Farmhouse Wooden Cutting Board: 4 DIY Ideas

Make a Farmhouse Wooden Cutting Board with these 4 Ideas using thrift store and IKEA  finds.

Give a plain cutting board farmhouse style!

On an Ikea shopping trip, I bought several cutting boards.  They are small and really pretty – just the right size to put a small design on.

I also made over two thrift store finds for these projects.

On one of them, I used the milk can from the Groceries transfer that is part of the Corner Market Collection.

You may have spotted the milk can on the ceramic canister on my last cutting board project.

Chalk Couture Corner Market Collection Groceries

Didn’t it turn out so cute!  Very farmhouse style.  A ribbon could be added through the hole or maybe a bow too, which I think would make it even cuter.  I just might do that!

Ikea Proppmatt cutting board Corner Market Collection Groceries

This cutting board sign is available HERE.

On the next Ikea board, I used the Do Small Things with Great Love transfer.  I love this Mother Teresa quote.

do small things with great love Chalk Couture transfer

This cutting board sign is a gift, so it isn’t for sale.  But I can make another if someone wants one.

Now the thrift store cutting boards.

On the Farberware board, I sanded the whole thing to remove the words, then stained it.

For this board, I used the  Mercantile transfer that’s also part of the Corner Market Collection.

I’ve used parts of this transfer on other projects HERE and HERE.

Chalk Couture Corner Market Collection Mercantile

This cutting board sign is available HERE.

The round cutting board was my favorite, and I used the Bon Appetit transfer.  I also used it on another cutting board HERE that sold.

The leaves have so much texture.  They almost feel like real leaves.

Bon Appetit French theme round vintage cutting board by Knick of Time

This cutting board sign is available HERE.

I still have two left from my thrift store cutting board haul.  Both of them need cleaning and sanding, and one needs minor repair before doing anything with them.

I haven’t decided what I’ll do with the others yet, so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!


Farmhouse Wooden Cutting Boards ideas using thrift store and IKEA finds by Knick of Time

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  1. Naomi Shelton says

    Nice, Angie. I love wooden cutting boards. I have a small, old rectangular one that was my mother’s. I don’t use it to cut on anymore as I want to stencil something on it and hang it up to preserve it. I just haven’t decided yet what I want it to say. I think before my mother had it it belonged to my grandmother and I keep thinking that “Grandmas’s Sugar Cookies” is what I want to put on it because my grandmother baked a double batch of sugar cookies every week and they were soft and absolutely delicious. The problem is I don’t know how to make stencils and haven’t found one with those words to buy. I’ll keep looking, though. I might have to combine two or three to get all the words.

    Anyway, I’ll look forward to seeing what you do with the other two cutting boards.

  2. ColleenB.-Tx. says

    Absolutely love cutting boards. They are the 1st. things I look for when going to thrift stores; rolling pins come in 2nd.

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