Pallet Wood Rustic Box Centerpieces with Farmhouse Style

Pallet Wood Rustic Box Centerpieces with Farmhouse Style

Most of what I buy at thrift stores and yard sales is “junk” by most people’s standards.   I specifically look for broken things, metal, and wood that others don’t see value in, because those are the pieces I love to recreate with.

So when I came across these handmade pallet wood boxes, I almost squealed!  I knew I would have so much fun with them.

All 13 of them!

Whoever made them constructed them all roughly the same.  But some have nails and some have screws.  I guess they ran out of one and finished up with the other.

First I sanded the sides as smooth as possible and put wood stain on them.


The next day, I sanded again and put another coat of stain.

Sanding the rough pallet wood two times and staining two times brings out the richness of the wood grain.

DIY Rustic Wood Box Centerpiece

They looked good, but I wanted to dress them up a bit.

I chose “welcome” and “gather”  from the Welcome Trio set of transfers that I used on the Tissue Box Upcycle.

Pallet Wood Rustic Box Centerpieces with Farmhouse Style


Pallet Wood Rustic Box Centerpieces with Farmhouse Style

But my favorite one of all is “Farm Fresh”!

It’s from a retired transfer.  I only used a part of it.  I used the whole transfer on this really large farmhouse sign.

Farm Fresh Flower Rustic Wood Crate Centerpiece by Knick of Time

All are available in my Etsy shop HERE.

Which one is your favorite?  Let me know.

I still have 10 more boxes, so I need more ideas!


DIY Pallet wood Flower Box Table Decor Centerpiece by Knick of Time

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Vaya con Dios,


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  1. I love your boxes! I don’t think what you thrift is junk. I think you have a good eye. Have a great weekend.

  2. These were such a great find, Angie! I’d like to see one with the word “BLOOM” on it filled planted with yellow marigolds. What do you think? And I might like to see one dry-brushed with white or maybe green planted with pansies or violets. I could go on with the plant ideas but what else could they become? Spice bottle holders? Or….? Have to think about it some more!

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Sara Mullis says

    Hi Angie,
    Always love you projects and awesome junk finds. You wouldn’t have a “celebrate” transfer would you ? I think that the boxes , No matter what the base color someone prefers the arrangements, plants or decor inside can become seasonal . I love decorating for the seasons and such versatile pieces like this make it so simple to use.

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