Free Farmhouse Vignette Photo Printable

Now, I don’t mean to toot my own horn or anything, but I was really pleased with the old farmhouse look captured in the product photos of the milk bottles I shared yesterday.  🙂 I wanted the photos to look like they were taken in an old farmhouse kitchen from the previous generation – like grandma was getting ready to do some baking on a Saturday morning, and I think the photos captured that spirit.

Another Brick in the Wall

For the 4th of July, my family went to Hannibal, MO to watch the fireworks display.  The old downtown area is filled with very old buildings with beautiful brick walls, and I was glad I had my camera with me, because I decided to photograph six of them. The can be printed and used as photography backdrops, but also look really cool with quotes and word art on them. You could also use them as iron-on transfers for a pillow, like {Read More}

Hello World and an Old White Barn

I have a lot of readers that don’t live in the United States, and I need to apologize to all of them! It wasn’t until a reader commented that she wished my stencils were available to non-US residents, that I realized that I had discriminated against you all, because all my stencil listings were only set up for US shipment.  It’s a great big world out there, and I want people to enjoy my stencils all over the map! (free {Read More}

Old Wooden Barn

I photographed this old wooden barn on the same road trip as the big big red barn that is my dream barn. I love the well-aged wood and peak roof on this one, and the setting is so pretty as well, with the field in front waiting to be planted. The image without my watermark is available as a free printable HERE. You’ll find all of my barn printables HERE.

a Prairie Barn photography printable

In my quest to photography as many old barns as I can, I’ve also become curious about the names of different styles of barns.  I photographed this old red barn in Illinois a few weeks ago, and did a little research, and discovered that this type of barn is often called a “prairie barn”.  The red paint on this one is fading, but it’s still very quaint.  I really like the two sets of 9-pane windows and the dutch door. {Read More}

Old Barn

I know many of you love old barns as much as I do, so I’m sharing this photo I took on Friday.  My oldest son and I went on a weekend road trip and I asked him to keep his eye out for old barns .  He spotted this one and pulled over so I could jump out and photograph it.  It looks like once upon a time it may have been red, but most of the paint has weathered away, and some of {Read More}

A Road Trip and a Church Steeple

I’m running on about half a brain cell today, because I didn’t get to bed until about 5 in the morning.  I made a last-minute decision to go on a little road trip with my son yesterday.  He was running in a night race about 5 hours away from our house, so in addition to 10 hours of driving time, we left several hours early so I could hit some antique stores along the way.  It’s been awhile since I’ve {Read More}

Enamelware Pie Pan Pedestal Stand and a Beautiful Autumn Day

Any fellow lovers of vintage enamelware out there? Enamelware immediately makes me think of an old farmhouse kitchen, and I never walk away from a reasonably priced piece. Many are retired from cooking and baking service, because of their condition, and those are the ones that make their way home with me! …

Autumn Morning on a Farm Country Road

The last several days, it’s been very foggy in the morning, but burns off late morning.  A few days ago, I was getting in my car, and noticed how beautiful it looked, with the fall colors, and had to grab my camera to capture it.   The view down our gravel road was ghostly beautiful, and  my oldest son said it looked like the Headless Horseman should come galloping down it. My old-fashioned wooden swing looked a little lonesome, yet charming. The {Read More}

Abandoned Cabin – Photography Print

I’m still on vacation, enjoying time with my family, but last weekend, when my parents were visiting us in Illinois, we attended an apple festival in a small town not too far from our home.  We only stayed about an hour, because although it was a beautiful day, it was chilly and breezy. On the way home, we drove the back roads, rather than taking the highway.  I love this stretch of road, because it is dotted with pretty old farmhouses {Read More}