Visiting Family +10 Fresh Farmhouse Style Decor Ideas

10 Fresh Farmhouse Style Decor Ideas to Renew Your Space We got home from helping our son and his wife move to New Mexico almost 2 weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to share a few photos ever since.  I also have a great round-up of farmhouse style decor ideas because I know it’s fun to update the look in our home with fresh ideas.

Farmhouse Friday #3 – Canning Jars

When deciding on the themes I wanted to have for Farmhouse Friday, the thought occurred to me that our grandparents and great-grandparents probably never dreamed of all the things we do with objects that were purely utilitarian to them, and the simple canning jar is a prime example of that.   Aside from the obvious food use that previous generations had for them, there are now literally 1,000’s of new ways to use them.  I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to {Read More}

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