Just Put a Plant in It! – Repurposed Planters

Remember how recently I was ranting and hating on thrift stores and most of you joined in my rant?

Could you please have a memory lapse, and forget I said all that?

Oh good!  Let the forgetting begin…

… So, last weekend one of our old thrift stores moved into a shiny new building, and they were stocked to their rafters with stuff for the grand re-opening.  For the first time in quite some time, I found some good deals – in fact I filled up a grocery cart! When I was starting sorting  through my finds, I was trying to decide what could be upcyled, what could repurposed, and what could be sold as-is.

And as I pondered all that junk, I realized I didn’t want to make a lot of work for myself.  I have enough projects I’m working on, and I didn’t feel like making that list longer.  That’s when I had a light bulb moment and just decided to stick a plant in everything!

… Well, almost everything.

Many of the things I bought would make awesome repurposed planters., so I rounded up all my finds, and headed to the garden shop.  The pickin’s were pretty slim since the planting season is pretty much over around here, but I was able to find some house plants that would work nicely.

First up is this wooden ice bucket.

wooden ice bucket

The wood is awesome and I love the metal handle and metal  corner trim, but look how cool it is with the addition of a plant!  Talk about easy – no paint or tools required!

repurposed planters

Next up is a vintage metal lunch box.  I love these!

vintage lunch box

You could put plants on both sides if you open it up, but I opted to just do one side.

repurposed planters

metal old lunch box

Aren’t little aluminum measuring cups just the cutest?  Sometimes I repurpose them.  Sometimes I keep them.  I’m still deciding about this one.  The raised lettering on the side makes it very hard for me to part with.

vintage measuring cup

Look how sweet it looks with a plant inside.  I love it even more now.

I think I’ll keep it. 🙂

repurposed planters measuring cup

Not many people want a rusty flour sifter these days, but I love the red wooden handle and … more lettering on the sides.

Be still my rusty, letter-loving heart!

vintage flour sifter

The cool thing about using a sifter as a planter is it has instant drainage, since the bottom is mesh screen.

vintage kitchen sifter

And last, but not least, is this adorable vintage toy dump truck.

structo toy truck

It has a “Structo” label on the side of the door.  It appears that a puppy chewed on one of the back tires, but that’s okay – you can only display one side or the other anyway.

succulent planter repurposed toy truck

The dump bed is just the right size for some hens & chicks, and I love the dump bed tail gate!

repurposed planter vintage toy truck

I did find a few other things that I will upcycle or repurpose.  In fact, I’m working on one of them now! Assuming it turns out – I’ll show you soon.

If it doesn’t turn out, let the forgetfulness continue, okay? 🙂

These items are available in my online shop HERE (plants not included)

What’s the most unique thing you’ve put plants in?


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  1. I love this look, Angie…especially the little truck! I love using vintage stuff for outdoor plants…

  2. I find it frightening that I have every single one of those items in my stash, except for the ice cream maker, (I have a round metal one ?.) even the little truck in the same color, now I know what I was saving them for, indoor plants! Thank you for the idea!

  3. Love that truck and aluminum measuring cup!

  4. Teddee Grace says

    Cute planters. But beware the grand openings. Every time they open a new Goodwill in our area, they pull out all the stops and bring in merchandise from all over. The pickings are great, but within a month or two they can be very picked over and sparse.

  5. I love vintage flour sifters…I have 2…both are red and white….I use them to store my scissors and paint brushes…I do line the mesh with felted wool for softness….

  6. Marlene Stephenson says

    Looks like you hit the jack pot and had lots of fun,that’s the best part,they all look great Angie.

  7. I have that same exact measuring cup, dents and all! I think I’ll go buy a succulent to place in it, Pinned!

  8. These are all so awesome…and I am loooooving that truck???.

  9. Crafty Daisy says

    I just found your site today and lovin it! I am always looking for odd things to put little plants in. I search thrift stores for tea cups and saucers, ceramic tea pots, gravy boats, creamers etc to put my plants in. They make nice little gifts, or little give aways at place setting for a luncheon.
    Now you have given me some more great ideas to use!

  10. Ooh, loving that turquoise truck and the red sifter. Missed your thrift post first time around, so went back today. Agree, for the most part, but I’ve found enough close to home, to still get some good deals. Sometimes you have to dig though.

  11. Mary Louise says

    Angie, what cleverness … I never gave any of these items a re-purpose thought; I’m sure glad you did! I’ll be heading to my local garden center to add “color” to my decor.

  12. Okay, I am willing to give thrift stores another chance just this once since all of your finds are completely awesome, especially the little truck with the most delicious colour! 🙂 Well done, Angie…and what a great way to repurpose some wonderful treasures easily and give lots of life to any room!

  13. Love the sifter and the aluminum measuring cup, and that truck is adorable. Around here it’s the chain thrift stores that I rarely find things because I’m not willing to pay the prices. I have much more luck in the small town indie thrift shops, especially one in particular that really wants to move items and is constantly restocking its shelves.

  14. I think I have two of those little aluminum measuring cups with the embossed letters. I know I have one. Yours looks darling with the plant in it! I think the most unique thing I have put a plant in recently is a little three-inch or so black wooden box with a Smith and Hawkins logo on two sides. I didn’t know what I would do with it when I snagged it from the thrift store, but It looks just right with a plant in it. I had to put a little saucer in the bottom as I didn’t want the pot draining onto the wood. What fun! Oh, yes, that flour sifter is such a beautiful color of red. And so unique and appealing as a plant holder. I’m so inspired that now I want to go looking for some more unusual items that would hold a plant!

  15. Angie – now this is my type of gardening.
    Love your new ‘pots’.

  16. the kunch box is my favorite

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