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You’ll find designs inspired by good old-fashioned farmhouse style, authentic vintage signs, and inspirational music.

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  1. They’re all lovely, but my first choice would be the flour sack because my father worked at a flour mill, and second choice would be the milk and cream company because my mother grew up on a dairy farm!

  2. Love them all, but having to chose only two my pick would be to win #3 and #14


  3. Love the Homemade Pie and Mrs. Clause. Ok, darn it, I just love them all!

  4. I am having a hard time choosing only 2, but #1 and #8 appeal to my love of antique farm signs. :o)

  5. #11 and #14…since I love to bake I love the pie stencil and the Mrs. Clause stencil. Although I love everyone of them, so it was hard to pick just 2! 😉
    I use stencils a lot, such a quick and easy way to add something extra to a painted piece or make a sign.
    Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂
    Have a wonderful rest of your week.
    Kimberley @

  6. I love chicks so I would choose #9 and for my love of shoes #1.

  7. Elaine Carter says

    I love your stencils. My two favorite are #9 and #3. Thanks for your blog!

  8. Thank you for the chance to win two of your wonderful stencils, Angie! It’s difficult to choose but I would pick #11 and #12.

  9. Angie, I love them all so it is hard to decide. I always am so inspired when I read each of your posts. If I had to choose, it would have to be #7 and #9 since we are in the poultry business. Thanks for offering this chance to win some of your great stencils.

  10. Susanne Hefner says

    I love all of your stencils. I would love to win “It is well with my Soul” and the Goodfellow and Co. sign. Thank you for the awesome giveaway. I love your blog.

  11. Love them all, but if I had to pick, it would be 5 and 10. Thanks

  12. Wendy Johnson says

    Amazing Grace (easy pick) milk and cream (really hard to decide) like them all. They are all wonderful when you use them. lol

  13. Thanks for this opportunity- this is the first time I’ve looked at your stencils and they are all great ! My 2 favorite are # 2 my mother’s oldest and dearest friends last name was Goodfellow , I’m sure it would bring a warm fuzzy feeling to all my siblings to see it (as it did me). I also love #7- We live in 1of the largest chicken producing parts of the country, and I would love to make some totes for the locals.
    Thanks again

  14. Love the Amazing Grace and the Well with my Soul stencils! My elderly mom and aunt along with myself Love our Lord and share that love ‘Grace’ fully!
    Would love to try the frame you’ve made with the bible sheets as a Christmas gift for them!
    Love and Hugs !!!!

  15. I love your blog read everyone that comes into my mailbox! Love all the signs but really love #3 and #5, Amazing Grace. Just Beautiful!!!
    Many Blessings,

  16. My favorite is the Homemade Pie ~ we are having a non-traditional wedding in October and we are serving PIE! Thank you for your inspirational posts.


  17. Love the milk and cream and self rising flour !

  18. Oh. I just love that milk and cream stencil and the Mrs. Claus one too…sweet! I would love to win and create with those!

  19. I love the fresh baked pie one and the Mrs. Claus cookie one.

  20. I’d love the Chicken #9 – because, even tho’ a ‘city girl’, I seem to be into Chickens!!! And #13 – because we all know we Never have enough ‘Thyme’! They’re all great – these two are tops for where I am now – in life, and in redecorating. Thanks for your giveaway opportunities.

  21. Numbers 4 and 5 cause I love the Lord and I love my chickens 🙂

  22. I would pick the 11 the pie one . My mother backed the best pies ever and #3.ive loved that one since you started using it. Love your blog. Look forward to it every day

  23. I really love all of your signs but I think my favorites are the MILK AND CREAM co. and the VAUGHAN’S SEED STORE signs. Thanks for the giveaway opportunities.

  24. Rosie Virok says

    I would love# 1, 2, 3, 4: oh, only two??? They’re all great!! PIE and Cookies, please. THANKS FOR THE GREAT OFFER

  25. Love the Mrs. Claus Cookies & Homemade Pie stencils!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. I love the Mrs Claus stencil because Christmas is such a magical time of the year for our family & I love decorating our entire home in classic Christmas. Amazing Grace has a very special meaning to our family, it’s my favorite song at church, it was my Grandparents favorite song as well which brings with it great memories, both stencils would bring such meaning & warmth to our home.

