February Giveaway – 3 Magazine Subscriptions

What’s the weather like where you’re at?  Do you live where they’ve been having spring-like temps, or someplace where winter is dragging on like a boring movie?

We are getting another blast of cold and some snow, which is a bummer because it’s the end of my mom’s visit.  But as long as the sun is shining, I can stand it.

It occurred to me that it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a giveaway, so I’m giving away three one-year magazine subscriptions for a few of my favorite magazines: Real Simple, Do It Yourself, and Better Homes and Gardens.

Entry to win is easy.  Since I can’t wait until I can get back to repurposing old stuff into new things, just visit my “Repurposed Vintage” gallery HERE and leave a comment below telling which project was your favorite.  That’s it!

A winner will be announced on Feb. 13 at the Talk of the Town party.  Good luck!

Vaya con Dios,

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  1. Jenny Young says

    I think you can repurpose almost anything into a chalkboard! I love the ones you’ve done but my favorite is the antique mirror frame.

    The link in your blog post didn’t work so I used the drop down box in your header to go to your gallery page.

  2. I think Making of an Antique Cupboard is my favorite, I might have to steal your idea!

  3. I love reading all the awesome ideas on your blog! My favorite was ” repurposed baking pans tiered stands” although I love them all. Thanks for a chance to win these great books.

  4. Oh, Angie….this is harder than you think – choosing ONE favorite? lol The kink worked for me and I think I finally decided that #22, the antique dresser into entertainment Centre is my favorite.
    We’re getting winter back for another round where I am in Burlington, Ontario. It was so balmy a little while ago that all our snow melted! It is back, now, though!

  5. angela carrera says

    gonna have to say that although its difficult to pick just one…I love the tiered stand. just love that look….someday I will try this!!!! not the best at creating, but I do try!!! thanks for the cool giveaway!!!

    Angela from NJ

  6. ColleenB.~ Tx. says

    I admire all your wonderful projects and was really very hard to pick a favorite. I totally fell in love with #102 – the cable reel coffee station………..pure genius.
    Thank U 4 this giveaway opportunity

  7. Hi there,
    I couldn’t chose just one..so I have two. The half table into a nite stand and the teapot lamp. I plan on trying both of these this summer.

    Ty for the inspiration, Laura

  8. I love all your projects! I especially love the colander turned into a light fixture. I have two colanders that I plan to do this with once we get our farmhouse.

  9. Love that I can read your daily and go straight to the basement or closet and get started! Using old drawers as shelves has been wonderful! I just retired and am FINALLY setting up my sewing room to be my happy place!

  10. Ooohhhh I love the teapot lamp.

  11. Debra Wise says

    This was a difficult task to pick one as they’re all amazing. I love the antique sewing machine table, the pulley light fixture, but probably my favorite is the tiered stands!

  12. Number 13 – the books with the Edison light bulb. In fact, I purchased one from you and love it. I have my Grandfather’s reading glasses beside it!

  13. I love the milk can table and actually have one I did myself, and another I’ll be making into a planter this summer, but my fave project is still the house number hanging planter. I love it so much that I’ve been on the hunt for an old real estate sign since first seeing it – but of course they don’t make them like that anymore. 🙁 Thanks for always having great ideas to share and for a fun contest!

  14. Angie
    I’m going with your kitchen, It was too hard to choose just one project and your kitchen incorporates many!
    Thank you for the magazine drawing. I’m hoping your recovery will be a quick one too, Angie.

  15. I love all your work. It was really hard to decide on just one. #29 overall wall hanging? Maybe. #72 watch face bracelets? Gonna try that! No! Wait! # 61 Book coat rack! YES! That’s it !! I have many old books I want to use for something. Can’t wait to get started.

  16. This was a tough choice as all of your ideas are fantastic. #124, the chair back shelf wins my heart today. The use of old books was great too in several choices.

  17. I like the house number sign with the plant hanging in the metal yard frame.

  18. Marlene Stephenson says

    Well, there’s so many cute things but i finally settled on the Futon Frame turned Chalkboard shelf, it is so cute. The weather here in Okla. just for one day got up to 68 but, it was real windy, and now it is back to 20’s and 30’s and dry.Have a great day Angie.

  19. The tiered stands are what brought me to your website and they are still my favorites, especially the enamelware ones.

