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DIY Buffalo Check Cloth Bandana Napkins 

I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!  My son still wishes he was a little kid.  He loves Halloween so much. Gals!  I’m so excited to share this project with you all! It is DIY Buffalo Check Cloth Bandana Napkins made in just minutes.

Talk of the Town #147

I’m an airhead sometimes.  I totally forgot to schedule the party, but it’s live now! Welcome back to Talk of the Town! First, let’s take a look at what you may have missed from your party hosts! How to Make an Inexpensive DIY Farmhouse Gallery Wall DIY Farmhouse Tote DIY Christmas Sign and Mrs. Claus Printable Drawer Front Hook Rack for Jewelry Christmas Stocking Hanger How One Napkin Transformed an Old Serpentine Dresser Stenciled Christmas Ornament IKEA Pillow Covers Here’s {Read More}

How To Make An Inexpensive DIY Gallery Wall

How to Make an Inexpensive DIY Photo Gallery Wall When my mom came to visit a few weeks ago, I had a few pictures on the wall in the guest bedroom which looked great.  But it needed something else.  I decided to create an inexpensive photo gallery wall with fall-themed decor. Here’s how it looked when I started.  It looked good, but there was a ton of empty space under the photos. I don’t do empty space!

Farmhouse Wood Tote DIY

Farmhouse Wood Tote DIY Sometimes when you sell handmade items and have one item that sells really well, it can be both a blessing … and I won’t say a curse, but kind of close. Such is the case with the handmade wood totes my husband and I made. Last I checked, we had made and sold over 50 of them.  That’s a lot of totes that take a fair amount of time to make. To be honest, I was {Read More}

Talk of the Town #146

Hey there.  Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I finished the final project for my 15 Days of Chalking series and whew!  It was a lot of work but too much fun! Some of the projects are available in my Etsy shop with more new ones coming soon, so go take a look at my shop HERE. But come right back, because it’s time to party! Welcome back to Talk of the Town! We have some yummy recipes and creative DIY projects that {Read More}

Christmas Cookie Sheet Upcycled Memo Board

Christmas Cookie Sheet Upcycled Memo Board I survived! 15 days of chalking, that is. 🙂 Granted, it wasn’t 15 days straight, but it was a lot of chalked projects!

DIY Wood Christmas Tags: Chalking Series Project 14

DIY Wood Christmas Gift Tags Only one project left in this 15 Days of Chalking series! I hope you aren’t tired of it yet.  Creating for Christmas is my very favorite! I’ll keep this short and sweet. Not many in-process photos, because after seeing so many of my Chalk Couture and Dixie Belle projects, I think you already have the gist of it by now. If you ever need a refresher though, you can always go to my Chalking 101 {Read More}

Talk of the Town #145

Happy Tuesday!  I love this time of year, don’t you?  There’s pretty Autumn decor, fun Halloween, and even some Christmas for the early birds. My mom went back home last night, so it’s back to work for me.  But working on projects doesn’t seem like work at all.  I’ve been crafting and creating for so many years, I wouldn’t know how to stop if I tried!🙂

DIY Rusted Tin Cans Succulent Planters

DIY Rusted Tin Cans Succulent Planters & Patina Paint Review Learn how to create Rusted Tin Cans Succulent Planters.  They make adorable gifts or party favors for adults.  Be sure to make a few extra to keep for yourself! If you’re new to my blog, you might not realize that I love old things, especially things with patina and even rust. I even wrote a post about rust being like a joke. So when I learned that you can make {Read More}

Enamelware Coffee Pot Fall Farmhouse Centerpiece

Enamelware Coffee Pot Fall Farmhouse Centerpiece I took a few days off from working on new projects since my mom is visiting. My daughter had a few days off, so she came over to grill burgers for us.  She came over another day and made biscuits and gravy.  Any day is a good one when someone else does the cooking!