  27. My favorites are the Milk & Cream because it’s so simple and traditional and the Chicken shape with the word Poultry because we’re about to install a chicken coop and I could just see myself making a sign for the ‘girl’s’ new digs! 🙂

  28. I love Milk & Cream and Homemade Pies! Love your site, Im always so inspired after your posts. Thank you!!

  29. Hello!
    I love all the stencils! I will have to choose It is Well With My Soul and Amazing Grace <3
    Final answer!
    Love your blog!!
    Thank you!!

  30. I like them ALL, and have even bought some!! The two I would like now are #1 and #7 for more farmhouse signs….people just LOVE them!!! Good Luck to everyone!! AND Thanks, Angie!!

  31. Patty Soriano says

    I think I’d like #2 Goodfellow Co and #5 Amazing Grace. Thank you for a very nice giveaway!

  32. I’d choose the Amazing Grace Stencil and the vintage milk bottle – lvoe them all!

  33. The Goodfellow sign would be lovely for my recent shoeshine box find and I’m head over heels for Milk and Cream (I live on a farm).

  34. I love them all but #9 and #14 are my faves..thank you

  35. Would love #5 and #11. Love the sweet sound of Amazing Grace. And sweet pies also feed my soul. Made from God’s bounty.

  36. So many designs to choose from. At this time #12 and #14 are my favorites.

  37. Patty Bretheim says

    I like the milk bottle stencil, and also the milk and cream stencil. Would love to win. Also I get your emails from your blog and I enjoy all your ideas. Thanks, Patty B

  38. Love them all but the Well With My Soul really speaks to me and the Goodfellow stencil would look awesome on a box for shoes so I’m not tripping on them all the time?. Thank you for the entry!

  39. Number 2 and 3 are adorable. Thank you for contest

  40. #4 — It’s my husband’s favorite hymn! And #9 cause I love chickens!

  41. sandi Allen says

    Love them all, but if I had to choose it would be the Amazing Grace and the Good fellow Co.
    Thank You!

  42. O so hard to just pick 2 but my most favorite are #4 and #5. What a awesome giveaway!

  43. Love them all, but really love #1 (would look great in my greenhouse), & #3 .

  44. Vickie DeVries says

    Hard choice…but for my projects coming up…I think #5 and #10 would work best…Thank You for this give-away…

  45. What a hard choice to make. I am picking #3 and #5.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  46. They’re all fabulous, but my favorite is the Amazing Grace one.
    Love it!

  47. Becky Dolan says

    I have ALWAYS loved #3! I have used it with waterslide decal paper and its beautimous! #4 would be my second favorite! Thanks for the chance to play! 🙂

  48. I love them all but I would get the poultry feed bag and the chicken stencils so I could make something for my sister. (I think the Amazing Grace is still my personal favorite but I already have it!)

  49. mary schnieers says

    Milk and Cream and Poulty feed !!! Love cows and chickens..thanks

  50. So hard to choose……. but I love #5 and #14
    I love them all but Amazing Grace is my FAVORITE!

  51. Love your stencils! I don’t have the Milk and Cream or the Amazing Grace stencils so those would be my choices. Fingers crossed!

  52. So hard to choose just two when they are all fantastic but #2 and #7. Thanks for that chance to win such a great prize!!

  53. I love the Homemade Pie and Vaughn’s Seed Store signs. I have the perfect project reverse painting on a piece of glass with an old barn wood frame.

  54. I like multiple designs, but would pick the Milk/Cream and Poultry Feed first.

  55. Sondra McAnally says

    Would love to see a coffee stencil of some kind…and also maybe a hot cocoa stencil. Love your stencils (better than others I have tried) Such good quality and reasonable prices! When Holidays are over I will try to send you some samples of what we have done for our shop.

  56. I saw your sign with “whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say, it is well, it is well with my soul”. Do you sell this stencil?

  57. Corina galvan says

    Angie mis oraciones van con tu mami. Dale Guanabana !

  58. What a terrific idea! Please add my name to the drawing!

  59. It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but I love 14, 17 and 2. I’m kind of in awe of your flower bucket stencil❤

  60. Kelly Faas says

    I love the “No. 1, 2 etc.” and the “It is well with my soul” and “Fresh Flowers”.

