Ushering in Autumn Mantel and Wood Slice Letters

Did you know that autumn, winter, spring and summer all have 1 thing in common, aside from being seasons?  Can you guess what it is?

They all have 6 letters in them!

So, who cares, right?


You can get double duty out of the project I’m sharing today, because I made some wood slice letters to display as part of my autumn mantel decor, and since wood slices have 2 sides, you can put the letters for one season on one side and another season on the other – just flip them around, change up the rest of the decor on the mantel and you can go from a rustic autumn display to a woodland Christmas display, just like that! 🙂  Make a 2nd set, and you can have spring and summer and use the same display year-round!

white window frame

I put together a little video to show how I made them.

Be gentle with me – it’s my first time making a video, and I admit, it’s pretty pitiful, but I tried. 🙂

Make sure you view it until the end, where I shared another way to use the wood slice letters!

I found my wood slices at an antique store, of all places, but if you don’t have your own, craft stores often carry them.

wood slices

I purchased 1″ chipboard letters, painted them, and hot glued them onto my wood slices.

autumn chipboard letters -

I gave a fresh coat of white paint to an old window I had.

white window frame

Then I attached some rustic wood to the back of the window and hung up my wood slices.

autumn mantel wood slice letters -


A few little brass owls got added to the display.

brass owl

The set of them are available in my online shop HERE.

rustic autumn banner wood slice letters -

I also added one of my favorite antique clocks

autumn decor

I’m pretty happy with how my little 25 cent wood slices turned out!

So tell me, how do you decorate for autumn?

wood slice banner

I teamed up with an awesome group of bloggers who are also Ushering in Autumn!

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Rustic Wood Slice Letters, Autumn Mantel and Wreath -

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  1. I love this project and think that you did a great job on your video. Hanging the wood slice letters from the window makes a great autumn display.

  2. These letters look like wood burning onto the slices! I love your fall mantle xo

  3. Ha ha, now I know why this event is called Ushering in Autumn and not Fall Fluffing. Smart lady you are! I love your multi-purpose window display with the rustic wood letters. Lovely project!

  4. Love these!

  5. So fun! I love the little logs at the bottom of the window too – very cute.

  6. What a fun idea, Angie. Great job on your video too!! I’m ready for fall.

  7. Sondra McAnally says

    Love your stencils…maybe you could design a really neat font and do the alphabet and numbers! Something that is not already on the market.

  8. Marlene Stephenson says

    Real cute idea and love the music in your video it was all so enjoyable.

  9. Oh Angie! Everything looks fabulous! I love how the letters looked like wood burning and your video is amazing! Thanks so much for helping me usher in Autumn!

  10. Angie, you video is GREAT! Periscope here you come! I adore wood slices and haven’t done any projects with them yet. But you’ve inspired me. How did you do the little stick pieces along the bottom of the window? Those caught my eye first. Love them. Thank you so much for putting this blog hop together.

  11. Angie, you wood slice letter are perfect and love them in front of the old window. What great idea to flip them over for another season too and great video too. Thanks for all you did to bring us together on this Autumn blog tour and have a great day Lisa

  12. Love your wood slice Autumn greeting!!! I keep eyeing some limbs of trees in our backyard that I could swipe and slice up with my chop saw but haven’t gotten the nerve to move forward yet! Gotta do it! The chipboard letters are a cute idea and also add additional dimension. I was planning on stenciling or using a wood burning tool….But if I cut down a couple of limbs I might be able to do all three methods and make lots of seasonal and holiday greetings, and garlands, and wreaths! (Now I’m just getting waaaaasy ahead of myself!) haha
    Thanks for the great idea Angie, and I enjoyed your video! Bravo!
    Enjoy your day!

  13. Love, love, love that look! And how perfect to change out for the seasons.


  14. Such an awesome and easy on the wallet idea…the struggle is real here…I got a pumpkin over the weekend and then I had to have a pumpkin donut and then I needed a pumpkin latte…so yeah I got one pumpkin?. Loved the music and the video?

  15. I love these. We just lost a fairly good sized branch in a wind storm. I told hubby to slice it up for me before it heads to the burn pile.

  16. I, too, am crazy about your wood slices decor for fall!! The MUSIC was perfect for your video – I loved that as much as watching how you made your decorations!! Thanks!

  17. What a truly gorgeous Autumn vignette you have created here, Angie…this is so very unique, creative, and beautiful and I love that nature is a strong element in this project! How cool is it that you could easily switch this up for each season and turn it into an equally beautiful vignette for winter, spring, and summer, too! I am also really digging the birch pieces that you’ve used…it just really looks sharp! And I thought your video was excellent…it was both instructional and fun…everything a tutorial video should be…plus, the music was really cute…very well done, Angie!

  18. Fun idea Angie! You did a nice job with the video!

  19. I LOVE your wood slice banner Angie and I love the branch pickets you added to the bottom of the window! Pinned to share.

  20. Glad you brought this one back to life at the party, Angie. I ADORE it, and have featured you this weekend on DIY Salvaged Junk! 🙂


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    […] . What great idea to flip them over for another season too and great video too. […]

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