Spring Green Fresh Flowers Stenciled Dresser

My mom returned home last week after visiting almost a month, but while she was here, we moved the bed from the guest house to my daughter’s old bedroom for her.  The guest house is insulated and we have a heater in it, but I didn’t want to worry about her walking outside and slipping on the ice to come into the main house.  I’ll probably buy another bed to put in the guest house and continue to use my daughter’s old room as another guest room since my sons come to visit from time to time.  At first, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself after she left.  The house seemed so quiet.  I talked to the dog.  I did some laundry.  I talked to the dog some more.  Then I realized I had to work on something or I would drive the dog crazy. 🙂  I decided to paint the dresser my daughter had used for many years.  When she bought her own house several months ago, she decided not to take it with her.  It has lots of dings and chipped veneer.  I’ve repaired veneer before and didn’t have a desire to do it again, so I decided to just leave it and embrace its aged character. Spring Green Fresh Flowers Stenciled Dresser | www.knickoftime.net #knickoftime.net #vintagesignstencils I knew I wanted to paint it a shade of green, but I didn’t have the color I wanted.  So I went to Lowe’s and had a sample pot made in the color “native henna.”  It was just the spring green color I was looking for. Spring Green Fresh Flowers Stenciled Dresser | www.knickoftime.net #knickoftime.net #vintagesignstencils I had hoped to just sand the top and give it a fresh coat of stain but realized it was veneer and not solid wood, so instead I painted it in the color “Drop Cloth” by Dixie Belle Paint Company. Spring Green Fresh Flowers Stenciled Dresser | www.knickoftime.net #knickoftime.net #vintagesignstencils It looks pretty bright white in the photo below, but it really is an off-white color.  I used Fiddes & Sons wax to protect the finish and buffed it. Spring Green Fresh Flowers Stenciled Dresser | www.knickoftime.net #knickoftime.net #vintagesignstencils I wanted to dress up the drawers a bit, so I used the Fresh Flowers stencil on them. Fresh Flowers farmhouse style stencil from Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils | www.knickoftime.net Spring Green Fresh Flowers Stenciled Dresser | www.knickoftime.net #knickoftime #vintagesignstencils All there was left to do was replace the old drawer pulls with new glass knobs. Spring Green Fresh Flowers Stenciled Dresser | www.knickoftime.net #knickoftime #vintagesignstencils Spring Green Fresh Flowers Stenciled Dresser | www.knickoftime.net #knickoftime #vintagesignstencils So what do you think of my Fresh Flowers stenciled dresser?  I’m so glad I stopped talking to the dog and started painting!  My fine motor skills still aren’t back to normal from my stroke, but I know that every project I work on helps.

Spring Green Fresh Flowers Stenciled Dresser | www.knickoftime.net #knickoftime #vintagesignstencils

There are two ways to make your own fresh flower sign that’s an easy project to DIY.

Using my Fresh Flowers stencil HERE.

Or an adhesive stencil on a Reclaimed Drawer Front which also makes it so easy!

Fresh Flowers DIY Sign on a Chalk Couture Reclaimed Drawer Front

The supplies are available in my Chalk Couture shop HERE.

Vaya con Dios,

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  1. Love it, a really gorgeous upgrade..x

  2. I’m so glad to hear you’re doing so much better. I know getting back to doing “normal” things is just what you needed. The dresser looks great. Very springy!

  3. Sherri Maher says

    Glad you’re back at it Angie. Love the dresser! God bless!

  4. Teddee Grace says

    I like it, dings and all! Glad you are recovered enough that your Mom felt comfortable going home.

  5. Glad to hear that your doing better. Love the dresser..but the picture is beautiful! Did you make it?

  6. Sandi Allen says

    Love the dresser and the beautiful green color! Glad you are back! Prayers to you!

  7. Angie,
    Great color and creating this beautiful dresser shows the love and hard work you put into everything you do. So happy with your determination, and the help of loving family that you are recovering so you can do the things you have always enjoyed. My Blessing are sent for continued recovery.
    P.S. My dog is a good listener too! 🐾

  8. I’m so glad you are feeling well enough to work on some projects, and this one turned out great! I love the color and the stencil!

  9. shelly anderson says

    I LOVE it…… very simple, just the way I like things. So glad you are getting back into the swing of things.

  10. Hi Angie … so happy that you are feeling like painting again. Love that “native henna” color and plan to get a sample and see if it will be what I am looking for. Hugs and pray that you continue to get strong and back to where you were before the stroke.

  11. It’s beautiful, Angie and I am so glad you are back! Your stenciling on the dresser is A-1, good to see that fine motor control returning. Twenty years ago, I had a Closed Head Traumatic Brain Injury and I know how frustrating it is to lose so much overnight. Just remember, our injuries, no matter how much they change us, don’t make us less, just a little different than we were.

  12. Isn’t that cute! You’ve taken an old, worn piece and made it fresh and young again! A good project for your body after your stroke, but a nice project for your mind and soul too. It made me feel like Spring has arrived!