  61. Mary Helene says

    I would love Fresh Flowers 50 cent/bunch Antique Typography # stencil Milk and Cream

  62. Donna Henderopn says

    Amazing Grace, Amazing Grace, Homemade Pie!!

  63. Sandy Hatcher says

    My choices would have to be #1 and #17. I love gardening and flowers!!

  64. What fun! Love them all but would want 2, 11 & 17 please.

  65. Oops! I clicked enter too soon: Milk and Cream co., Mrs Claus Cookie Co and the Numbers stencil-although all of your stencils are great!

  66. Robyn Gist says

    I love the Fresh Flowers stencil!

  67. Robyn Gist says

    Love them all but, Fresh Flowers, Amazing Grace, and the Typography. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  68. I love these stencils – Farmhouse Farmers Feed and Seed stencil, the Vintage Numbers stencil, and the Fresh Flowers stencil!

  69. WOW, WOW ! Thank you! I so enjoy your transformations, esp. when you sectioned off part of the barn to make it into a bedroom. Oh so cool !

    Thanks for the give away: my stencil choices are 1, 11, and 15.

  70. I love all of your stencils. It’s a hard choice but #2 and #11 are probably my favorite. Good luck to whoever wins this prize and is it ever a prize.

  71. Susan Williams says

    I love all of the stencils but I really love # 3 and # 17!

  72. Jodi Rubbelke says

    Hard choice but my favorites are #3 and #4.

  73. Debbi Spencer says

    Thank you for the chance to win some of your great stencils! I have several projects that need them and would love to win #1, #3 and #13 to use many times over!

  74. I love the Antique Typography Numbers stencil, as well as the It Is Well with my Soul and the Self-Rising Flour stencils. Stencils are good friends to this gal.

  75. I love the fresh flowers, laundry co., and Mistletoe Farms.

  76. Great stencils! My favorites are:
    1. No 1, No 2, No 3
    2. Fresh Flowers
    3. Farmer’s Feed & Seed
    I see I could use these on some fun tool boxes my hubby made for me.
    Thanks for offering the give away 🙂

  77. Lisa M Waggle says

    #8, 10 and 14. But I love them all.

  78. I would love to win
    Vaughn’s seed store
    Farmers feed and seed
    Homemade pies

  79. I like 7, 13 & 14. Thank you for offering this great giveaway!

  80. I love 7, 13 and 14. Thank you for this great giveaway!

  81. Cindy Brannon says

    #3, 4, & 12 🙂

  82. Deanna Potts says

    I love your blog and follow you on pinterest!
    It’s a hard decision but my choice would be stencils #6 and #12. Thanks for a chance to win!

  83. Deanna Potts says

    Not sure if my previous comment went thru but 6 and 12 would be my choices

  84. # 11,,,,#14,,,,#17,,,,,would be great…Thanks

  85. Susan Oram says

    How to choose from those beautiful stencils? I would choose the Laundry Room and the antique typography numbers stencils! What fun!

  86. Patty Betheim says

    A very nice give away. I like the milk &cream; and the Farmers feed and seed stencils. Thanks for the chance. Patty

  87. I like 7, 13 & 14. Thanks so much for this lovely giveaway!

  88. I like 7, 13 & 14. Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  89. Love them all but my favorites are: It is Well with my Soul, Milk and Cream and Mrs. Claus.

  90. Sheila Peoples says

    Glad I found you! The 3 I’d pick are: Apothecary, Laundry Company & Fresh Flowers. These look amazing. I’ll be back to order if I don’t win. Cheers.

  91. Missy Todd says

    #4 Amazing Grace 🙂

  92. SONJA HANSEN says

    My husband and I both grew up in dairy farming families. I would begin with the
    Milk and Cream stencil and then choose the Typography Numbers Stencil. Thanks.

  93. Carolyn Cohen says

    Hope I’m lucky enough to get 2. 11 and 15.

  94. Tiffany Vesey says

    I have the rustic industrial vibe so 3,9 and 12 would be great! Thank you for the chance to win.

  95. I just love your stencils. If I must choose, I would pick: Amazing Grace, Antique Typography Numbers and Fresh Flowers. This is a very generous give away. Thank you for the opportunity to win!! Be especially blessed through this new year each and every day!! Kathy H

  96. Thanks for offering this give-away! I really like the flowers stencil, Amazing Grace, and flour sack. This looks like a fun way to put some farmhouse decor in my farmhouse!

