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  1. Absolutely fabulous! Love these ideas! I love the stands and trays with the baking pans and strainers! I’ll do it!thanks,Cindy

  2. I love love love your stuff! Thank you for posting! Keep up the great work!

  3. I just found you! You are so talented! So many great ideas, i collect the vintage enamelware so will put some of your ideas into play. Thanks!

  4. Just to say, i really enjoyed looking at your page, always a fan of anything vintage. Especially the repurposed bicicle seat, very creative.

  5. They are all great ideas to reuse things around the house but my favorite is the old metal milk crate turned into a foot stool. One of my uncles was our milk man and I would love to have one of his old milk crates that had his dairies name on it.

  6. I did not see my “favorite”…the red and white ticking fabric sewn into a pocket, long fot flatware, flowers, just simple but oh so cute!!

  7. There are so many good ones to choose from, but I love the look of the Christmas candleholder centerpiece.

  8. How do I choose just 1?? I think, tho, my favorite is the “It is well” sign.

  9. I really love all of your ideas but my favorite are the flour bin accent table, the milk and cream stool, and the antique foot board coat rack.

  10. Robin Neff says

    Hard to choose just one…. But I think 44 is my favorite as I enjoy building also

  11. Paige DePalo says

    I am in awe of your talent and love them all but since I collect old colenders I love the light you created. This is one I am going to try for my little kitchen with my sweet Nonna’s old red one that she used. Hope you are feeling better and praying for your return to re-purposing.

  12. LaVonda Popp says

    OOOOOOH – I like so many of your ideas – but if I have to pick one (hahaha) I love all of the things you do with bread pans. And I like the farm tools wall hooks.

  13. Linda Eppedio says

    There are so many great ideas. I love anything to do with old boxes and drawers. My favorite, however, is a simple one. I love using old molds to hold candles. My Mother had so many molds and now I have a cute way to use some of them Thanks!

  14. Nancy Hawks says

    I love all of your ideas, but my favorite is the repurposed overalls. They look so fresh and sweet, and everybody loves a daisy. It’s not just pretty, it’s useful. I look forward to your blog and am so glad that you are doing well. I hope that you continue to improve.

  15. I love the milk jug side table! I need something like that for my patio and I think I’ll look for a milk jug at the flea market next weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. I especially like the repurposed sewing machine table, as my grandfather was a tailor who used to sew with one!

  17. My most favorite project of all isn’t in your lengthy list above. It’s the makeover you gave to an old oil heater. I’ve just been able to get my hands on an old kerosene heater this past weekend and am so excited to give it the “beauty salon treatment” like you did!! It’s have to wait til the snow is gone so I can spray paint outside, but if it turns out like yours, it will totally be worth the wait. Thanks, Angie!

  18. Mother Deer says

    Impossible to choose just one, but I will mention the repurposed garden spade address sign as among my favorites 🙂

  19. I love the cable spool coffee station! This would come in handy at my house. Thank you for the inspiring projects!

  20. Love the antique book bundles held together with old belts.

  21. I love the repurposed canvas book page simple and understated to make sure a big impact!

  22. Patricia Cox says

    Love the milk crate stool! My home is full of refurbished vintage ideas my husband has created. He loves anything old and wood!

  23. Jennifer Custer says

    I am a huge fan of DIY and love your webpage.

  24. Debra Halpenny says

    I love too many of your repurposed projects that I can’t pick a favorite.

  25. Norma Rolader says

    Oh my what fabulous inspirations

  26. shelly anderson says

    This is not fair!!! I don’t think I can choose just one!! Ok, if I have to I love the old dust pan Fall wreath. No, wait I like the old spool coffee station. Oh shoot I love everyone of your ideas……..

  27. Oh, my gosh! How can I choose?? So many good ideas, Angie! One that I’ve always loved is the table you made out of the vintage sewing machine legs. And one I hadn’t seen before that I like is the vintage bolt candle holder. Also, that cute little foot stool with the shirt front reupholstery. I’m gonna want to come back and look these over again to use some of your project ideas.

    I want to win that DIY magazine, too! Thanks for the giveaway–it couldn’t be more up my alley as I love, love, love magazines!

    By the way, I’m still sending prayers and healing energy for your complete recovery. Hope you are making progress.

  28. I love all of your chalkboards, tiered stands and signs! Beautiful work!

  29. Linda Schorr says

    There are so many really great ideas here, but my choice would be for the wooden blocks that photos were added to. So beautiful and so easy. And so many choices of papers, photos or even an advertisement of some sort.

  30. I love all your stuff but I do especially love #102, the repurposed spool coffee station.

  31. I have some cobbler shoe forms from my great-grandfather, so I love #88!

  32. My favorite is the repurposed dresser drawer made into a wall shelf.

  33. Love your recycled book crafts! Such a great idea.

  34. Cyndi Wiessner says

    Found your website on Home talk. You have some wonderful ideas and are very talented!

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