How to Paint Chair Spindles the Easy Way

How to Paint Chair Spindles the Easy Way The venue where my son and his bride-to-be will be married has a tree that they want to stand under.  The only problem is that there’s a propane tank visible in the background, so they need a backdrop to hide the tank.  I searched Pinterest and sent them an idea I loved made out of old doors with a chair sitting inside. But … they didn’t love it and wanted something more {Read More}

Furniture Refinishing for Beginners| Refinishing an Antique Coffee Table

Furniture Refinishing for Beginners Tips, tricks, and what I learned by refinishing an antique coffee table. It’s been years since I tackled a furniture refinishing project, but when I spotted an antique coffee table at a thrift store, it had to come home with me! It has a crack and some pretty bad stains on the top. The $40 price tag was steep, but I still wanted it. My husband tried to talk me out of it, but I was {Read More}