antique typewriter, galvanized tote and chippy plate display

I hope I don’t totally kick myself later, but I’ve decided it’s time to part with a few pieces that have been some of my favorites.  It isn’t that I don’t still love them, it’s that I think it’s just time to make room for some new pieces.  After awhile, you just start ignoring things that you love, because you’re so used to seeing them, so rotating pieces out keeps our home from looking like the “same old, same old” {Read More}

Well-Aged Finds

On the way home from church last Sunday, I spotted an “Estate Sale” sign.  Those are 2 words that send my heartbeat thumping fast.  I could barely wait for my daughter to stop the car to jump out.  It was the final day of the sale and everything was half-price.  The original prices were pretty high, but at half-price they were more reasonable. I can’t believe this adorable wash basin hadn’t sold yet and nearly squealed out loud.  Whenever I {Read More}