Engagement Photos, Tree Hugging, and Amazing Views

When my son asked me to come visit him and his fiancée to take engagement photos, without hesitation I agreed.

I’m not a people photographer, so I was a little nervous.  But if they weren’t too picky about how they turned out, I was willing to try.

Here’s a quick collage to give you an idea of the photos I shot.

If you want to see more photos and hear about my “adventure” taking their photos, you can see more below.

Feel free to laugh at me.  I can take it. 🙂
Fun and natural outdoor wedding engagement photo ideas and poses wdding engagement photographer | www.knickoftime.net

A few days later, he told me his fiancée’s parents would be visiting at the same time, and I became more nervous.

Not only had we never met them, but I’d be trying to take photos in front of them.  My nervousness level climbed a bit higher.

It turned out that taking their photos and meeting her parents were the easy part of the weekend.  More about that in a minute …

Relaxed, fun and natural engagement photos #weddingengagement | www.knickoftime.net

I had gathered a few ideas for engagement photo poses on Pinterest so I would be prepared when I got there.

I even made some mugs with their first initials and wedding date on them.  Once they are married, they’ll have the exact same initials A. E. C.

DIY Save the Date Coffee Mugs with bride and groom initials and wedding date | www.knickoftime.net

I knew they would prefer mostly unplanned natural shots that captured their personalities rather than posing.  My son is totally smitten with his girl, and it shows in this goofy photo.

Save the date coffee mugs engagement ring Knick of Time | www.knickoftime.net

She looks like she’s not sure whether he’s going to kiss her or bite her cheek in this shot though.

But those photos only tell half of the story … the easy half.

My future daughter-in-law had some photo shoot ideas of her own.  She sent me some images she’d found on Pinterest.

So, they took my husband and I, my son’s dog, and her parents to one of their favorite rock climbing places.

The weather was gorgeous and I got some beautiful shots of the two of them along the trail.

Hiking Trails engagement photos for couples that love the outdoors | www.knickoftime.net

They didn’t dress up as many couples do for their engagement photos.  They wore very casual and comfortable clothes since we would be hiking.  I think the photos are more “real” and natural because of it.

They are both pretty carefree spirits, and these fun photos really reflect that.

Arkansas rock climbing crag fun engagement photo session | www.knickoftime.net

The best engagement photos are the ones where the couple is relaxed and having fun together | wedding engagement photography by www.knickoftime.net

You might have thought he was just carrying her, but he was actually getting ready to throw her in the air!

The best engagement photos are the ones where the couple is relaxed and having fun together | wedding engagement photography by www.knickoftime.net

The next two photos are some of my favorite shots.

Outdoor engagement photo session in Arkansas | www.knickoftime.net

Wedding photography outdoor nature couples photo shoot | www.knickoftime.net

Beautiful and relaxed outdoor wedding engagement photo session | www.knickoftime.net

Here’s the same shot in black and white.

Black and white photography engagement photos | www.knickoftime.net

The water coming down the rock crag was so pretty, I had to get a shot of them by it.

Arkansas outdoors couples engagement photography | www.knickoftime.net

Now comes my part of the adventure …

The shot she really had her heart set on was one like this photo (from Pinterest – source unknown).

rock climing engagement photo shoot ideas | www.knickoftime.net There are no rock ledges at the top of the crag, and somehow I let those two talk me into climbing down the very steep descent where they hoped they’d find the perfect ledge.

My husband took these photos from the top with his cell phone, so they aren’t great.

I was clinging to that tree for dear life, hoping I wouldn’t fall headfirst and take my son down with me.

Those kids scampered down the tiny footholds and narrow space like a couple of nimble mountain goats.

I inched my way down as slowly as possible, holding on to the line bolted to the rocks on one side like it was my lifeline.

And it was.

My son stayed in front of me the whole time, telling me where to put my feet and bracing me for support. But I was so relieved to get to the bottom.

Of course, I didn’t consider I’d have to climb back up again.

We hiked for about a mile, where I took the photos of them sitting on the log and standing in front of the little waterfall.  By the time we got back to make the climb up again, my knees were in agony and my legs felt like rubber bands.

I really wasn’t sure I could make it up the last few steps of the climb, so my son pulled me from the top, and his fiancée pushed my rear end up.

I miss having twenty-something legs. 🙂

They never did find the perfect ledge, but they plan to try again with one of their rock-climbing friends, so she can take the photos with them.

I’m all rock climbed out!

I survived it all and surprisingly wasn’t in agony the next day.

Am I glad I did it?

Yes.  I really am.

Would I do it all over again?

Heck, NO! 🙂

Vaya con Dios,

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  1. Congratulations to the super sweet couple on their engagement!!! You took lovely pictures, Angie! They all made me smile because of the happiness they show. I’m not sure I would have been able to climb down that rock. You did great!

    • Thanks Julia, Twenty years ago climbing down that rock would have been no big deal, but my knees are awful,so I didn’t trust them to keep me upright. I survived though, and I’m glad I was able to do it.

  2. Bonnie Martin says

    great pictures hope you enjoyed your day, and congrats on your son’s engagement.

  3. Sherri Maher says

    Angie, amazing job!! I could never have done this. Heights or just not my thing. Your son and daughter-in-law are a beautiful couple and I wish them very best for a blessed future.

