Like a Kid Again and a Country Christmas Table Centerpiece

I wish my family had owned a video camera when I was a kid, back in the 70’s. Because if we had, I would have proof that once upon a time, before childbirth and aching knees, I was a pretty  athletic person. My kids never saw me climbing the trees in our yard so many times, I wore the branches smooth. They wouldn’t believe I always did the “guy” version of push-ups and pull-ups in PE class – not the girl version. {Read More}

Stinkin’ Rotten

Do you ever have one of those days when you just aren’t fit to be around people? You  have a stinkin’ rotten attitude, and you know it, and quite honestly, you just don’t care. Yeah…I was having one of those days… First of all, I didn’t feel like teaching the writing class for homeschool kids that I had signed up to teach.  I’ve been running around all week, and really just wanted to stay home. Was that a good reason {Read More}

Weekending – American Farmhouse Style Magazine & Can You Name that Movie

There’s nothing better than opening your mailbox, and finding a magazine amidst bills and junk mail. But not just any magazine – one with your own home or project in it. I had that thrill this week when one of my projects was included in American Farmhouse Style magazine. More on that at the end of the post though! 🙂 First, can you name the movie this line from a song comes from? “Gonna take a walk outside today, gonna {Read More}

Salvaging a Failed Project

I’m never happy when I botch up a project, but generally my projects are made with salvaged pieces that cost little to no money, so it’s not that big of a deal. When I botch up a project that I actually spend money on – that drives me nuts. I don’t usually share my failed projects, but today I’m going to, because I’m also going to show you how I saved it from getting thrown in the trash. I bought {Read More}

The 5 words I hear every morning and a $100 VISA Card Giveaway

I’m a homebody.  Running errands and driving around town zaps my energy.  I’d be perfectly content to stay home all week, only going out to hit a yard sale… or five on the weekend. But my teenage son’s idea of a great day is to be on the go constantly. Within the first 5 minutes of waking up every morning, I know what words are going to come out of his mouth. “Are we going anywhere today?” We may be homeschoolers, {Read More}

DIY Barn Quilt

It isn’t a big secret that I love old barns, but have I ever told you about MY barn? Well, it’s a great big old red barn, with a white door, and a hayloft on top. There are horses in their stalls, and chickens in a coop, and we gather fresh eggs from them every day. On the outside, hollyhocks and sunflowers are growing, and the old water spigot never stops dripping. Hanging on the side of my barn is a big, beautiful barn quilt.

a 2 year old and a wire basket

I was standing there in the antique mall, having one of those raging inner battles. You have those too, right? You know, one of those battles when the sensible side of you says,  Do you really need that? (as if “need” has anything to do with it) And the thrifty side of you says, Wait until you find one at a yard sale, you’ll pay less. (who invited Cheapo to go antiquing with us??) And the organized side of you says, Where in {Read More}

Letters Home (from son at Basic Training)

Now I understand, at least one of the reasons, why God wants us to pray. Because there is nothing better than hearing from your child. I don’t think it matters how old they are. You’ll always want to know how they are doing, and what they are doing, and with whom they are doing it. Whether the news is bad or good…a parent wants to hear from their child. My son is away at Basic Training, and the letters he {Read More}