50th Birthday Thoughts & DIY Burlap Farmhouse Shopping Bag

Today is my 50th birthday.

Wow … that’s just weird to say.

It seems like yesterday I was half that age, full of youthful energy and busy with a toddler.

It would be easy to make jokes about aching knees, failing eyesight, and sagging “girls,” but I won’t.

Of course, all those things are true, but instead I prefer to focus on what I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful to have two legs that take me where I want to go.

My knees may hurt when I squat down, but they’ve served me well for years, and I’m truly grateful for the gift of walking.

I’m grateful for eyes that can still see.  I didn’t wear glasses when I was 25, and I’m totally lost without them at 50, but I’m just glad I still have eyesight.

And I hope it doesn’t sound crass, but I’m grateful for my breasts.

They aren’t the perky young things they were at 25, but they nourished my infants, and I still have them, which is a blessing denied to so many women because of cancer.

I’m just grateful for life.

I’m grateful for every single day of it.

My daughter treated me to lunch for my 50th birthday, then we drove out to visit her beloved horse.

If you recall, she gifted him to another young lady when her life got too busy with work and school to give him enough attention.
horse love | knickoftime.net

He’s doing really well with his new owner, but we still miss him a lot and go visit him whenever we can.

for the love of a horse | knickoftime.net

I wanted to take a photo of the burlap tote I stenciled yesterday, so my daughter offered to take us to one of her favorite parks for a 50th birthday photo with the tote bag.

DIY Burlap Farmhouse Shopping Bag with Milk & Cream Co. stencil by Knick of Time Vintage Sign Stencils | knickoftime.net

I love these burlap totes.  They’re the perfect size to use as a grocery bag or beach tote, and it takes just a few minutes to give them farmhouse style with a stencil.

I had previously used the Feed Bag stencil on a tote just like it, but this time I used the Milk and Cream Co. stencil and love how cute it looks.

This new tote is available in my online shop HERE.

DIY farmhouse style burlap reusable shopping tote or beach bag | knickoftime.net

If you’d like to make your own –

Supplies Used:

large burlap tote bag

stencil of choice – The small Milk and Cream Co. stencil is a great size for a tote bag and is the one I used.

fabric paint

stencil brush

painter’s tape

Just tape the stencil in place on the tote, add paint to your stencil brush, then wipe most of it off, so the brush is very dry.

Lightly tamp the brush over the stencil until the paint is your desired darkness.


It’s a super quick and easy project, and burlap is the best surface to stencil on.  You rarely get any bleed under the stencil.



Vaya con Dios,

Click on the images below to see more farmhouse stencil projects.

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  1. Happy Birthday Angie!

  2. Happy, happy birthday! I’m just a couple of years behind you and am grateful for everything you mentioned above too. My mom is recovering from breast cancer and I think her surgery was harder on me than her. Great birthday photo, of your daughter and her horse too! And of course the tote. Someday I’m going to start stenciling.

    Blessings for your new year!

  3. Stephanie Carrico says

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Angie, it sounds like you had a great day!

  5. Happy birthday Angie!

  6. Happy Birthday Angie!! I don’t think 50 is that old, geezzzz what are you going to do when you are 70!
    Try to enjoy it all.

  7. Your radiant smile speaks all that we need to know about “aging beautifully”

    The very best………..


  8. Candy Walsh says

    Happy Birthday Angie! I hope you have a wonderfully blessed year! I turned 50 (ouch!) this year too! I have no idea how that happened because I was just in high school!!
    Your tote bags are adorable~I’d rather carry a tote bag than a purse, after 50 years, I got lots of stuff! lol

  9. Happy Birthday!!! Counting your blessings each day is wonderful. I hope you have a good year!!

  10. Happy belated birthday! I tun 50 this year too. So weird! Your pictures are wonderful and it was so nice that you could spend time with your daughter on your special day!

  11. Happy Birthday, Angie! What excellent wisdom you share on this milestone celebration. Cheers, Ardith

  12. Paige DePalo says

    Happy Birthday, Angie. We share a birthday but I am ten years older! Many blessings is my wish for you. And I am tempted to try stenciling every time I read your posts!! God Bless, Paige

  13. HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY! I still felt really good in my 50’s and pretty good in my early 60’s. This February I’ll turn 70. In my mind I still feel young, but my body is beginning to creak a bit. I am thankful for all those things you are thankful for and a few others.
    You aren’t that old and enjoy your 50’s and your birthday

  14. H,appy birthday belatedly Angie.Your knees etc. may not be great,but think of all the wisdom you have gained in those years,you become more you,a well rounded person,the freedom to do what you want regardless of what anyone else thinks.Your blog is great,love your taste,hope you have fifty more.There are compensations at any age.

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