Book Page Canvas Wall Art

This week I’ve been focusing on expanding my “line”of book page canvas wall art signs.  It’s a stretch to call it a “line”, as I have two styles available right now, but I will be adding more next week, and plan to create additional styles, and may offer some printable versions as well. My newest one is this Amazing Grace canvas sign.  I used pages from a very old Bible, which are extremely fragile to work with, but their color {Read More}

Repurposed Book Page Canvas Hymn Art

Last week, a customer asked me to create a canvas art with book pages and an antique map, and since I had all the supplies out, I decided to add book pages to several other canvases at the same time.  I wanted to do something different than a map on the other ones, and decided to try painting words over the book pages. “It Is Well With My Soul” is one of my favorite hymns, so I selected a font {Read More}

Repurposed Books Coat Rack Junker’s Unite

Every home needs a coat rack, but I love old books, and wanted to find a way to to find a way to incorporate them into useful decor and not just a stack of dust collectors, so I turned the into a coat rack, so you can literally hang on every word! 🙂

Repurposed Books Light – A Bright Idea

Once in awhile, I have a “light bulb moment”. Usually I have to tinker around with things for awhile before I figure out what I’m going to do with them, but when I found a plain white light bulb socket at a thrift store, and I knew I had an Edison-style light bulb at home, the light in my head went on, and I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. A few antique books, 2 screws, and {Read More}

Book Page Wreath

We went to our sons’ basketball tournament last week and had a 5 hour drive each way and a lot of hotel time throughout the week, so I knew I needed to take along a project to work on, or I’d go stir-crazy.  I couldn’t tote along my Silhouette or wood boards, so I looked around for something that would be easily portable, and decided a book page project made the most sense, so I decided to make a book {Read More}

Thursday’s Theme – {Tattered Antique Book Stacks}

Last week, I brought home the most beautiful box full of extremely old German books.  They didn’t look all that beautiful as I found them, because they had extremely dirty, torn up covers, but take off those old covers and brace yourself for a real vision of beauty. I get a little giddy when I discover the binding of the books covered with book pages.  I’m not sure why some books have this, but I’m so glad they do. I’m {Read More}

How to Make a Perfect Book Page Bow

How to Make a Perfect Book Page Bow It all started with a book page bow banner I made and sold in my Etsy shop…. Another customer saw it and asked if I would make her 100 really small bows that she planned to use on baby shower invitations. “Oh sure – no problem!“, I responded. I do enjoy making them, but my kitchen counter is now decorated with spiderweb-like strands of hot glue, I burned myself a few times, and I {Read More}

I Gotta Book

Back in September, I shared these book stacks that I’d put together for my shop.  All but one of them have sold, so it was “time to book” again. I really love putting book stacks together. I love finding books that look beautiful grouped together – and they are one of my favorite things to photograph. This is my favorite newest book stack. I had 3 red books in my book piles that were all missing their spine covers.  I {Read More}

Create a Thanksgiving Banner with Printable Antique Bible Page

View Verse of the Day I’m still on a roll creating banners with old book pages and have a few more I plan to design soon, but I wanted to share the most recent one with you, and provide you with a printable so you can easily create your own, with whatever word(s) you want on it. I love the look of old book pages, so I choose antique Bible pages and used a stencil for both the “frame” and {Read More}

A Theme for Thursday – {banners}

I said last week that I planned to choose a theme that would somewhat dictate what projects I would work on, but the theme for the week just seemed to come unplanned. I showed you this spur-of-the-moment banner I made for my family photo shoot. And I had already made this bunting from some antique pages. Then, I had a request by a customer to create a word banner for a baby shower.   While batting around ideas with her, I found {Read More}