  20. Kathleen Hornbecker says

    I have made, or at least attempted (lol) your projects but the repurpose pan into magnetic chalkboard is my favorite. Since my kitchen is TINY…I used small round magnetic tin to put my spices. Then wrote the names under the tins
    with chalk. Get SOOOOOOOOO many compliments on this. Thanks for your wonderful projects you share.

  21. Sandi Allen says

    It’s so hard to choose just One! I have many favorites! But I will say the Antique Mirror Frame into a chalkboard!
    Can’t wait to see what you will repurpose next! Thank you for the chance to win these magazines! Keep Warm!

  22. I like #7, the half table turned into a night stand. There were so many nice transformations, it was difficult to choose just one!

  23. Love your green colander light. So cute!

  24. I love old photos so the photo blocks are my favorite! But there are many great ideas!

  25. So fun to look through all these great projects! I love the cushion for the milk crate, have been meaning to do something like this with the crate I have, thanks for the inspiration.

  26. Norma Rolader says

    Oh I could not pick just one thing … I love all your ideas inspiration! You are amazing

  27. I love the Ironstone and Tarnished silver displays. I look forward to your posts so much. Your ideas make me happy.

  28. I love the Ironstone and Tarnished Silver displays. I look forward to your posts. Your ideas make me happy.

  29. Anne Holcomb says

    I love the Repurposed Baking Pans Tiered Stands. They are so versatile and useful. Your projects are very inspiring! Thanks

  30. CARYN RAILING says

    #31. Flowers in the GEM pump. The whole vignette is so cute . Hope you are feeling better. Keep those creative juices flowing!

  31. Patricia Tucker says

    #27 Repurposed drawers..

  32. Love, love the repurposed entertainment center.

  33. Jill Chapman says

    WOW!! You have so many great ideas. You are an artist for sure. Looking at all the lovely items, I kept coming back to the sewing machine table. My grandmother had one very similar to yours. Oh, the sweet memories return of my dear grandmother. It is my favorite.

  34. Jeannette Olton says

    The Repurposed Milk Crate Padded Stool is my favorite but I do have to say, it was hard narrowing it down to just one because I like all your ideas!

  35. There are so many I love & it’s hard to choose just one! My top 3 picks are the dresser turned into an entertainment center, the colander into a hanging light, & I love the old milk can turned into a patio table!11

  36. Laura Laskey says

    I actually received a free antique sewing machine and took it apart to make a table just like yours!

  37. julie ross says

    Repurposed Baking Pans Tiered Stands! Love it!!

  38. Angie, I’m absolutely in love with that some carpenter’s level coat hook #90. My dad was a builder and it makes my heart smile, in fact, I think I may do it with one of my old levels. Thank you!

  39. Wow ! Angie , I went to your page and fell in love over and over again . My favorite one was 36. Repurposed Antique Sewing Machine Stand Wall Bins . That would work almost any where in the wash room and in bathroom or the kitchen ,The list could go on and on .

  40. Jennifer Pence says

    How do I choose one?!?! I love all of them. I do however have a colander that I’m holding on to, so I’d have to go with that light cover.

  41. Way too many to choose an absolute favorite but I love all the tiered trays and the repurposed drawers, also loving #98 the repurposed chair into a table.

  42. Angie jastrzebski says

    I love the old sewing machine table, my mom recently gave me the base which was my grandmother’s and I plan on doing the same thing you did, thanks for the inspiration!

  43. Liza M. Anderson says

    It was so hard to pick. They are all very inspiring. I have been trying to find a milk can for a while they are expensive, but that table idea is amazing. I also like the books coat rack I’m definitely going to try that. As well as the window shadowbox I have a window waiting to be re-done. Oh and the half table wall shelf will be done right next to my husband’s favorite chair. Thanks so much for all the ideas.

  44. Patricia Davis says

    My fav is the sewing machine table but every idea is pretty great. Thanks for a chance to win some free magazines. Keep posting – we all love you

  45. I love the simple candleholders made from the jello molds.

  46. First of all, I hope you are recovering and getting stronger every day. I think one of my favorite makeovers was your old window flag display. It was quite a beautiful and inspiring piece.

  47. Mary Milnarich says

    so hard to pick just one. I love #88 and #91. they are the wood from the sewing machine cabinets that you made into wonderful art pieces. I also looked up your article from 2012 that showed all your recycled sewing table projects. They are all so creative.

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