Weekending | Room Reset and a Rusty Pitchfork

This week has been a Longgggg one.


Easy farmhouse decor includes a rustic old ladder, a woven hat and a rusty old pitchfork. See more at www.knickoftime.net

My teenage son got his first real job, which is a huge “hip hurray,” but he doesn’t have his driver’s license yet.  So you know what that means?

That means the good old mom (that would be me) has been playing personal chauffeur.

If we lived in town, that wouldn’t be a big deal.  He could ride his bike, or I could run him to work and get back home quickly. But we don’t live in town.

I drove him to work four days this week.  And because he worked six-hour shifts each day, I had to run him into town, come back home, and go back to pick him up six hours later.

He still has to get his school work and household chores done every day, and I had to squeeze all my projects and work in between it all.

I’m truly glad he got this job, but man I’m tired!

I think he may be having second thoughts about how great it will be when he’s a grown up and has to do this 5 days a week for 9 hours a day.

Welcome to reality, Son!

All that to say, the weekend couldn’t come soon enough for me.

One of the projects I worked on between running back and forth to town was an exciting, but unexpected one.

Farmhouse style decor in cottage guest room - www.knickoftime.net

A magazine contacted me wanting to use photos of my guest house in their magazine.

Normally, I’d be jumping up and down about a magazine feature.  But all the original photos that I took when we remodeled are forever gone, because I drowned the computer they were on in my bathtub last year. 🙁

So I spent the week basically redecorating the room and shooting all new photos to send them.

I bought that wonderful rusty pitchfork a few weeks ago when my daughter and I went on a day trip together, and I had to include it in the new guest house photos.

I’ve wanted a rusty old pitchfork for a long time, and I got this one for $2.  I could have hugged the man when he told me the price!

You just got a sneak peek of some of my favorite shots! 🙂

I’ll let you know which magazine when it’s available on newsstands!

Weekending, Room Reset and a Rusty Pitchfork | www.knickoftime.net

Vaya con Dios,


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  1. Congratulations Angie … anxious to see the changes in your guest house and the magazine pictures. I love old pitchforks and used one for years as a curtain rod on a window in our office. Just draped a sheer or cheese cloth over it. FUN !!!

  2. Congratulations on the upcoming magazine feature, Angie!!! That’s wonderful! It’s a shame that you lost the old pictures but I like that pitchfork you added for the new ones.
    Congratulations to your son on his first real job! Hopefully he’ll get his drivers license soon, so that you can quit the time consuming chaffeur job.
    Wishing you a relaxed Sunday!

  3. Congrats to your son on getting his first job. You are a great mom to drive him back and forth. Congrats on the magazine feature too. I know your new pics will be soooooo wonderful for the feature.
    Have a wonderful Sunday and great start to the new week ahead.

  4. Congrats on the feature! (And, to your young’un!)
    A $2 pitchfork is indeed a great deal! What a score 😉
    It looks fab in that room. Great job!!

  5. It does sound like a busy week! I remember those chauffeuring days!
    Lots of work, but the magazine sounds fun! Good for you!

  6. Way to go, Angie, with that magazine feature! Exciting! I know it will be a beautiful spread. Can’t wait to see it!

    I can really relate to the time constraints of the chauffering job. Both my daughters were reluctant to take driver’s training when they were old enough and didn’t want to drive. Well, that was okay for a while. I wasn’t anxious for them to be behind the wheel, either. But as time went on and on and on….I just couldn’t take the ferrying them around that I was doing. So at the next opportunity they each were told that the time had arrived when they were going to learn to drive! I was quitting my chauffer’s job! They both complied and became very good drivers. So “this too will end” as they say!


    Thats great news about the magazine!! Which One I wonder???….I am glad you get to spend so much time with your son!! My son is all grown up, married with two children and lives 6 hours away!!I think I have only spent about 15 minutes alone with him in years, think I will ask him to take me out to lunch someday!

  8. Marijean Jenson says

    Congrats ! That’s wonderful !

  9. I like your porch,less is more,I had a look at your guest cottage,it is truly beautiful,all the lovely antiques,love your style,you can put things together which are just right,I envy you.

  10. Go forth and break ladders so you can have two I say! LOVE this look so very much! Beautifully styled!

    Featured you this upcoming weekend on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 351. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  11. I love you decorating style. Beautiful!

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