Graphics & Printables

These antique graphics are free to use for personal use.  Please contact me for commercial use first.
{Click on antique graphics images to view full size.}


  1. Dear Angie,

    i found your site by chance on a boring sunday evening. I really love all this beautifull antique graphics. Some of them i want to use for my preserving-glasses. So we will have a nice start in the day when this jam-glases are on the breakfasttable. Thanks a lot.


  2. Christeena Walko says

    Thank you so much for sharing all these amazing graphics & print! I absolutely love old antique graphics and old furniture others toss as junk and they becomesome of my most treasured things.

    Thanks again,

  3. Angie – I just wanted to thank you for all that you do and share. It is beyond generous and inspirational. Thank you again.

  4. Wow! Thank you for all of those pictures! That was probably A LOT of work…and you’re sweet to just share it with all of us❤️ Loved the old clock faces and anything with cows

  5. I am so thrilled at all you have on this one post. Must have taken a very long time to put all this together. LOVE all this sheet music, Christmas and gospel. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work! God bless you!

  6. Hi, there! Angie, I just found your web-site and I love it! I would like to order some of the vintage images shown, but I can’t figure out how to obtain them. Am I missing something obvious? Please HELP!

  7. julie jaye says

    Just found this site and spending ages looking through. Fantastic and thank you for all you have done and what you are doIng.
    Julie x

  8. I feel like a kid in a candy store! I love paper ephemera and antique graphics. You are so awesome for sharing your graphics. Thanks from the bottom of my scrapbooking and paper piles!

  9. Hi Angie, Second time this week I’m using your graphics. Hope to share one of my projects at your party this week. Love them all.

  10. Kim Kohl says

    Hi Angie! Just wanted to contact you about using a couple of your vintage portraits on our church website. We’re doing a promotion for our church directory, trying to encourage folks to get in and get their photos taken and I wanted to do a slide using the couple that could be a wedding photo and the one of the grandma in the garden. While it’s not exactly a “commercial” use, it’s a little more than a “personal” use so I wanted to be sure and have permission before using them! I’m a big fan of your blog and Facebook page and have gained so much inspiration from you! Thanks so much!

  11. Love all the graphics but didn’t come across any coffee related printables. Thanks for making the Christian images an option, I do appreciate it.

  12. Hi Angie! I just discovered all your antique graphics and I’ve spent the last hour pinning them! So many gorgeous ones to choose from. Thank you so much for sharing, hope you have a great weekend.

  13. I stumbled across this page while doing a google search for some vintage printables to test out my new printer because I wanted something I would actually use and not just toss and waste the paper. I can not say thank you enough…this is the most amazing resource I have ever seen and it is so kind of you to offer these! Thank you, thank you, a million times, thank you! I’ve bookmarked for the future and I’m so excited to pour over these later today.

  14. Hello Angie,
    thank you for sharing your wonderful site :). I loved it 🙂

  15. Thanks so much for sharing! Beautiful graphics!

  16. Catherine Day says

    I wanted some retro graphics to photocopy onto silver card then laminate, to place on my kitchen wall above sink. So glad I found your page. I will get to work on project soon. Best wishes, Cath from New Zealand.

  17. Leah Stevanus says

    I’ve been searching for some vintage prints to frame for my kitchen! Thanks for putting so many lovely prints in one place!

  18. Angie, thank you for sharing all these beautiful graphics. I am so looking forward to finishing our remodel (whole house, ugh) so I can tackle some of your projects you have shared on your blog. Been saving all kinds of old wood pieces, yum. Hubby is getting a tad bent out of shape about it, lol.

  19. Kimberly Nadeau says

    Found “you” by accident. A great find indeed! I will visit often.

  20. Mary Lou Gilliland says

    I really wanted you to know that your site is AWESOME!! Your ideas are all great! Thank you so much for all the work you do for all of us!!

  21. Lin Rader says

    Love your blog and love your home! You are the most innovative gal ever! I go over and over all your projects…and have used your graphics many times. Such fun! Thanks so much for sharing all this with us. Blessings from Rochester, Michigan and a country gal.

  22. I really never comment on anyone’s blog but I just have to say that I’m so glad I found your blog! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for all the free beautiful printables! I will definitely be using some of these as decor for my home.

  23. Thank you for sharing all of these wonder graphics for us to all use in our projects! Just wanted to let you know that I have used your sweet Alphabet Song Printable in a super Simple Mason Jar Project which I am about to link up to Talk of the Town! Thank you once again and look forward to using more in future projects 🙂

  24. I have fallen in love with your site. I’m hooked on your silhouettes and antique graphics. I will be a very frequent visitor. Thank you for putting together this wonderful site!

  25. Jeanne reed says

    Your craft how to’s showed up on my Facebook page, shared by someone. Really loved the graphic transfers.

  26. Thank you for sharing your wonderful site. I love it! You are so clever and interesting. I’ll be back often. Suzie

  27. Holly Barley says

    The graphics didn’t come up on this page. Sad!

  28. Julie Van Zile says

    Don’t know how, but I just came across your blog and I am having a ball looking around at all the wonderful images you have posted. You really inspire me, because I too am a country gal and from one country woman to another, you have great ideas and taste!! I want to thank you for all the “free bees”. You are very kind and generous. I have no doubt some of the things I see are going to end up in my home!

