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String Art Heartbeats, Command Center & More Talk of the Town #57

My youngest son had  to go to school and work on his birthday, so we didn’t really get so celebrate, so we took a little field trip as a belated celebration. We went to see the Titanic exhibit that was on display a few hours away from our home, and did some shopping so he could spend some of his birthday money. The Titanic was a little more pricey than normal museum fees, but I’m really glad we went. We each {Read More}

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Make a Farmhouse Barn Quilt Block Sign with Step-by-Step Tutorial

Do you remember when I wanted a barn quilt, but I soaked in my bathtub while my son drew all the painting lines for me? And do you remember the time I had to patch 100 screw holes in my kitchen because I had drilled so many screws into the walls? Both of those stories illustrate something I’m embarrassed to admit …      I can be kind of lazy. But sometimes laziness pays off when I figure out an easier way {Read More}

How to Make Easy Stenciled Farmhouse Style Flour Sack Kitchen Towels In 10 Minutes or Less – Instant DIY Kitchen Cuteness Project!

Kitchen towels … can you ever have too many of them? Most of mine are pretty grungy from everyday use, so I don’t display them.  But every so often I treat myself to a pretty new one. I decided me and my kitchen were worth it.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating Stenciled Wooden Sign and Spring Flowers

Last week I was in the mood to do a little farmhouse kitchen decorating. I made a new sign, did some rearranging and cleaning, and then the most wonderful thing happened.

DIY Benches, Love Letters & More – Talk of the Town # 56

Hey everyone! We have a new member in our family that I can’t wait to show you, but I goofed when I took photos and forgot to put my memory card in the camera and didn’t realize it until I went to edit the photos and realized there were none. 🙂  Oops! I’d like to say things like that are rare occurrences, but it’s embarrassing how often I do forgetful things like that.

Affordable Farmhouse Lighting for Every Room in the House

Last week, I went shopping with my husband for some affordable lights for our house. Shopping with my husband. Four words that should never be uttered together in the same sentence. 🙂

Blue and White Delft Style Thrift Store Find

My daughter and I went out of town a few days ago, so we hit every thrift store we came across on the way. I love thrift store shopping with her because our tastes are total opposites, so we’re never rivals when we’re out thrifting.

Farmhouse White Kitchen Wall Storage Shelves

You would never guess by looking at my white kitchen that there was a time when the last color I would have chosen to paint it was white. White walls reminded me of every apartment I’d ever lived in, where every single room was white, and I didn’t have any choice in the matter.

Talk of the Town #55 & Giveaway Winner!

Before we get to the party this week, I want to thank everyone who left me such sweet comments on my birthday a few days ago – it totally made my day! We also have a winner for my stencil starter kit giveaway, so be sure to check at the bottom of this post to see if you were the winner. Now, let’s get on with the party, because we have some great features this week. Welcome back to Talk of {Read More}

Affordable Natural Fiber Jute Rugs

I’ve been eyeing jute rugs for a long time, but after seeing so many expensive ones that other bloggers bought, I assumed they were all out of my price range. I was so wrong though!