Creating a Rental Storage Unit Photo Studio

Creating a Rental Storage Unit Photo Studio How I turned a rented storage unit into a photo studio for under $150. You might wonder why I need a photo studio when I have a perfectly good house and a guest house that I can take photos in, and I can answer that question in six words …

Blogging with the Pros – I Wish I Would Have Known… Blog Mistakes from 6 Bloggers

Blogging has a huge learning curve…and I mean really huge.  If I had invested the number of hours I’ve spent learning about blogging into college, I’d have initials behind my name right now. There are SO many things I wish I would have known as a brand new blogger, that would have saved me countless hours and headaches down the road.  Blogging is more than a few photos and words on the screen. To help other new, or would-be bloggers {Read More}