  29. SO GREAT !!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your collection !!! You have some beautiful things, it’s very inspiring! 😉

  30. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! ♥♥♥ Thanks so much for sharing your treasures!!

  31. Found your site tonight and loving it. I have “visited” your home, and love all the projects you and your hubby have incorporated to make your house your home. I am thrilled to find your stencils too! Thanks for all the ideas and shares.

  32. Angie, where have you been all my (design) life?! Thank you so so much for doing all of this work and for sharing it with us. Wow. Absolutely incredible collection. Tell me, please, if I want to use a printout of something here as a background image in a mixed media piece, what is the cost? (I am working on a painting series, and one will be donated to an auction for charity; the others may be placed for sale at some point.) Thank you again!

  33. Allison Chambers says

    Hi! Just came across your blog and wanted to email you a question, but can’t seem to find your email address…?

  34. Just found your site. Thanks so much for sharing your printables. They are lovely.

  35. Sheri Sinchak says

    I would really love to win. I chose 14,17,& 26. I am an avid stenciler. Really love to stencil. I make signs for gifts only. Have been stenciling since the 80’s. Yes I know a long time!! Lol

  36. There is nothing there…. 🙁

  37. What beautiful vintage images. I came for sheet music, indulged myself, and will return for more of your beautiful images. Thank you SO much for your generosity and your eye for the unusual. Bless you.

  38. Thank you so much for this wonderfull vintage prints and ephermera.
    I love it very much.
    I was doing some Pinterest hopping and clicked on your website.
    Wonderfull diy, and ideas, and overall I like all of it so much.

    My regards from the Netherlands (Europe) Petra

  39. Thank you times a million!!! Luv these so much 🙂

  40. Hi, Angie. I love all your graphics. Silly question: how do I print these? I tried several things but can’t figure it out. Help? Thanks! Maureen

  41. Hi, this is all I see. How do I view the pics? Thanks!

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  42. Ginny Gudermuth says

    I am missing my emails from Knick of Time. Please re-enroll me

  43. Oh my gosh…….I am now in love with you! 🙂 I have been looking for a great ephemera site forever…….and here you are! Thank you for posting these wonderful items. Can’t wait to start a new journal as soon as I decide which one to start…….Have a blessed day!

  44. Joanne Sager says

    Angie I’m so excited ! I’ve been looking for some graphics like this for awhile now. My goal is to find a British train or bus ticket. Let me know if you have anything like what I’m looking for. Thanks. It looks like your vacation was wonderful!

  45. All I see is html. No graphics

  46. Hi Angie, I just stumbled on your Wonderful site! New to Dollhouses and was looking online for Food Label printouts and what a Find finding your site. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this and for sharing 🙂 I already see so much I have to close up due such Excitement or I’ll be here rest of day!!! Again Thank You

  47. Barbara Charles says


  48. Thank you Angie for all the wonderful graphics!

  49. Hi ! I came across your site while looking for printable sheet music for Amazing Grace and Old Rugged Cross, and any other old songs like that. I cant seem to find them on your page..
    And was wondering how to get permission to use them for commercial use. I LOVE your site and will definitely be visiting often !

  50. Denise P Waye says


  51. Encar Moreno says

    Buenas tardes!! He intentado ver los gráficos.. y no me aparece ninguno…😰 😭😭😭 Podria acceder a verlos de alguna manera?? Gracias de antemano.

  52. Margaret Stelzer says

    I saw on Pinterest your free printable ABC Christian primer images but couldn’t find them at your website. Are they still available for printing?

  53. I have an old wooden box I chalk painted white. What type of graphic works best? Black and white? Colors? I haven’t tried this yet. Thanks!

  54. Oh, my goodness Your collection is a hidden treasure chest of wonderful printables. I am not sure how I missed you up until now. I am going to spread the word on all my vintage sites about your wonderful blog!! Thank You!

  55. Thank you for sharing all the graphics! I just started junk journaling, and your page is definitely a great source of great printables. All the best to you!

  56. Thank you for the lovely printable of forget-me-nots. It will look perfect in my bedroom.

  57. Hi! i bumped to your website while searching for vintage designs and i was wondering how to get permission to use them for commercial use. hope i could get a response. have a great day ahead!

  58. yolanda kouwenberg says

    Thank you so much for the free printables.

  59. thank you for the mailing label image – I love it

  60. Hi Angie, I found your blog via Pinterest on the vintage music image for “It is Well with My Soul” I love your ideas and especially your vintage music. God bless!

  61. Janis from Canada says

    Wow….just found your wonderful site while browsing some crafts and just love the vintage freebies you provide for us….gorgeous work on all your crafts and love the music pages with hymns …will try and get me some paper and print some to mod podge them on wooden bases….have bookmarked your site and will be coming often to see what you do …I love vintage and have lots of vintage dishes, clothing from my mom ,toys and even cut out paper dolls I had as a child ….God bless and thank you again for this wonderful blog.

  62. pam perry says

    I’d love to, but this isn’t enough room – let me just say that I love your blog…it’s sooo fun!

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