Favorite Finds, Movie & Music Recommendations: July Edition

Favorite Finds, Movie & Music Recommendations: July Edition I have really come to enjoy sharing my favorite finds and music and movie recommendations with you each month.  My hope is that you’ll discover something new that you’ll enjoy as well! Favorite Finds:  Since it’s summer, I’m loving travel and geography theme pillow covers! First up, this Happy Camper pillow is so cute and at $2.89 (including shipping), it’s a steal! I love this set of four Geography Theme pillow covers.  They are {Read More}

Chalk Couture Explore More DIY Enamel Mugs

Chalk Couture Explore More DIY Enamel Mugs I don’t get giddy very often, but today’s project makes me SO happy! From the moment I became a designer with Chalk Couture, I knew I wanted to make these DIY mugs for my adult kids. All of them are outdoors people, so I knew they would love these. I’ll be visiting my middle son and his wife soon and I’m planning to give them two of these mugs.  I can’t wait to {Read More}

Talk of the Town #131

It is such a relief to have my bathroom makeover done and my secret patio finished. I can kick back and relax indoors and out! Thank you so much for all the sweet comments you left about both.  If you’ve never left a comment before on my blog because you don’t think I’m read them, I’m here to tell you I read all the comments.   Every. Single. One.  And I so appreciate them! Now it’s time for the party!

Secret Garden Patio Reveal

Secret Garden Patio Reveal This is a long overdue post about my secret garden patio.  I had a ton of photos to go through but limited them to less than a dozen.  I hope you enjoy it! When I last showed you my plans for a secret garden patio, it looked like this.

Chalk Couture Farmhouse Style Slate DIY Coasters

Whip up a set of these Chalk Couture Farmhouse Style Slate DIY Coasters in just minutes.  It’s so easy to do and they would make great gifts! I am SO glad I bought the Farmhouse transfer set because I made yet another project with them. If you missed the other projects, you can see them all HERE.  I’m still not done, because you can never have too much farmhouse, in my opinion that is! Supplies needed (affiliate links included to help {Read More}

Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover Reveal We gave our bathroom a BIG makeover!  This week is the full reveal of the finished space … you can catch up on the rest of the bathroom series Here! 

Talk of the Town #130

Welcome back to Talk of the Town! First, let’s take a look at what you may have missed from your party hosts! DIY Gazebo Succulent Hanging Planter | Beautiful DIY Farmers Market Chalkboard | Bathroom Open Shelves Cabinet with Barn Door Hidden Storage Queen Anne Coffee Table Redo | How to Glaze Painted Furniture How to Add Charm to an Antique Oak Bookcase | How to Make Easy DIY Solar Fence Lights Sleek Potting Bench DIY | Vertical Fairy Garden {Read More}

Bathroom Open Shelves Cabinet with Barn Door Hidden Storage

Farmhouse Bathroom Open Shelves Cabinet This is just a quick post because I haven’t shared the final project in our Farmhouse bathroom remodel. We got rid of our storage closet door because I wanted open shelves instead. These shelves have a ton of storage!    I used baskets on the shelves to corral everything from washcloths and towels to light bulbs and cleaning supplies.

DIY Gazebo Succulent Hanging Planter

DIY Gazebo Succulent Hanging Planter On Thursday it was a beautiful day until a storm started brewing bringing 50-mile-per-hour winds.  It was the middle of the afternoon, but it was so dark it looked like evening.  The sky looked kind of creepy but beautiful as well.  I was hunkered down out in my workroom (which was formerly my guest house) working on a couple of projects.  The wind was howling outside, but I continued working away knowing it would soon {Read More}

Incredibly Beautiful DIY Farmers Market Chalkboard

I’ve been wanting to share the final project of my bathroom remodel, but we’ve had grey skies for several days in a row.  So I’ll wait for brighter skies to take pictures.  Instead I’m going to share with you my DIY Farmers Market chalkboard, which I’m head-over-heels in love with! How to Make a Farmers Market Chalkboard: Watch the video or get the directions below. Stain or paint wood chalkboard frame, if desired.  (I stained mine.) Remove transfer backing and {Read More}