My Weekend and a Thanksgiving Song Printable

Thanks to all of you who left sweet comments about my little toy sleigh (and fake “snow”! Two of my sons, and their girlfriends participated in a “Color Run” in Little Rock this weekend, so I drove down with my oldest son to watch them. It’s a long drive, but it was so nice to take the weekend off and just relax. I even resisted the urge to bring any kind of project with me to work on, so I would have no {Read More}

Halloween Sheet Music

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and this was a curve ball kind of week. As I mentioned recently, my parents are here  for a two week visit, but they left for a few days to visit other extended family.  When they returned back to my house last night, my dad tripped over one of our dogs, and fell on the concrete right outside my door.  I called for an ambulance and he was taken to the ER.  

Vintage Owls Image

I’m on a bit of a milk cap kick lately, and each month I’m a contributor at My Repurposed Life where I’m sharing how I turned some of my collection of caps into kitchen wall art that does double duty as refrigerator magnets. Pop over and visit me there for the tutorial! This book plate showing 2 kinds of owls is from the same 1920’s book as some other bird images I’ve shared in the past, and has 2 owls – a {Read More}

Dairy Milk Caps Free Printable Images

I’ve got a new batch of dairy milk cap images for you today! Those of you who have visited my blog for awhile know I love old dairy milk bottle caps.  I just can’t resist them, and I’ve brought home quite a few new ones in the last few weeks that I thought you would like. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a project idea that I made with one of these images, so be sure to save them to your computer now! 🙂

September Music Page Printable

A few days ago, I was waiting for my son to get  done at an event at our local library, so I passed the time looking around in the used bookstore the library operates to get rid of books that no longer get checked out often.  Hardback books were all marked down, so I quickly scanned the shelves for old ones, and found a school music book from the early 1900’s. When I opened the cover, the very first song {Read More}

Printable Vintage Shipping Tag & a Freebie for You!

A few weeks ago when I was shopping in an antique store, I found a bag full of unused, old stock vintage shipping tags.  You’ll probably recognize the red checkerboard pattern on them, as being from the Purina company, and it was that design that made me snatch them up! Because the Purina company is still in existence (and I don’t want to get sued), I’ve added my watermark so it can’t be printed, but I wanted you to see {Read More}

Autumn Sheet Music Printable

Autumn will be here soon, so I have a pretty autumn printable for you.  It’s an antique sheet music page, called “Breath of Autumn”, that came from a 1920’s magazine for musicians.  There are so many projects this could be used on, like a greeting card, or as part of mantle decor.  Enjoy! {CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE} If you use it to create a project, be sure to share it on my Reader Features page HERE. You can find more free printable antique sheet {Read More}

Antique Grocery Can Label

I have a “thing” for old labels, and I found the most charming grocery can label a few weeks ago, at an antique store in my son’s college town. The colors are super bright and vivid, and there are really sweet images on each side of the label.  One side has an image or corn and a tomato and the other side shows a log cabin in the wilderness. Just print it and wrap it around one of your empty {Read More}

Antique Clothing Store Advertisement

One of my antique store finds last week was a yearbook from our local high school from the 1920’s.  In the back of the yearbook is a “businessman’s section”with advertisements for local businesses.  Obviously in the 1920’s women didn’t own many businesses to place an advertisement in the yearbook.  Times sure have changed,haven’t they? It was interesting to see a few businesses that are still operating in my city,but most of them are gone now.  All of the banks that {Read More}

Back to School – Antique Calendar Graphics

Have your kids started back to school yet?  Most of the schools in my area are back in session, but I ease back into schoolwork slowly  with my son, working on just a few subjects until our homechool co-op resumes classes at the beginning of September.  I’ll be teaching a writing class for the high school kids in our group this year, so I’m gearing up for that class and hoping it goes well. I came across some graphics I’ve never shared before, {Read More}