When a Dictionary is Useless

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As if my lousy eyesight and crackling knees didn’t remind me on a daily basis that I’m getting older, my oldest son drove that point home for me today.

We were riding in the car and he commented how much he liked the pair of jeans he was wearing.

“They’re really comfortable,  like jeggings- except they’re for guys.” he elaborated.

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Thinking he said “leggings”, and I just misunderstood him, I responded, “They don’t look like leggings to me.”

“Mommm… I said ‘jeggings.'”

“What the heck are “jeggings?” I asked, having no idea that he was about to make me feel 10 years older in the next 10 seconds.

“They’re really comfortable jeans that girls wear.”

“Then why did you call them ‘jeggings’?  Why didn’t you just say “stretch denim’, or comfy jeans?”

“Because that’s what women in their 50’s say.” he wise-cracked back at me.  My teenage son was sitting in the back seat, laughing his head off.

Now, wait just a minute!

I’m not in my 50’s yet, thank you very much.

And  then I  realized the difference between young people and women who aren’t yet 50.

Women who aren’t yet 50 use descriptive words  like…


       and denim

         and comfy.

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So, if I say “stretch denim” – you all know exactly what I’m talking about right?

We don’t make up words, like “strenim”, or use words like,  “jeggings”, that don’t describe anything at all, and can’t be found in a dictionary…

…and have to be explained to mothers.

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I look forward to the day when he has kids, and they confuse him with trendy words.

I’ll just sit back and smile! 🙂

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  1. Where have you been all your life? I am well in to my 50’s and know all about jeggings… though would never fit in them LOL

  2. Hilary Elder says

    Being wearing ‘jeggings’ for years. Don’t like leggings as I think they are more for the young but jeggings – sooo comfortable and still look good on we wrinklies – I am 64.
    The bed linen looks wonderful; that embroidery!

  3. The sheets are beautiful, Angie…they look soft and substantial!
    So funny…and look what I found on dictionary.com http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/jeggings?s=t
    That’s what I’ve always thought they were! 🙂

  4. You need to get out more, Angie! (and not just to auctions) 😉

  5. Hahaha! Angie… I’m not laughing at you, but with you! I just turned 50 in march, started to college 2 weeks ago…and know what jeggings are and I know what they aren’t. They AREN’T FOR ME!

  6. It’s okay, Angie, I wish I didn’t know what jeggings were…haha! However, I can relate…our kids do have ways of making us feel old and I don’t think it’s fair at all!

    Those are lovely sheets…such a lush green…and more comfortable than jeggings! 😉

  7. OK, I’ll bite. What are they?! I guess that will be another Google search. And yes, I am over 50. So there. ?. Looking at those sumptuous looking sheets. Love linens. No shoe fettish. No purse fettish. No “jeggings” fettish. But linens, oh my!

  8. Lana Chevalier says

    Dear Angie, Love the sheets, they look so comfortable. I laughed with you as I am 67 and I don’t know what “jeggings” are either so don’t feel bad. These kids nowadays that are completely off the wall to me but then have to remember we probably used terms in our younger days that they would lift an eyebrow at us on. Love your blog and enjoy reading it all the time. God Bless, Lana

  9. Marlene Stephenson says

    Well, i’m in my 60’s and when you go on an internet site to look at clothes to buy i have never seen anything like that. So,who in the world sells them? Angie don’t feel bad,you aren’t the only one.

  10. Don’t feel bad Angie, I didn’t know that word existed, lol. I have a teenage daughter and can’t keep up with the lingo these days and when she moves out I will be very lost.
    Love those sheets!

  11. Yes I know what you mean by stretch denim. I do not have children, but I do have two nieces who are teenagers and I’ve not hear them call them jeggings. They call them skinny jeans. Or is that a completely different thing? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. Keep going to auctions, you are okay!

  12. Angie, thanks sooo much for the great laugh! I needed it!! I didn’t know either what jeggings were until a few months ago. I took my 91 y.o. aunt to buy new slacks for her, and the employee recommended jeggings…I said, “What are they?” She said it’s better to show you, then your aunt can see them too. Since my aunt is so thin, the employee said they’d fit her great! (After seeing them, though, and visualizing her in them, it was NOT a good picture.)Well, not only were they very thin tight jeans, but my aunt said,”No way, never heard of them so they can’t be any good!” So, imagine how foreign they sounded to her, who just started wearing slacks 20 years ago!!

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