Clementine Crate Makeover

I love projects that don’t cost me a cent, are easy, and end up being so pretty, I’m left wondering why I didn’t make them a long time ago.  This is one of those projects!  I’ve had this clementine crate for over 3 years now.  It was filled with fruit, which I used when I was styling my kitchen for the photos in my kitchen remodel post (seen HERE).  It was torture for my kids not to eat the fruit {Read More}

Salvaged Wood Organization Station

I used to be super duper organized when it came to mundane tasks…like paying bills, meal planning, and Christmas and grocery shopping. Used.  To.  Be. ~ On Dec. 26th every year, I started my new Christmas shopping list, so whenever the kids mentioned something they wanted, I added it to the list, and scouted for bargains throughout the year.  When I purchased something on the list, I changed the typed item into bold print, so I knew I had purchased {Read More}

Spicing up an Antique Sewing Table Drawer

 Does salvage make you feel just a wee bit giddy?  I’m really not a giddy kind of gal, but when I see something made of old wood that is broken, my heart rate speeds up a bit!  I know a lot of people are sensitive when comes to antique pieces, and don’t like to see them painted or repurposed, but when I find something that is broken, I feel okay about tinkering with them.  This cute little drawer was originally the {Read More}

Pallet Wood Wall Rack for Coats, Hats and Storage

Remember my repurposed books coat rack that I made last year?  Well, it’s been hanging in our entryway, and my husband uses it to hold his hats.  It looks great there, but the reason I hung those pretty vintage dictionary pages on the wall is that what’s underneath them is very flimsy paneling.  I had hoped the paneling would be strong enough to support the weight of the books, but it wasn’t, and the screw holding one side kept stripping out of the paneling {Read More}

Organization Labels to Control Clutter in the Heap of Change Challenge

Most people have a junk drawer, but I have multiple junk drawers, junk trays and junk bowls.  I can fill nearly an empty container with junk.  Case in point.  Here’s one of my trays full of junk.  I love using rusty little bits and pieces for projects, but finding what I need, when I need it is a challenge – especially because I have LOTS more stashes just like it.  So, when Donna @ Funky Junk asked if I wanted to co-host {Read More}

Antique Clock Face Printable and Tin Can Craft

I’ve been tinkering around with some of my antique clock face images, and turned them into a collage that could be used for all kinds of projects.  I never tire of tin can craft projects, and I’ve been in need of more wall organizers, so I finished a new organizer, using one of the collages, and have the free printable to share with you!

Repurposed Drawers and Crates for Craft Supplies

Does anyone else have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after Christmas?  I feel like until I get all the decorations and the tree taken down, it’s hard to do much else, but I did work on a little organizational project today. When we “remodeled” one wall in the kitchen to install an oven range hood (seen here), and removed the little crates that held my spices, I wanted to find a new use for them. {Read More}

Little Wooden Tool Tote – Business in a Box!

I think I may have whined about this once (or a hundred) times before, but as much as I love having my online Etsy shop, I detest shipping the things I sell.   Yeah, I know detest is a pretty strong word, but I pretty strongly dislike the whole process.  Several years ago, I had lofty plans to really make my packaging look “branded” and special.  I wanted that “brown paper packages, tied up in strings kind of look, so {Read More}

Repurposed Drawers into Wall Shelves

Last week, I showed you the trashed dresser that I turned into an entertainment center.  I didn’t use the top 2 drawers, because we needed their space for the DVD player and game system, but I wanted to find another use for them and repurposed drawers projects are some of my favorite projects, so I got busy with them.

Tiered Stands with Repurposed Bowls and Tins

Are you all sick to death of seeing our tiered stands?  I hope not, because my husband and I finished a few more of them for the shop, so I thought I’d show them to you.  I’m always searching for great-looking vintage bowls and pans, and save them up until I can put together the right combination to make a stand. Occasionally, I get lucky and find a set of bowls and pans that match, which makes the project easier. {Read More}