Thrift Store Makeovers and No More Complaining

I’m so glad my son wasn’t with me last week when I went to the thrift store. If he was, I’d be eating crow right now. I almost never find good deals there these days. I’ve ranted about it before, so I won’t rehash it. Since he’s usually in the car with me, he hears me gripe about the prices every time I shop there. He rolls his eyes. I ignore him and continue griping. I need to get it {Read More}

My Barn Door Dream Came True!

I know I’ve mentioned at least a few (dozen) times that I want a barn door in my house.   I really wasn’t sure if it would ever happen, so I made a cabinet with a mini barn door on it. I love that cabinet and use it all the time, but I really wanted a bigger version, so when my husband built another cabinet into the wall in our entryway, he fashioned the door to look like a barn door. It {Read More}

Halloween Sheet Music

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and this was a curve ball kind of week. As I mentioned recently, my parents are here  for a two week visit, but they left for a few days to visit other extended family.  When they returned back to my house last night, my dad tripped over one of our dogs, and fell on the concrete right outside my door.  I called for an ambulance and he was taken to the ER.  

DIY Farmhouse Decoupaged Galvanized Bucket

DIY Farmhouse Decoupaged Galvanized Bucket I promised I’d show you the project I made using one of the milk cap image printables I shared yesterday, so I got up early this morning to take photos of this decoupaged bucket in the kitchen, when the sunlight is so pretty shining through the window.

Autumn Sheet Music Printable

Autumn will be here soon, so I have a pretty autumn printable for you.  It’s an antique sheet music page, called “Breath of Autumn”, that came from a 1920’s magazine for musicians.  There are so many projects this could be used on, like a greeting card, or as part of mantle decor.  Enjoy! {CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE} If you use it to create a project, be sure to share it on my Reader Features page HERE. You can find more free printable antique sheet {Read More}

Galvanized and Metal Decor – Farmhouse Friday #18

This week’s Farmhouse Friday theme is one of my favorites – galvanized and metal projects and decor.

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Keeping Time – the Last Days of Summer

Have you ever done something SO dumb, you hope no one ever finds out about it?  Well, I’m going to tell you the incredibly dumb thing I did last night, just so YOU feel better about anything dumb you could ever think of doing. Brace yourself, this is really dumb! So, you remember the pallet wood bathtub tub I made, right?  Well, I’m a total bathtub soaker, and I write my blog posts using my computer on that bathtub table, nearly every day. {Read More}

In the Spotlight – Stencil Projects and a Sale!

I’m working on 2 new stencil designs that should be ready soon, but in the meantime, I’ve got some stencil projects to show you that were created by 6 other bloggers – all using Vintage Sign Stencils!

DIY Concrete Tree Slice Nature Cloche

Do you ever buy something, convinced you are going to do something really cool with it?  You aren’t 100% certain what that really cool thing will be – you just know it will be once you figure it out. Well…last year I bought 2 of these glass domes.  I knew they were from cage lights, so I figured that’s what I’d do – make a light.  So I searched the internet for some inspiration… … and I found this Mariner’s Lamp from Restoration Hardware. {Read More}

Vintage Inspiration Party #198 – Amazing Garden Shed, Eye Chart & More!

 Welcome back to the Vintage Inspiration Party! The VIP is the place to share anything old, treasured, passed-down or tattered,and you can also share projects that were made to look old, including repurposed and upcycled creations.