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First of all, I want to thank all you who follow me on Facebook for leaving nice comments during my first Facebook live.  I screwed up several times (and mispronounced Couture!)  It was definitely a learning experience, but I talked myself into it and wanted to be more brave.  I don’t know if I’ll do them often, but I felt good once it was done.

If you missed it, you can watch the replay HERE.

Anyway, back to my walking ramblings.  Now that the weather is so nice, I take a walk outside several times a day.  It’s cooler, and today I remembered to take my camera along just to share some of the beauty that surrounds me.  I hope this doesn’t bore you!

Starting out my walk, I pass the big farm gate that I’ve used as a backdrop for my photos many times (seen HERE).

I love the wild parsnip and Queen Anne’s Lace that grow along the road.

As long as it doesn’t grow in my yard, I even like the thistle plant whose large purple flowers look very pretty.

Just past this area used to stand the beautiful big old barn that was torn down a few years ago.  I still miss it, but I’m glad I have the photo I took on my living room wall.

This year, the farmers have planted corn in the fields next to my road.  Is it weird that I love to watch the corn grow bigger and bigger each day?  I just think it’s beautiful.  I don’t love soybean so much because it isn’t nearly as pretty.

I only walk less than a mile, and returning back to my house, this is the sight I see.  This was the same backdrop that I used when I photographed my vintage bike with a flower crate on it.

Thanks for taking a walk with me today!

Vaya con Dios,

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  1. Terri Hughes says

    Love the view from down the road. It looks so peaceful and quiet. Thanks!

  2. Claudine says

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful area! 🙂

  3. It is sure lovely in your neck of the woods, Angie!

  4. I too live in the country and there’s nothing else like it. We abut a bike path which goes from one state to the other. I absolutely love the entrance to your property. It’s almost like it beckons you. And the gate…..I could write a good story just by looking at that. Thanks for the walk. 😉

  5. those are some pretty idyllic surroundings! This suburban/city dweller thanks you for the pics!

  6. Stephanie Carrico says

    I love to walk down country lanes…thanks for sharing the lovely views.

  7. Brenda Thompson says

    O wow!! You are so blessed to live in the country. I sure miss living there and walking the country roads for my exercise. Not so much fun in a town. I’m waiting for the day to be back in the country enjoying the quiet and peace without all the noise. Love your blog and all the interesting items you re-purpose.

  8. Marlene Stephenson says

    There are some days i am so busy don’t know why i didn’t think about FB, easier to keep in touch. I will take a walk with you any time i love where you live much better than where i do, the country is so pretty. I love the wild flowers even though sometimes they are weeds, if they bloom they are a flower to me,lol!.

  9. Love it and love how you can see the beauty in simple things. One of the easy things to do if we just slow down. Keep walking!

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