Entryway Makeover Progress

Things were going wonderful on our entryway makeover.

My husband had brought home a trailer full of pallets.

He cut them all apart, and got 2 walls in the entryway done.  He made me a built in cabinet to store paint that I use frequently, and I was loving it.

Pallet Wood Barn Door Cabinet - KnickofTime.net

It was the pallet wood entryway of my dreams…

That is, until I stepped back and looked beyond the entryway, into the kitchen that connects to it.

Suddenly I realized that the perfectly rustic pallet wood clashed big time with my bright white kitchen.  The two rooms just didn’t flow well together.

For several days I tried to talk myself out of it, but I knew what had to be done – the pallet wood walls needed to be painted, so my house wouldn’t look like a patchwork of rooms from several different styles of homes.

I was super sad to cover up the rustic wood, but I pulled myself by my bootstraps, and did what all smart bloggers do…

I hired my teenage son to paint it.  🙂

installing pallet wood walls

The good news is, I still love it – especially the barn door he made for the cabinet.  I like it just as much white as I did unpainted – it just made more work.

Pallet Wood Barn Door Cabinet - KnickofTime.net

I’m going to have my husband add one or two more shelves and it should hold most of the paints and waxes I use on a regular basis.

paint can storage cabinet - KnickofTime.net

If you’re wondering why I would store paint and waxes in my entryway, it’s because I work on most of my painting projects on my kitchen table, and this cabinet is conveniently close by.

Beneath the cabinet, he built a bench with storage inside.  It’s holding  tools that we use frequently, like the cordless nail gun he used to install the pallets on the wall, cordless drills and chargers.

farmhouse storage bench - KnickofTime.net

We used up all the pallets, so my husband has to bring home more pallets to finish up  smaller sections of wall by our chalkboard wall, and around the two windows (seen in below).  I’ll probably have him build another bench beneath one of the windows, so we have a place to store gloves, hats, etc.

We still haven’t decided what to do about the concrete floor.  It has several deep cracks in it, which we’ve patched, so we may just paint it for now.  I’d rather install brick or tile, but that would raise the level of the floor, causing a step down into the adjoining kitchen, so I don’t think we can do that.

furniture makeover gossip bench

I’m hoping we have this room finished (other than the floor) in the next week, so I hope to show the full reveal soon, and I’ll share some tips about using pallet wood on walls.





  1. I love the look of the painted wood…it’s going to be a wonderful space!

  2. Your new entry-way wall is absolutely GAWJUS…I soooooooo lurve it!!! The barn door is sheer perfection! Oh, m’gosh, Angie, it may not be right, but I can’t help but covet that wall with my entire heart…I even adore the white paint! Your hubby did an amazing job!

  3. Anxious to see the finished space. What great imaginations.

  4. Looks absolutely marvelous. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  5. Liz Thomas says

    Love the pallet entry way. It’s inspiring….I might just have to do the same!!

  6. It looks great. You are both so creative. What about some kind of stencil design on the floor?

  7. I love the way the painted wood looks, gives you a perfect ‘textured’ back drop for furnishings. I’m sure it will weather a bit…in time and give you the wood variations coming through. The cupboard is cool…! Thanks for the tour, Sandi

  8. Marlene Stephenson says

    I love all of it, even painted,it looks wonderful,have a great weekend Angie.

  9. Rose Gerard says

    Angie; you are one lucky lady!! I love every thing you have done; very clever. I would give any thing for my husband to first of all, agree on a project like this, and second jump in and take part in the endeavoer!! I, like every one else, am anxious to see the finished project. The floor is a big under taking, not to mention the cost. I’m wondering if you could fill the cracks and then “stain” the cement? I’ve seen a house that had two large rooms done and it was gorgeous! Also, I’ve helped a friend sponge on brick after painting the back ground in. It was fast. simple, and looked great!!!!

  10. Sounds like a reasonable place to me to store paint. I craft on the dining room table and my paints are kept in the bathroom close to that. I can kill two birds with one stone that way, you know decide what paint color I want to use next while I have time to think.

  11. I love your painted pallet wall better than the look of the wood. It makes perfect sense to me to store your supplies close to where you use them. I keep paint in the bottom portion of my dining room china hutch and in the hall closet.

  12. Sue Hunsaker says

    Hi …When we did the concrete floor on my antique store I took a sponge and red brick colored paint
    and painted a brick floor then sealed it. Got tons of comments on it. I did a circle in the middle and then straight,but it was a very large floor and you probably wouldn’t have that much room for circle. Not sure I would do it again!! Love you blog. One of the first ones I read.

  13. Hi Angie! Have you seen the Allure Traffic Master floors at Home Depot? They are long planks just like hardwood and look like hardwood but are actually linoleum. They are incredibly easy to install and you can get them as wet as you want ?without worrying. They are thin so they may work for you. My Home Depot doesn’t carry a lot of the colors anymore but it is easy to order. The hickory is beautiful and looks like an old floor. They even have little indentations on them. The flooring has crazy good reviews and no, I don’t work at Home Depot. ? I could send you a picture if you want to email me. ?

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