A Junky Sign on Pallet Wood

A few days ago, I spotted these wooden letters that I thought would make a cool sign.  I thought I’d make a basic “HOME” sign on pallet wood, but when I started playing around with them, it morphed into a totally new direction…

wood craft letters

I dug around in my rusty junk stash, and decided a junky  sign would be fun to make.

rusty bits and pieces for sign

First, I needed to attach 2 pieces of pallet wood together.  A rusty hinge worked well for the front side.

pallet wood sign assembly

On the back, I connected it with a metal “thing”.  I know there’s a name for it – I just have no idea what it is.  It’s just a metal strip with holes in it.

pallet wood sign assembly

I attached the “H” and E” first, at oppoite ends of the top board, and pre-drilled holes in the letters, so the wood wouldn’t split when I screwed them onto the pallet board.

DIY wood sign

I swapped out the wooden “O” for a round, rusty part.

junky sign

Then, I added the “M” and just started playing around with the layout of the other rusty pieces, until I liked the look.

DIY Junky Sign

I like decor that’s useful, and adding hooks did that.  The tiny metal wheel was just the right size to screw an old coat hook into.  It’s quirky and fun.

A pallet wood sign made with rusty funky junk makes a unique coat rack or wall hooks - KnickofTime.net

Turn rusty junk into a unique pallet wood home sign coat rack - KnickofTime.net

For those of you who don’t hoard rusty bits and pieces, here’s what it looks like without them – I just kept one coat hook on it, so it’s till useful as a key hook, and would be perfect in an entryway.

Almost all of the screws I used were removed from the piano my husband and I converted into a desk.  There were at least 100 screws from it, but sadly, my stash is almost depleted.  I still have one big part left from that piano, but I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet.  I really need to brainstorm a project idea for it!

Rustic pallet wood home sign with wooden letters - KnickofTime.net

signature feedback


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  1. Really a fun and unique project, Angie!

  2. Very fun and junky, Angie…love how you replaced the “O”…

  3. I just love your style! Junk at it’s finest!

  4. Your sign turned out great! I love it, Angie!

  5. sandi Allen says

    Love your sign! What fun!

  6. loved the sign, but really loved the description of the metal “thing” on the back. Made me laugh

  7. I LOVE it! Such a great idea and it looks terrific! Well done, you.

  8. Angie, I love your posts! Inspirational, fun and projects that I can do! This was a great project.

  9. Love it!

  10. Marlene Stephenson says

    Very unique and wonderful shows us what can be done with stuff we may have,so much i have thrown away i wish i hadn’t. lol

  11. Love the sign, especially using the metal bit for the ‘o’. Pinning!

  12. I love the simple single pallet HOME minus the hook. Any chance of putting that in store? I love your stuff!

  13. Love your junky goodness sign/coat rack Angie! Pinning to share

  14. Cute sign! Great inspiration for unused old license plates and random pieces of rusty goodness.

  15. Very cute!

  16. Love this project, Angie. As a hoarder of junky bits and pieces, I can relate!

  17. Angie, I’m so in love with this. I’m hung up on signs anyway, but I love the clever way you made this one. NEED IT! Featured you on Party Junk this weekend. 🙂

  18. Lillian Cagle says

    So cute, Angie!! I love it! Aunt Lil

  19. I love it! What a neat idea !

  20. I love your signs and your complete style! Amazing work! I can’t wait to try this ! I have a pile of old cedar boards I think I might use along with my collection of rusty little this and that’s ! Thanks for your ideas

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