When a Chicken Gets the Hiccups

The strangest thing happened  in our chicken coop this week.

My daughter went to do her daily egg collection and found the something weird.

      Seriously weird.

This looks like a plain old chicken egg, right?

Well … a blue chicken egg, but still a chicken egg (we have a few Araucana hens).

Here it is zoomed a little farther out.

And side by side with one of her regular chicken eggs …

For a moment she thought that perhaps a wild bird had confused the chicken coop for its own nest.

We knew that was impossible though, because the eggs were laid early in the morning, before she opened the coop door, so a bird couldn’t have flown in.

Our best guess?

One of the chickens got the hiccups and laid an “oops” egg.  HA!

     Do chickens get the hiccups?

I have no idea, but it was the only explanation we could think of.

We couldn’t quite decide what to do with it.

We were tempted to crack it open – just to see if it had a yolk inside.

It was so adorable, we hated to break it open only to discover it might not have a yolk.

And if it did have a yolk, what in the world would we make with it?

Maybe one cupcake?

So … it’s been sitting in my refrigerator, and the mystery continues.

I guess eventually curiosity will overcome the cuteness factor and I’ll crack it to find out.

When that happens, I’ll give an update, because I know inquiring minds want to know.  🙂

If you’re curious about Araucana chickens, Fresh Eggs Daily has a great article about them.

In other chicken news …

I want to keep my line of stencils to about 25 designs, so I decided to discontinue the chicken shape stencil to open up space for new stencil designs.

I have some of the small chicken shape stencils left in my stock, so I decided to offer them as a free gift with the purchase of the Poultry Feed stencil.

The Poultry Feed stencil can be purchased HERE.

A limited supply is available, so this offer is on a first come, first served basis.  I’ll update this post when I run out of them.  NONE LEFT

Here’s how I used it on a rustic bench and small sign.

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Vaya con Dios,

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  1. That is sooo funny with your chicken egg!!!!!! I actually have a chicken that swings on a swing!!! It started out as a joke. As Ernie was building a barn house for them, I said, well why don’t you just put a swing up for them!! And so he did! It took awhile but one day one of the girls was up there just a swinging back and forth! I had never seen this before, have you!!

  2. Chances are your tiny egg is either a very first egg, or a very last egg. We have chickens and have gotten tiny eggs like this. None of them have ever had a yolk.
    Love your blog!

  3. I just went on mypetchicken.com. These are called witch eggs or fairy eggs (I like that better). It happens on an older chicken when something interrupts her laying cycle (hiccup?). Apparently it’s not that uncommon when a younger girl is starting to lay.

  4. Linda Manuel says

    We don’t have our chickens anymore, but I had one hen and a cat that LOVED nesting together! Back then we took Polaroids of those kinds of things!! And I still have that cat – he’s getting purty old now!

  5. Oh, please don’t crack it open. Just blow out whatever is inside. (You know poke a little hole and blow it out; I sure you know how to do this) I know you can find a place in a bowl or something and when you see it, you will get a good laugh at the “hiccup” egg.

  6. What is the size of the free chicken stencil? I would love to buy a set.

  7. That little egg is the cutest! I agree with Sharon; don’t crack it open, then you can keep it for some little Easter vignette or just to show to people! It’s simple, we used to do it to decorate eggs for Easter so we could keep them. Just poke a small hole in each end of the egg with a needle–not too big a needle–and then you just blow into one hole and the contents comes out the other hole. Sometimes you have to blow rather hard because the holes are so small. Let us know if there is a yolk!

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