Get the Look of Reclaimed Barn Wood in Minutes | Weathered Wood Finish Product Review

I love using reclaimed barn wood for my projects, but it isn’t always easy to come by.

Today I’m reviewing a product that gives you the look of old weathered wood in less than an hour.

Supplies Used (includes affiliate links for your convenience):

Weathered Wood Accelerator

unfinished wood decor

paint brush

Different types of wood react differently to the weathered wood accelerator, so for my trial, I used three pieces of unfinished, sanded scrap wood.

From left to right, they are white oak, red oak, and pine.

I also used a ready-made unfinished wooden drawer with handles on the ends.

The Weathered Wood Accelerator starts reacting on the wood right away, but for the full effect you need to wait 30 minutes to one hour.

*Note – If you use any kind of wood glue on your project, the Weathered Wood Accelerator has no effect on it.  It just ends up clear, or whatever color the glue was to start with.

It’s the consistency of water, so be prepared for drips.

Here’s how the three pieces of scrap wood look after leaving the solution on the wood for about an hour.

And here’s how the wooden drawer looks.

The Weathered Wood Accelerator looks brown when it’s applied, but the wood ends up a really pretty shade of aged gray, like old fence pickets or reclaimed barn wood.

By the way, I’m loving my new barn wood photography backdrop!  If you interested in buying one, I got it HERE  (affiliate link) and saved 30% with the discount code HAPPY DAY.

I would highly recommend this product and I plan to use it a lot.  I’m thrilled with the new look of my little drawer with handles on it, and I can’t wait to pick more things to try it on.

I checked, and there are almost 50,000 unfinished wood products on Amazon, and most of them are very reasonably priced.

A few I have my eye on are this serving tray and this accent table.  I think both of them would look beautiful with the weathered wood finish.

How to get the rustic weathered look of reclaimed barn wood in minutes! |

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  1. Lois Stimax says

    This product looks awesome!! One question though-does it have a varnish-like finish? I was wondering because it is a Verathane product. Should the surface be coated with poly/varnish or wax?

  2. Looks like a great product for getting the weathered look!

  3. It is, Linda. I was really impressed with it.

  4. You are very creative

  5. I love this so much! Your wood looks gorgeous now and, of course, that box is a beautiful piece of decor. Thanks for sharing your DIY with us at Merry Monday this week!

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