Primitive Christmas Stockings & Evil Elves

I think we have evil elves living in our attic,  who are Christmas decoration thieves. Every year, our family somehow has the knack for losing Christmas decorations. Seriously, how do you lose Christmas decorations? I mean, I pack them all up at the same time, and logic would dictate that I put them all in the same place – it’s not like we live in a mansion. But it’s the same story every year – things are missing. This year we {Read More}

Pine Cone Projects You Can DIY

Pine Cone Projects The wonderful thing about Christmas decorating, is that you can create beauty using just natural elements provided by the good Lord. One of my favorite elements is pine cones, and you can usually find them free for the picking – if not in your own yard, then from a friend, or in a park.  I constantly pick up pine cones when on walks and have baskets of them all over, but I thought it would be nice {Read More}