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DIY Rusted Tin Cans Succulent Planters

DIY Rusted Tin Cans Succulent Planters & Patina Paint Review Learn how to create Rusted Tin Cans Succulent Planters.  They make adorable gifts or party favors for adults.  Be sure to make a few extra to keep for yourself! If you’re new to my blog, you might not realize that I love old things, especially things with patina and even rust. I even wrote a post about rust being like a joke. So when I learned that you can make {Read More}

Cheap Office Organizer Out of Tin Cans

I have a quick, cheap, and easy project to show you today, but first, breaking news… I went on a little getaway with my daughter (that’s not the breaking news part). She needed to go out of town to take some classes for her job, and I went with her. Be patient…that’s not the breaking news part either. 🙂 When we arrived at our hotel, they gave us the usual card key for our room, and as I stood in front of our room’s {Read More}

Tin Cans and Texas Sky

How many empty tin cans can a person save, before they are considered a hoarder?  Whatever that number is, I think I’m getting dangerously close to reaching it.  When there are more empty cans on the shelves in the pantry than full ones, that should be a red flag that I have a tin can obsession.  I’ve been stockpiling empty tin cans for months now, knowing I wanted to make another tin can wall organizer, like the one I made to hold {Read More}

Repurposed Tin Cans Organizers

 Go raid your recycling bin to create some of these super cheap, super wonderful super easy containers with tin cans! I stayed up til the wee hours of the morning making mine – I’m hooked! As I’ve mentioned before, I have a stash of sheet music and antique magazines from the 1800’s and their aged look means anything I put them on will be gorgeous, so I’m always looking for more things to cover. These were cans that held cooked chicken meat, but you could use {Read More}

Hot Cocoa Station Christmas Tote with Cans

Hot Cocoa Station Christmas Tote with Cans As a child I used to love going to the mall during the Christmas season. Seeing everything decorated like the North Pole and a snowy forest made me so happy. Walking down the candy cane pathway to sit on Santa’s lap seemed magical. Today’s project is almost as fun! It’s made from some of my tin can stash.  I always have a bunch to work with.  Just can’t throw out those cans when they have so {Read More}

Fall Decor Tin Can Flower Vase

Fall Decor Tin Can Flower Vase If you’ve been visiting my blog for any length of time, you know I love easy projects made with tin cans. And have I got an easy and really pretty one for you today! It takes under five minutes from start to finish. First, I need to ask – Do you like baked beans?

Repurposed Tea Tins Office Organizer

Repurposed Tea Tins Office Organizer Turn pretty tea tins into a wonderful and useful repurposed office organizer! I was browsing in a local antique shop a few months ago and found a set of tea tins.  They weren’t antiques, or even vintage, but they were really cute tins.  So I snatched them up knowing I would find some way to use them. I hung it on the wall in my kitchen for the photos because everything looks good against white.  {Read More}

Patio Farmhouse Sink Potting Bench

Farmhouse Sink Potting Bench The patio area is nearly complete now and I just have a few more photos to take and edit, but I wanted to show you what my farmhouse sink potting bench looks like now. Several years ago, my husband and I turned a farmhouse sink that had been in our house when we moved in into a potting bench.  It looked like this (see more  about it HERE). It’s been sitting in front of our barn ever since and {Read More}

Patriotic Tin Can Kitchen Herb Planters

Patriotic Tin Can Indoor Kitchen Herb Planters Make these patriotic kitchen herb planters as a tribute to the good ole’ Red, White and Blue! My obsession continues with tin cans.  My project ideas seem to be as never-ending as my supply of cans! Supplies I Used: Empty tin cans Dixie Belle Chalk Finish Paint in Barn Red, Fluff, and Yankee Blue Satin clear coat Lace trim (optional) Herb plants Foam paintbrush Directions: Paint the cans using a foam paintbrush.  I {Read More}

Easy DIY Jute Cord Tin Can Succulent Planters

Easy DIY Jute Cord Tin Can Succulent Planters Dig those empty tin cans out of the recycle bin to make these easy and pretty succulent planters! Whenever I don’t feel like rummaging through my junk shop (which would be a workshop if it wasn’t so filled with junk) to look for something to repurpose into a new project, I turn to the one thing that I always have a good supply of …