  13. That looks so cute! I absolutely love Dixie Belle Chalk Paint. We have a retailer in the shop I have a booth in, so that is super handy. My favorite colors are Vintage Duck Egg and Drop Cloth.

  14. Marlene Stephenson says

    It is the perfect color for spring, i love the top and knobs, looks so lovely.I am glad you are doing so well.

  15. Lovely job Angie. I didn’t know you’d had a stroke! I’m so glad you’re ok! Keep working and keep talking to the dog. It’s good for the soul. 🙂

  16. Sandy McElroy says

    So glad your trying to keep busy, it’s good for the mind and body. Hang in there kiddo one day at a time. The dresser looks great !

  17. Sheryl Danner says

    Oh Angie, I have followed your blog and purchased items from you for years and somehow I missed that you had a stroke. Please know I will be praying for your continued recovery. The chest is adorable!

  18. I love that shade of green, Angie. The finished dresser looks great! I also love the glass knobs.

    I’m so glad you getting back to doing what you love to do and send my prayers for continued healing. I wouldn’t know what to do without your blog! But, most of all, I pray for healing for your sake and your ability to so things that feed your soul.

    So, I’m looking forward to many new projects from Knick of Time as you continue to regain your strength and dexterity.

    Gotta look at that green again! I might have something I can paint with it.

  19. P.S. I meant to mention the flower picture you styled the dresser with. It’s the perfect thing to go with the green color. I was wondering if you had made it with dried flowers or if it is a print. I love it.

  20. What a cute idea Angie. Love how it turned out! I’m glad you are feeling better!!

  21. Terri Hughes says

    Very pretty….I love it. So glad that you are doing better. You are still in my prayers for a full recovery!

  22. Angie you did a beautiful job on your dresser. glad to hear that you are getting back into the swing things. take care of you..

  23. Norma Rolader says

    Adorable and so cute

  24. Looks great and so happy to hear you are better.

  25. Looks like a whole new piece…beautiful, Angie! Glad you are able to do some projects!

  26. You are so brave, always a great inspiration to me. Pray your healing makes you stronger every day. Couldn;t live without your blog, thanks millions for always sharing. I must find that print, been looking online. How long ago did you purchase it and does it have a name or artist name. I won’t give up till I have one. God Bless and keep up the good work. Thanks for any reply. Fondly, Alice

  27. So happy to hear about the progress of your recovery and the dresser is lovely – what a nice shade of green!

  28. Thanks so much for sharing all of your wonderful blogs. You are my inspiration and I praise you for your bravery during your recent recovery. Keep up the good spirit and I will still be praying for you. If I may be a little bit of a nuisance, would you share the name of the print or the artist. I have been trying to find it on searches to no avail. When did you purchase it…I haven’t been able to find it at Hobby Lobby either they are an hour away, so I will try again. I just love it and it is one of those “gotta have it” Much appreciation for your reply. Fondly, Alice

  29. What a beautful colour you chose!! I think I may have to get me some of that colour and paint my little stand. I’m so glad you are feeling better. Praying for your continued recovery!

  30. I echo the joy others have expressed over your mother’s long visit, your continued improved health, and of course, the fabulous dresser. Makes me want to find an old one to paint just like it. I really, really like that green. And that stencil is one I think I need to purchase. There is hopefully a garden room in my future and that stencil has a place. 🙂

  31. Beautiful project, Angie–what a great shade of green you chose, and as always, I LOVE your stencils! This one is one of my favorites 🙂

  32. Wow,for bit there thought would never get to comment. Always enjoy reading everybody’s comments, be amazed what can learn.
    Am so pleased you are recovering well from your stroke, not a quick recovery or meant to be. Takes time to get faculties back as they were or maybe better.
    Mr.Furry had a stroke in Oct. 2010 which took him awhile/few months to get his motor purring as it had been but he’s doing quite well. He was older when he had his stroke. He can do woodworking projects for me very well and we’ve done some painting projects together (which he likes to be boss of, lol).
    You did lovely job on cute little dresser, love that color. Hope someday I can afford to buy couple stencils. Not that your stencils cost too much, that we live on very fixed income, expensive to live here and I have lot of medical bills. Keep up your recovery carefully.

  33. I’m glad you’re feeling well enough to work on such a project, Angie! Your dresser looks fantastic! I love that shade of green and the stenciling. What a great piece! I hope your fine motor skills will improve furthermore. Wishing you all the best!

  34. I am so glad you are doing better and getting back to doing some projects. The stenciled dresser is so Spring timey, just love it!

  35. Love the new look of the dresser and the needlework display. I also use framed needlework that I find at yardsales. So glad you are feeling better!

  36. Another beauty! I love this! The color is amazing

  37. You will have spring all year round. It is so lovely. I am glad you are feeling better.

  38. Suzanne Fulford says

    So cute and spring-y 🙂
    Love the choice of colors!!

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