  97. I would like #2 and #13 but honestly I would take them all. Fabulous!

  98. I would love to make the Mrs Claus Cookie Co sign for my front porch; the Laundry Co sign to identify the laundry room whose door is close to three others in the hallway, and the antique numbers could be used in so many ways so many times. I have LOVED the sign “Amazing Grace” patio sign I made using your stencil and have received compliments on it.

  99. Patty Marfise-Patt says

    I love them all bit it is well with my soul is a great theme for now. Coming off the holidays I love 10. and 14. the next best!

  100. Gail Simons says

    I decided to choose my stencils through my genealogy. I would like the flour sack stencil for my 4 great grandfather who was a miller. The milk and cream company stencil for my 3 great grandfather who owned a dairy and farmer’s feed and seed for many ancestors who were farmers. I love all of your designs!

  101. Pamela Kline says

    I love #1 and #17. Love them all but spring is on its way!

  102. Jackie Barnes says

    My favorites are 7 and 13. Of course I love all of them! ?

  103. S K Simpson says

    What a wonderful give away. Stencils you design are so unique and many speak to my heart. Love visiting your site. My top 3 choices are #4 Amazing Grace; # 7 Pie Baking; and # 3 It is Well. Thanks for sharing you creativity. Blessings.

  104. Christy Roppel says

    Wow! They’re so FUN! I’d have to say I love the inspirational stencils best. Then, the Numbers and then the Mistletoe Farms. …I see a lot of stenciling in my future!
    Thanks for great inspiration Angie!

  105. Beth Eberth says

    Love all the stencils, but my favorites are #3, #12 and #8. What a wonderful giveaway!

  106. So cool! My favorites are the Milk and Cream Co, Homemade Pie (I can see using the “Homemade” part A LOT), and Fresh Flowers. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  107. Tracy Flanagan says

    I love #13 and #15. Wisconsin girl stuck in Florida.

  108. I love the Self Rising Flour, Poultry Feeds and the Mistletoe Farms; they are all so beautiful! Thank you.

  109. Amazing Grace and It is well with my soul would be my choices if lucky winner. Thanks,

  110. Tammy Cianciulli says

    Love the Mrs. Claus and the Amazing Grace ones 🙂

  111. Laurie Howard says

    I would love # 11, 12 or 13. They are all great though.

  112. Linda Schuetz says

    Love all your stencils, but my favorites are #4, #14, #16.
    Thanks for offering this to us.

    I do not have a website, just do things for myself and friends.

  113. I would choose “Amazing Grace” for His grace is amazing!! and “It is Well with my Soul” for it is well with my soul because His grace is so amazing!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  114. Mistletoe Farm because my kid’s name is Holly and the numbers!

  115. Love this giveaway !!! 6&17 are my faves

  116. How fun! I can think of so many different projects! I would probably pick #3-It Is Well With My Soul, #12-typography, and #14-Mistletoe Farms. Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. I love so many that it is hard to choose, but I could DO it! Wonderful giveaway! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

  118. Love, Love, Love, 13. Self Rising Flour, 14.Mistletoe Farms, and 17. Fresh Flowers

  119. All Your stencils are clever and lovely, I love them all. But ‘Farm Fresh Milk’, ‘Fresh Flowers’, and ‘Homemade Pie’ are my most favorites and have some great ideas for them. Thank you for your nice give away.

  120. Golly, it was hard to choose! I’ve settled on Antique Typography Numbers, Farmer’s Feed and Seed, and Mrs. Clause Cookie Co.

    How nice of you and the others to host these generous giveaways, Angie. Thanks! And I hope I win!

  121. I would love #2 and #6. What a great give-a-way!

  122. Yvonne Sanders says

    Awesome give away. I love #4, #9 and #17 the most, but I really like them all. Love your blog

  123. I would LOVE #2 Milk & Cream, #12 Antique numbers, and #13 Vintage signs & inspirational stencils! I love all your stencils. Thank you fir the opportunity to win such a fabulous gift!

  124. Lynn Hoffmann says

    Milk and cream and the flower bunches are the ones for me. But they all are so cute.
    Anything that I can use for my garden or seeds are great.

