Mountains Are Calling DIY Chalkboard | Chalking Series Part 2

Mountains Are Calling DIY Chalkboard

This isn’t so much a project as it is a story.

Let me start by saying I’m not usually a raving lunatic.


My son was at the theater with a friend.  My husband had just gone to bed (he goes to work crazy early in the morning).

So I decided to go into my workshop and make a chalkboard.

Just me, myself, and I.

Things started out great.

I chose the Mountains Are Calling transfer, took it out of the package, and fuzzed it on a towel.

Mountains Are Calling DIY Chalkboard | Series Part 2 |

I had received one of the Greyson Style White Chalkboards recently, so I centered the transfer on it on the first try.

That never happens!

Luck was on my side.

Or so I thought.

Unless I have someone to help me, I don’t take photos while I’m chalking.

I don’t want the paste to dry on my transfer while I’m taking pictures.

So I put the white chalk paste on and used the angled squeegee to drag it across and remove the excess.

It went on nearly perfectly.

Mountains Are Calling DIY Chalkboard | 15 Days of Chalking Series, Part 2 |

Now comes the part that I wish I would have waited until I had a helper.

It was time to remove the transfer.


This frame is large and the thumb and forefinger on both hands were in use lifting up the transfer, so I was trying to use my elbows and chest to hold down the frame while I pulled.

Mountains Are Calling DIY Chalkboard | 15 Days of Chalking Series, Part 2 |

I was starting to panic because I knew the paste was drying on the transfer.

I somehow wiggled it back and forth until the transfer let loose.

But when it let loose, the bottom sprang toward the middle and got stuck together.

The neighbors might have heard me scream🙂

My first instinct was to pull that thing apart, but I knew that would destroy it.

With fingers still stuck to the transfer, I ran into the house and straight to the bathroom.

I used my elbow to turn on the hot water and shoved my hands under the water.

Then I screamed at the top of my lungs for my husband.

Yes, I did.

Thankfully, he heard me.

Probably the next town did too.

He was able to free my fingers and the stuck transfer, both unharmed!

Afterward, I let the sign dry and went to hang it …

BUT I put the darn transfer on the wrong end!

Mountains Are Calling DIY Chalkboard | 15 Days of Chalking Series, Part 2 |

Thankfully, it was an easy fix.  My husband just moved the hanger to the correct end.

All’s well that ends well.

I have my Mountains Are Calling DIY Chalkboard and I love it!

Mountains Are Calling DIY Chalkboard | 15 Days of Chalking Series, Part 2 |

If there’s a moral to this story, it would be to never chalk with only me, myself and I.

They can’t help in situations like this!

If you missed the first day from my 15 Days of Chalking you can see it HERE.

** It was one year ago today that I thought I was going to die.  Obviously, I didn’t, but if you missed that story, you can see it HERE.

If you’re still with me after this long-winded story, would you mind staying another moment to Pin my Mountains Are Calling DIY Chalkboard or share it?

That would mean so much!

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  1. So funny, Angie! But it turned out great!
    All’s well that ends well…

  2. Marlene Stephenson says

    Oh Angie, what a mess you got yourself in but, turned out so cute,love it. Since i live alone i understand completely,lol!!

  3. Oh, gosh, I can just feel the sense of panic you must have had! How did you get the transfer apart? Did the water do it like with your hands? All’s well that ends well, right? Thank goodness your hubby was home!

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