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Printable Vintage Seed Packet Banner

After my I-have-no-inspiration-and-I’m-so-sick-of-this-weather whine last week, I heard from a lot of you, that the gloomy, extended-winter weather so much of the country has been experiencing, is affecting you as well.  The calendar may say it’s spring, but I need it to look and feel like spring to get me out of this funk.  Since I can’t control the weather, I decided to work on a project that will bring some spring indoors instead. Some time ago, I shared 12 printable {Read More}

DIY Antique Doily Banner

I got a wonderful package in the mail last week.  My mother-in-law called me and said that she found some old doilies at an estate sale, but she wasn’t sure if I would like them or not, because they were a little discolored.  She said she washed them well, but the discoloration remained.  I exhaled (relieved), laughed, and told her I love discolored old doilies, so I was glad it didn’t wash out.  She likes some antiques, but isn’t a {Read More}

{Back-to-School} Dictionary Page Banner

I’m still in denial that it’s back-to-school time.  Summer always seems to fly by quickly, but this summer seemed twice as fast as usual.  Deny as I will, my middle son leaves for college tomorrow morning and my oldest son leaves for the same college Sunday evening.  It will be so strange to have the two of them gone.  My daughter will also be starting college soon, but she’ll still live it home.  It’s so hard to believe that I’m {Read More}

Dictionary Pages Pennant Banners

Yesterday  I promised that I’d share the printables for the DIY Dictionary Pages Pennant Banners I used to decorate my Wooden Mantel Backdrops. I always get excited when I find books that have that aged, darkened color that looks so pretty, but the drawback is the pages are usually very fragile and brittle, making it difficult to use them for craft projects. To solve that problem, I scan the images on very high resolution, then make copies of them, which {Read More}

Patriotic Repurposed Playing Cards Banners

Yes, I’m well aware it’s December and not July, and no, I have not done even an ounce of Christmas decorating yet.  So, why am I sharing this red, white and blue, 4th of July-looking photo with you? I bought a box full of old playing cards and the pretty reds and blues were begging to become a July 4th banners. I knew I’d forget I had the cards by the time July rolls around, so you gotta create while the {Read More}

Antique Grain Sacks Banner {Printable}

Yesterday I shared some printable Printable Grain Sack Images with you and I promised that today I’d share some projects I created with these images. This image, from my very favorite grain sack, makes the perfect background for several projects. The first project I made with it is a pennant banner with the word “Family”, but you can add any word you’d like to your banner. I cropped a portion of the image, then had it printed at a photo center into inexpensive 4×6 {Read More}

Itty Bitty Banners

Last week, a customer purchased the old orange tool box that I showed you recently with the word “HOME” on the front of it, but she also wanted the word “AUTUMN” added.  I didn’t have a stencil to match that word,so the fonts would have been to different.  I suggested we go a different route instead and I created an itty bitty banner that she could hang from inside the lid, or any other little space she wanted. Using banners this small, you can create petite {Read More}

Create a Thanksgiving Banner with Printable Antique Bible Page

View Verse of the Day I’m still on a roll creating banners with old book pages and have a few more I plan to design soon, but I wanted to share the most recent one with you, and provide you with a printable so you can easily create your own, with whatever word(s) you want on it. I love the look of old book pages, so I choose antique Bible pages and used a stencil for both the “frame” and {Read More}

A Theme for Thursday – {banners}

I said last week that I planned to choose a theme that would somewhat dictate what projects I would work on, but the theme for the week just seemed to come unplanned. I showed you this spur-of-the-moment banner I made for my family photo shoot. And I had already made this bunting from some antique pages. Then, I had a request by a customer to create a word banner for a baby shower.   While batting around ideas with her, I found {Read More}

BLOGIVERSARY Sheet Music and Book Page Banner GIVEAWAY with 2 Winners

Hi everybody! This wonderful week of guest bloggers and giveaways continues to be a lot of fun.   I hope you enjoyed our visit from Liz @ Brambleberry Cottage yesterday and Susan @ Must Love Junk, this morning – I know I did! Tomorrow morning we’ll get to visit with another incredibly creative blogger I know you all love. As you know, every Wednesday I feature antique graphics here at Knick of Time, so this seemed like a great day to give away some {Read More}