  125. I love Fresh Flowers because I have a bunch of galvanized pails that I’d love to label and The Poultry Feed Midwest Cooperative because I grew up on turkey farm in Wisconsin and it brings back memories. Thanks so much.

  126. Kelly Young says

    #2, #7 #13 are my faves!!!
    Need these for our 1888 farmhouse we are restoring!

  127. Carolyn Groat says

    If chosen I would pick the Antique Typography numbers, the Milk and Cream Co.
    and the Amazing Grace stencil. I have projects lined up that would put them to goog use and winning them would be awesome.-so generous.
    I grew up on a dairy farm and love the vintage look your blog gives my soul.It makes me warm and happy inside.

  128. I would love #4 Amazing Grace and #3 It Is Well With My Soul! They are awesome!

  129. I love the Feed and Seed one and the Pie one. They are all beautiful. Hard to choose my 2 favorites.

  130. Mary Milnarich says

    What an amazing give away. My picks for your great stencils would be #2 Milk & Cream, #13 self risinf flour, and #17 Fresh Flowers

  131. I think they are all wonderful but my two favorites are:
    #12 – Vintage Number Font Stencil
    #9 – Apothecary
    #11 – Farmer’s Feed & Seed

  132. Donna Adkins says

    I would SO love to win, love 15 and 17 the best. You inspire me with your ideas and projects.

  133. Carol Whewell says

    Although i kept changing my mind my picks were #11) Farmers Feed & Seed and #15) Farm Fresh Milk! Don’t you live in Quincy? (I live in Carthage)

  134. Amy Windham says

    Love them all but my favorites would be #15 Farm Fresh Milk, #3 It is Well with my Soul, and #4 Amazing Grace.

  135. I like #’s 3,4&7 best! It is well with my soul and amazing grace- what could be better? But I really like them all!!! And I love to bake so the fresh pie one is great!

  136. Lesa Jensen says

    #11, #15, and #17 they are all great and hard to choose from

  137. Love Amazing Grace and Self Rising Flour!

  138. I would choose Amazing Grace, The flour sack, and The mistletoe farm

  139. Vickie browder says

    You’re stencils are amazing. Hard decision. I will choose #8. Thanks.

  140. Hi I would like Home made Pie, The Numbers, and Farmers
    Feed stencils if I win, thanks

  141. I would love to win It is Well With My Soul, Amazing Grace and Laundry Co.

  142. Cynthia Kutra says

    My 3 stencils would be Amazing Grace; It is Well with MySoul; and Milk & Cream cause my grandparents had a dairy farm when I was a child–wonderful memories of fresh, raw milk and a little fresh cream on our shredded wheat cereal–so much tastier than the storebought kind.,,,

  143. jennifer VanBerkum says

    ok i admit i already have a couple LOVE them, but if possible id love to have
    farmer feed and seed
    farm frese milk delivered daily
    and its a toss up between amazing grace and antique typography

  144. Judith Graves says

    They’re all so cute. I, especially, like the Mistletoe sign, as that’s the oil top road right behind our farm. And, I like the Poultry Feed, as I used to work for a company that still makes poultry feed. Crossing my fingers……..

  145. Danise Smith says

    I love all of your stencils and it’s hard to choose!
    In fact I love all of your stuff – you’re an amazing designer and so clever!
    I guess my favorites are Homemade Pies, Apothecary and Farmers Feed and Seed.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy your work!

  146. What a wonderful Idea and generous gift you are donating. I’m new at stenceling and would love to have Mistletoe Farmer, Farmers Feed & Seed and Milk & Cream. I even have a crate and some wood pcs. these would be perfect for.

  147. Wow, they’re all great! I would be happy to win any of them. I find Amazing Grace inspirational, fresh flowers and Homemade Pies would be so helpful in so many projects. Crossing my fingers.

  148. Susan Baughman says

    These are fantastic! So hard to pick only 3.

    Mistletoe Farms
    Farm Fresh Milk
    Farmer’s Feed and Seed

  149. Vickey Stalmack says

    I would love #3 and #4! Need to really focus on what is important in my life, and would love to put this all over my home as a reminder of getting back to the root of happiness. Thank you, for your generous gift. Hope I win! 🙂

  150. This is the first time I have seen your stencils and I love them. I hope to win! If I do I choose Laundry Co. #16 and Amazing Grace #4
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  151. Wow! Everyone of these are so awesome and so very hard to choose. Since I have to choose only 2 of them. My first choice would be #4, and the Second choice would be #16. Thank you for the opportunity to try and win anyone of these?

