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Talk of the Town #96

For those of you who love Halloween, I hope you had a fun one!  Even though my daughter is an adult and my youngest son is almost one, they still love carving pumpkins together and do it every year.  They never do traditional jack-o’-lanterns with faces like I did when I was a kid.  They usually do characters on them.  My daughter did the Batman symbol and my son did a character I don’t even know, but I’m glad they have {Read More}

Farmhouse Galvanized Buckets Christmas Ornaments

Farmhouse Galvanized Buckets Christmas Ornaments I know Halloween is just a few days away, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll blink your eyes, Thanksgiving will be over, and you’ll be freaking out about why you haven’t pulled your tree out of the attic or made any new ornaments yet.  And that’s why I’m here 🙂

DIY Easy Falling Leaves Fall Banner

DIY Easy Felt Leaves Fall Banner I know it’s getting a bit late in the season, but I wanted to share a pretty fall banner.   It’s really quick to make and would look so pretty for a Thanksgiving decoration. It takes only a few minutes to finish, so you can whip it up at the last minute before guests arrive. I’m a last-minute kind of girl, so I love these kinds of projects!

Easy DIY Farmhouse Style Milk Bottle

This easy Farmhouse Style Milk Bottle pays tribute to the humble bovine! I love cows.  Not just because I love beef or because I love milk, but seriously … They are just cute. 🙂

Talk of the Town #95

Is it just where I live, or did fall suddenly arrive like a refrigerated boxcar?  Don’t get me wrong – I love all the changing leaves on the trees, but I’m missing the 80+ degree weather we had a few weeks ago.

6 Ingredient Easy Mini Healthy Pizza Recipe

6 Ingredient Easy Mini Healthy Pizza Recipe Make this Easy healthy mini pizza recipe for a low calorie quick lunch or easy snack.  Perfect for healthy eating or weight loss. I rarely share recipes, but I’ll make an exception for easy recipes. Because our household has become smaller with two married sons, I’m all about spending less time in the kitchen.

My Son’s Beautiful Fall Outdoor Wedding

My Son’s Beautiful Fall Outdoor Wedding I hope you aren’t sick of hearing about my son’s outdoor fall wedding.  But if you are, I promise that this is the last post about it … until someone else gets married! 🙂 Hang on, though, because I have a LOT of photos in this post.  So I’ve divided into parts. First up, a confession and a shot with my son.  The confession is …

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How to Make a Rustic Wooden Sign, No Pallet Wood Needed!

How to Make a Rustic Wooden Sign, No Pallet Wood Needed! No old wood or pallets are needed to make this rustic wooden sign.  Don’t have a wedding to make it for?  The same technique can be used to make any sign for a mantel or wall decor!

Talk of the Town #94

I didn’t get much sleep before my son’s wedding and I’m torn between catching up on sleep and working on new projects.  I think sleep might be winning!:)

DIY Wedding Decorations | Crates & Lanterns for Outdoor Wedding

DIY Wedding Decorations | Crates & Lanterns for an Outdoor Wedding When my son and his fiancée announced they were getting married, she added me to a Pinterest board she’d created so I could see some of the wedding decorations she liked and wanted my help with.