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Countdown to Christmas | Talk of the Town #48

I can’t believe it’s almost time to tear November off the calendar and the countdown to Christmas will begin. Seriously, where did the rest of 2016 go? I spent most of last week relaxing with my family, but today is my mom’s last day visiting us, so once she leaves I’ll need to get busy and get to work. I have enjoyed seeing everything all my fellow bloggers have been working on though, so I have lots of inspiration. Before {Read More}

Homemade Christmas Gifts & Decor

My blog has been a bit quiet the past week, because I decided to take the week off and just enjoy spending time with my family. My mom has been here for the last week, and my husband’s dad arrived the day before Thanksgiving. My oldest son’s fiance flew in to be with us, and my middle son came home from college with his soon-to-be fiance.  Every space around my new farmhouse table was filled, and that’s just the way I {Read More}

Black Friday Giveaways, Sales and Uncommon Gifts

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Are any of you planning to hit any Black Friday sales? I stopped going to stores on Black Friday years ago. I don’t do super late nights, crazy early mornings, crowds, or packed parking lots. I’d much rather shop online, stay home in my sweatpants, and eat leftovers all day. 🙂 Whether you love Black Friday sales or prefer to stay home like me, I’ve got several wonderful giveaways for you today, as well as online sales and unique {Read More}

Talk of the Town #47

Welcome back to Talk of the Town! First, let’s take a look at what you may have missed from your party hosts! Black and White Farmhouse Kitchen Update  |   Farmhouse Style Christmas Shopping Guide Pom-Pom Joy Sign | Christmas Card/Photo Holder  | Inspiring Verse  | Gift Guide for Young Guys Headboard Coat Rack/Coffee Cup Rack Chalkboard | Bless The Food Sign Simple Solutions to Hide Clutter & Our Adopted Dog B Vintage Serger Thread Cone Christmas Trees Here’s what we’re talking {Read More}

Holiday Shopping Guide | Farmhouse Style

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I’ve only purchased a few things and am struggling for gift ideas for most of my family. What makes it even harder is that my daughter has a Christmas Eve birthday, and my youngest son’s birthday is in January, so I really need to get busy. I thought it would be fun to put together a holiday shopping guide of things I love, because I know many of you love farmhouse style as much {Read More}

Black and White Farmhouse Kitchen Update

    I decided last week that we absolutely positively needed a new kitchen table. Not only did we need it, we needed it before Thanksgiving. My poor husband.  As soon as I said that, he knew any plans of relaxing over the weekend had just flown out the window. Let’s take a little walk down kitchen table memory lane, and you’ll see why he’s starting to hate the words “kitchen table.”

Thanksgiving Ideas & More | Talk of the Town #46

Mid November is always a weird time of year, because it’s hard to know whether to work on Christmas projects when there’s still time for Thanksgiving ideas. No matter which holiday you want to focus on, you’re in luck, because we have some wonderful ideas for both!

Woodland Christmas Guest Room Tour

I’m going to test your literary knowledge today, okay? I’m going to quote a paragraph from a book, and you see if you can tell me what book it’s from. It’s a classic, so I think most of you will know it. Here we go …

Grocery List DIY Paper Wall Dispenser

I think my family is under the impression that I walk around with a grocery list and pen in my pocket at all times. They are wrong. If I had a dollar for every time someone tells me we need milk, or we’re almost out of toilet paper, or we need something it would never occur to me we need, like popcorn seasoning … I could afford to hire a personal shopper. 🙂

Paw Prints on Our Hearts | Saying Goodbye to Shiloh

A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart. We’ve known this day was coming for months, but it finally came time to put my oldest son’s beloved beagle Shiloh to sleep yesterday. Every pet owner has stories to tell about their beloved pets, so I hope you’ll indulge me while I share some of mine. I just need to talk about her today…