ceiling (instead of a drop ceiling. We still want to be able to take pieces down if we need to access pipes.) HOW do you cut it? With a grinder? Just sounds like a big job…but I would so love that look! THANKS for all of your inspirations!!!! 🙂

  11. These are all so fun, Angie. I’ve been loving your guest room wall since you first showed it off!! And oh,what one could make with that old barn shed!!

  12. I don’t know if I would be brave enough to add corrugated metal to an entire wall (even though I think it looks fantastic), but I love the look of it and wouldn’t mind adding it to my kitchen. I’ve been eyeing a few pieces I’ve seen around the internet.

  13. I love the way corrugated metal looks! That industrial style totally speaks to me. 🙂

    I just wanted to let you know that you were featured as a Rockstar at last week’s Creativity Unleashed party! Voting is now open for MEGA Rockstar, so stop by and vote, and good luck!

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