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  1. Hi Angie!!
    I had to take a minute to browse through your home here to refresh my mind! I LOVE it all! Esp your use of the tin and windows 🙂 the salvaged pieces are always my favorite to decorate with! It inspires me to continue some of my redo projects!

  2. Hi, Angie
    I love your farmhouse decorating and especially the way you placed your old typewriter and cameras next to the printed lines of text on the wall. I am inspired by everything I have seen, thanks for posting the pictures.

  3. I love your home. Your style. Your way of using recycled stuff in new ways. You make me want to redo my home. I would love to know, did you put up insulation behind that tin in the shed……..cottage guest house? Keep the great post coming.

  4. Wonderful home, your style is an inspiration! I came across your site when looking for ideas for our next project – a dilapidated double door garage built in the 1950’s, now without a floor just the hardwood frame and old steel corrugated roof and a few painted mahogany weatherboards which we have to keep, maybe bring them inside! Trying to turn it into a space for a variety of uses. Somewhere to sleep those extra guests ( we have 4 adult children who come home for holidays), a place to put the sons exercise equipment and a space for hubby to use to make or fix things.

  5. Your home is so inviting and creative! That shed-turned-guest-cottage – yes please!! Thank you for the inspiration! ~julie

  6. Do you sell old table legs? We are looking for 2 about 30 inches high.
    Annette Manant
    808 2869756

  7. I just found your blog and have decided it is where I come for refreshing ideas of what to do in my own Farmhouse. We are waiting to redo our kitchen and I am loving the ideas I have found here!

  8. My first visit and so glad to find so much individuality and inspiration for those of us who live in a farmhouse.

  9. Th3o Moore says

    Will show your page to my favorite lady. She will most likely enjoy it even more than I do.

    “Love is a little bit like Strawberry jam. It’s hard to spread it around without getting some of it stuck on yourself”.

  10. Hi, Angie,
    I just found your blog, Wonderful home, so inviting and creative! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Simply superb content!!

  12. Just found your site and I am amazed at the plethora of knowledge here! Beautiful DIY things to make for home and gifts.

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