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Knick of Time is all about an appreciation for the past, 

and incorporating that love of the past into our homes today.

I’m Angie!   I’m a mother of 4, married to a man who helps all the dreams I have for my home come true.  We work as a team to give casual vintage charm to our farm country home.

I share my passion through: 

DIY Projects, and Vintage Style Home Decor,  free Antique Graphics, and a weekly Link Party (Vintage Inspiration Party) 

Knick of Time has a loyal following of blog readers, Facebook fans, Pinterest followers and Hometalk followers.

I strive to constantly improve, not only the content I share at Knick of Time, but the overall “atmosphere” as well.

I want visitors to enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable visit each time they stop by my blog and I hope they’ll

leave feeling inspired to do or try something new…with something old.

My desire is to showcase creative individuals and growing businesses and blogs, with unique products…like yours!


Currently I offer sponsorship opportunities

for online retailers, businesses, blogs and Etsy shops:

Ad Options

I look forward to partnering with you!

Angie @ Knick of Time

Any questions??  email – jasmasix (at)

Advertise at Knick of Time

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Additional Details:

*Ad rates are non-refundable.

*I reserve the right to refuse ads based on products, ad image or copy, or store being featured.

Giveaway Information:

*Each sponsor has the opportunity to host one giveaway,

per paid 3 months of advertising.

*The value of the product being given away must be at least $30 (excluding shipping).
*Giveaways should be scheduled 
with Angie at 

jasmasix (at) at least 2 weeks in advance.

*If you choose, a giveaway may have more than one winner.
*Once a winner is selected, their contact information will be passed along to you, the sponsor.
*It is the responsibility of the sponsor to see that the winner of the giveaway receives their prize in a timely manner, and at the expense of the sponsor.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are considered to be separate from sponsorships.

*In order to be considered for a review, a sample must be sent directly to Knick of Time.

*I personally photograph your product and write a detailed review.

There is no charge for reviews for current sponsors.  The cost of a product review is $75, if you are not a current sponsor.

*Please contact Angie at jasmasix (at) to request a product review.

*If the review is not favorable, the product supplier will be contacted, and the review will not be posted on the blog.

*Regardless of the review outcome, samples will not be returned.


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