Antique Grocery Can Label

I have a “thing” for old labels, and I found the most charming grocery can label a few weeks ago, at an antique store in my son’s college town. The colors are super bright and vivid, and there are really sweet images on each side of the label.  One side has an image or corn and a tomato and the other side shows a log cabin in the wilderness.

Just print it and wrap it around one of your empty tin cans as a display, or turn it into a hanging flower vase or a wall organizer.

antique can label


You’ll find more free printable grocery can labels HERE.



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  1. These bright colors and easy projects are always welcomed. Thanks, Angie.

  2. You are sooooo right…the colours in this label are very vibrant…this looks like it’s hot off the press! What lovely graphics, too! This sure beats the dull packaging we see now, doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing it!

    I’m not sure why some have been commenting lately about getting through ads to read your posts…I don’t have any problem with ads popping up and I’m thinking perhaps the problem might be with their computers…they may have adware on them? I’d suggest, in that case, that they might want to try running a scan for malware.

  3. Terrific label. Pinning this one for sure!

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