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How to DIY a Rusty Sign, Housekeeping Tips & More | Talk of the Town #61

Hey everyone!  Is winter slowly slinking off into its corner where you live?  We’ve had some wind and rain lately, but also some really lovely temperatures that make me want to sing and dance outdoors.  The coyotes might start howling if I did, so I’ll resist the urge.  I’m not a winter person unless I’m sitting indoors watching it snow in the comfort of a snugly blanket, so I’m happily waiving “adios” to it. We have some exciting things happening in our {Read More}

Puppies, Pico and a Pet Feeding Station | The Things We Do for Love

This is Pico. He’s the one with the furry face. He’s my middle son’s best little buddy.  But Pico has some problems, and as his human “mom,” I want to help him however I can.

Farmhouse Style DIY Decor Made with Salvaged Wood

A farmhouse wooden swing shelf, plus a collection of 13 DIY decor projects all made from salvaged wood. A few years ago, I made an Old-Fashioned Swing out of salvaged wood. On cool summer mornings when the birds are chirping, it’s the most relaxing thing in the world to pretend I’m a kid again, without a care in the world, and swing to my heart’s content. PIN IT! I looked out my front door at it a few days ago, and {Read More}

How to Build a Farmhouse Rustic Handled Wooden Crate from Pallet Wood

My husband recently restocked our supply of pallets, and I knew exactly what I wanted to make with one of them – a rustic handled wooden crate!

Talk of the Town #60

Has spring made an appearance where you live? Other than getting some much needed rain, we’ve had several days of amazingly beautiful weather. I know winter might rear its cold head again, but I’m just going to enjoy our dose of early spring as much as I can. I can’t wait to be able to throw open windows and doors, enjoy fresh air and sunshine, and do some spring cleaning. On that note, it’s time to see what’s fresh and {Read More}

New Farmhouse Kitchen Decor and Vintage Finds in the Shop

When I first started blogging, my main occupation was a “picker.” Back then, I attended at least one auction every week, and during the summer months I often went to several each week. It wasn’t uncommon for me to fill up the back of our pickup truck from just one auction with vintage pieces that I’d bring home to clean up and sell or salvaged junk that I’d repurpose into something new and sell through my online shop. Things changed {Read More}

Living Life on Purpose Inspirational Printable

Somewhere between the age of 14 and 17, my relationship with my youngest son changed. I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened.  I just know the change has been much tougher on me than it has been on him. When he became a teenager, I naively thought he would be the easiest of my four kids to parent through these years. After all, I was an experienced mom, and had been through the teen years with three other kids.  So I should {Read More}

The Farmhouse End Table That Almost Didn’t Have a Happy Ending

This is the story of an end table. It’s the story of an end table that tried to get the better of me.       But it didn’t know who it was messing with. Let me back up a bit though. I spotted this  little magazine table at the thrift store.  I wasn’t looking for one, and didn’t really need it, so I walked away and looked at other things. Then I realized it was half-price furniture day, so instead {Read More}

Where to Find the Best Vintage Style Industrial Decor

Have you all been watching Timeless?  My daughter got me started watching it, and now I’m hooked. Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus go back in time to stop Garcia Flynn from killing important people and changing the course of history. I love the story line, but seriously … If I were Lucy, I’d be buying everything I could get my hands on and transporting it back to 2017! 🙂 Time travel shopping.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Talk of the Town #59

Have you ever had a project that just refused to cooperate with you? I’m working on one of those right now, and I’m pulling my hair out.  I thought it would be a pretty simple project (and it should have been), but I thought wrong. I’m either going to win the battle or end up bald. 🙂 If I fail, I guess we’ll have some firewood for our next bonfire.