  152. Lisa McWethy says

    8, 12 and 13

  153. Deb Eastwood says

    Would love to win the Homemade pie, Fresh flowers and Farmers Feed and Seed.Thank you

  154. Rose Arroyo says

    Love them all!!! 6&17 are the ones I want to win.

  155. I love your stencils. I’d choose 13, 15 & 17. Have never stenciled but have wanted to try it. Thank you for doing this site. So inspirational.

  156. Vicki Tortorella says

    I would like to win the Milk and Cream and Homemade Pies. I love all the stencils~

  157. Fun giveaway! I would go for #8, 17, 18
    Thanks in advance!

  158. Angie, do you ever make custom stencils? My little cousin is in her last days here on earth, barring a miracle like Lazarus, after a car accident last week. Her dad found her journal and the last entry was Psalm 146:2. It’s a lot of words, but would be so meaningful stenciled on an old board. A constant reminder of Maria and of who is really in charge. Thanks for considering.

    • Kathy, I’m so very sorry to hear about your cousin. What a blessing that she’s left behind a journal of her walk with God that her family can treasure.

      I don’t do many custom stencils, but I will see if I can possibly make that one. It’s a lot of words, so it might be too difficult to fit them all onto a stencil, but I’ll try!

      • Thank you!

      • Angie, I just wanted to tell you that if you haven’t started working on this, trying to see all the words would fit, you don’t have to. My cousins received many gifts with that verse or some variation of it so I’ll be thinking of another fitting gift for them. Thank you so much for considering though, I appreciate it.

  159. Difficult to make only 2 choice. My really favorite creations are #6 and #13.

  160. Karen Varney says

    I would choose, Amazing Grace, It is Well…..and Mistletoe Farm. They are all good ones!

  161. Kathy Mcenroe says

    I love #8 Mrs Claus, #24 Flowers and #28 Farmers Market

  162. Omgoodness hard to choose! I’d love to win #12, #14, or # 23

  163. Janice Heins says

    Like most everyone, I like them all, but my favorites are 7, 8, and 24! Thanks for the contest!

  164. I love them all but would really like #3, 4, and 17!

  165. Norma Hemauer says

    This is such a nice gift. If I were to win I’d like #22 love quilts but my sewing skills are truly lacking, and #27 the daily grind-got to have the morning cup.

  166. Tina Sparacino says

    I love all your stencils but, if I had to pick 3 it would be 7, 17 and 25.

  167. Debleena Choudhury says

    No. 4, 22, 23

  168. I love your signs! If I were to win, I would choose 6,15 & 28. Thank you for the chance!

  169. Sue Addison says

    I would pick Feed the Birds, Fresh Flowers, and Farmer’s Market. They are all great though.

  170. Love the offer. Thank you. I would choose #3 It is well with my soul, #4Amazing Grace, and any other one. I can’t decide, I like them all!

  171. My picks would be #2 and #15, because my family owned a dairy before I was born, a long time ago!!

  172. Joyce Kiefer says

    Love numbers 3, 4, and 14….but, it’s really hard to chose!!!!

  173. Margaret says

    I have more than one.. “It is Well with My Soul” and “Amazing Grace”. The quilt designs run a very close second!“

  174. Lynda Schrijvers says

    They are all great! But, sadly, I am addicted to Christmas, so my first choice would be Mrs. Claus, Mistletoe farms and feed the Birds. Thank you

  175. Love all you’re signs big decisions, #27, #28,#17

  176. #6 poultry feed midwest coop.-I live in the midwest and would love to make a feedsack bag as shown with this, and # 28 to make a farm pillow. Great giveaway!

  177. Debra Wise says

    Angie, do you still have the Christmas stencils for sale?

  178. Angie, I cannot find your Apothecary sign stencil.

  179. K.T. RainWater says

    Did I see some where that you had a coca cola sign stencil? is that still available?


  1. […] Angie’s stencils are reasonably priced and can be used over and over (I am working on another craft using the same stencil which I will share soon).  You can see all of Angie’s stencils here. […]

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