  4. Mellisa Stuckert says

    Fantastic photos Angie! Your pictures are what engagement photos should be – natural, sharing their love and their passion for just doing life together. And yes, you know you would do this all over again because that is what we Mamas do for our kids.

  5. Sandy McElroy says

    Great job, great pictures ( pretty great momma too ).

  6. Jamie Kennemer says

    Congratulations! Beautiful pics and Beautiful Family!

  7. Kathee VZ says

    This post made me smile this morning. The photos are beautiful and your writing was fun to read. Thank you for sharing. Congrats to your son and soon to be daughter. I look forward to watching the wedding come together!

  8. Linda Arredondo says

    Beautiful Lovely pictures you did great!!

  9. Beautiful photos and a full day full of memories! Rock climbing is off my list now, too lol.

  10. Judy Probst says

    What a super Mom!! How wonderful to be asked to be a special part of their wedding plans!!!

    • Being the mother of the groom and not the bride means I don’t have a lot of work to do in their planning, Judy, so I was thrilled to take photos for them. Thankfully they’ll have someone else taking photos at the wedding, so I can just snap a few, and enjoy the day!

  11. No need for anyone to laugh at them, they are great!! Good for you!! I love some of the poses, they look so natural. What great memories you made.

  12. Oh Angie, what a great story. You made me smile. You are much more brave than I would have been. I understand about your knees too! You got some really great photos. My favorite is the black and white. Also, you made a great memory for them too by sharing that special part of their life. Love it.

    • Believe me, Becky – I wasn’t brave – I was terrified I would lose my footing and fall all the way down, but my son kept assuring me that I could trust him. All’s well that ends well, but I wouldn’t want to do it again. 🙂

  13. What a beautiful couple! Their personalities really shine through in your wonderful photos. Lots of happy times ahead.

  14. You are a good mom and are going to be a great mother-in-law. The pictures are amazing and they look very happy and in love. I’m sure the wedding will be nothing short of wonderful. Best of luck to the couple and to surviving the wedding planning.

    • Thanks Debbie – I’m really happy that they are also choosing to have a very simple wedding. It’ll be outdoors as well, and pretty casual, but I think it will be lovely.

  15. Angie, Wow, I love the photos you took, and what a great story! You’ve made some truly loving memories with everyone involved that day!

    • Thanks Kaycee, I think the most memorable part of the weekend was the kids having to pull and push my up the last few steps of the climb! 🙂 I hope it gives them a good laugh when they look back on it though.

  16. Marijean Jenson says

    Great pictures and congratulations! I wish I had twenty something legs too!

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if we could trade in our legs every few years for younger models, Marijean? Actually, I know many people who would love to have my legs that get me where I want to go, even if my knees hurt sometimes, so I am grateful for them!

  17. Pam Hawkis says

    Congrats to the awesome couple and awesome job on your pictures too!!!

  18. What a work-out! If I had done that professionally it would have cost them a pretty penny! You have some very nice shots of them that show their personalities really well. The only tip I would give you is to watch the lighting, especially on the faces. Try to pose your subjects so that the light falls without shadows on their faces from the front or side, not mainly behind them. I know that’s tricky when your “in the wild”. And please take this as friendly suggestions, not criticisms. I think for someone not used to photographing people you did a great job. And inexpensive for the couple, right??!

    • Naomi, we were struggling with the sunlight the whole day. It would have been better to go take photos a little later in the day, but we were crunched for time because my son had a huge project due the next day, so we had to work the photos in earlier in the day so he could have the rest of the day free to get his work done. My son is more experienced with editing photos with Photoshop than I am, so he’s going to try to tone down the harsh light. One of these days I hope to have time to learn to use Photoshop better. It’s on my list of 100 things I want to learn to do this year! 🙂

  19. What great photos, and what a fun and exciting time! We’re planning our oldest’s college experience, can’t imagine what it will be like when it’s time for weddings! And I’m with you, I miss those twenty-something legs as well (among other things!) You were a real trooper, that’s for sure. xo Kathleen |Our Hopeful Home

    • Good luck with helping your son plan his college experience, Kathleen! My two oldest kids have graduated from college, and my middle son who is in these photos has just one semester left before he graduates. My youngest son has started taking a few classes for college credit, but he still has another year before he begins the college journey. It’s an exciting time when they start that trip!

  20. Isn’t it crazy what a mother will do for their child’s happiness! No matter their age. The moms age!

  21. Angie, I surely know that sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got in terms of the available light. And if you have a Photoshop expert the shots will be easily tweaked, I think. I have always to wanted to use Photoshop but have never spent the money to purchase it. Someday. Anyway, thanks for your response and my congratulations to your son and his fiancee. Enjoy the preparations for the wedding and the event. A time to make great memories!

    • Naomi, my son got Photoshop for me, but I still haven’t learned to use it. There are just never enough hours in the day. Thanks for your well wishes for my son and his fiancee! 🙂

  22. Aww Angie, you did well. The last photo is so good! And the photos of your son and his sweetie are great too of course. What an adventure. 🙂

  23. What a great momma you are; isn’t it crazy what we do for our kiddos? You got some beautiful photos and just based on those I don’t doubt the wedding will be just lovely.

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