Repurposed Book Projects: 10 Ways To Give New Life To Old Books

Repurposed Book Projects: 10 Ways to Give New Life to Old Books I took some time off from working on projects because my sister and niece were here visiting.  My niece went with my daughter on a vacation to Colorado.  They had so much fun.  When they returned, my niece stayed at my house with my sister and we went camping at our favorite cabin in a state park.  This was the only picture I remembered to take.  Whoops!    {Read More}

If At First You Don’t Succeed … Do Something Else!

So… I made fabric covered books over the weekend. I didn’t intend to make fabric covered books.  I was trying to make a  ticking pillowcase.   See why I don’t like to sew? A lot of my projects start out as one thing, and end up something else, all because the first project was a failure. I know… how could I mess up a pillowcase? My mom informed me that it’s one of the easiest sewing projects in the world. {Read More}

Book Page Canvas Wall Art

This week I’ve been focusing on expanding my “line”of book page canvas wall art signs.  It’s a stretch to call it a “line”, as I have two styles available right now, but I will be adding more next week, and plan to create additional styles, and may offer some printable versions as well. My newest one is this Amazing Grace canvas sign.  I used pages from a very old Bible, which are extremely fragile to work with, but their color {Read More}

A Theme for Thursday – {book bundles}

I’ve been working on projects for my shop by “theme” lately. Not only am I able to accomplish more by focusing on one theme at a time, I’m enjoying it more, because each little project seems to give me an idea for the next one. Normally, I’ve got about 5 projects going on any given day, so I have chalkboard paint and old book pages and fabric, in additional to our usual household mess, so by focusing on one thing, {Read More}