Inexpensive Rustic Fall Centerpiece – Home for Fall

Every year at this time, I have to wear blinders when I go into stores, because we have lots of fall and winter birthdays in our family, and if I hope to put a Thanksgiving meal on the table and have any presents under the tree, I can’t spend money on ready-made decor.

So when I found out that Hometalk was hosting a “Home for Fall” blog hop, I wanted to participate, but I challenged myself to do it without buying a single thing from a store.

I’m still feeling under the weather, so I wanted to keep it easy too – nothing that required power tools.  I came up with a rustic fall centerpiece using things I already had on hand.  I hope you like it! 🙂

Rustic Autumn Table Centerpiece -

I started with a weathered piece of salvaged wood, a candle and some small pumpkins my daughter bought.

fall centerpiece 2

I added an old bed spring to elevate one of the little pumpkins.

fall centerpiece 3

I used pine branch cuttings to fill in empty spots.

fall centerpiece 4

I just kept tweaking – adding more pine cones, acorns and an old doily.

Rustic Table Fall Centerpiece -

I turned off the lights, and was pretty happy with the arrangement.

Rustic Fall Table Centerpiece -

I like using a variety of textures, so I brought in one of my smaller ironstone pitchers, with some wheat inside it to finish it up.

Natural Elements Fall Centerpiece

No money spent.  No power tools used, AND I can reuse it for Christmas.

I’ll just add fresh evergreen clippings, switch out the pumpkins for something else, and maybe put some red berry branches in the pitcher.

My budget didn’t take a hit, and the kitchen table looks festive for fall!

Rustic Natural Elements Fall Table Centerpiece -

There  are lots more projects created by other bloggers participating in the blog hop!  See them all below.


Autumn Blog Hop


  1. Love your centerpiece, Angie! Especially the Baby Boo on the bed spring!

  2. This is so pretty and I love that you used what you already had. The bed spring is the best. xoxo

  3. Angie, you could make a plain rock look like a must have with your staging abilities! 🙂

    I am completely in LOVE with those pumpkins on that plank. This kind of decorating is perfection, plus you don’t have to store a whole buncha stuff! Beautiful!

  4. angie i have been thinking about bed spring a lot today and here it is!!! so charming and creative! everything in such harmony! <3

  5. I love this. Shopping at home is my thing too. I especially like the spring that added height to the whole. We can all learn from you on how to add different elements to a centerpiece.

  6. Hi Angie,

    I love the mix of cream from the mini pumpkins combined with a touch of fall in this arrangement. Very warm and cozy feeling. Pinned!

  7. Hi Angie – How clever! I love that it is so simple, yet elegant and stunning! Visiting as a fellow #homeforfall participant. Have a wonderful week and Happy Fall! Hugs, Holly

  8. I love your center piece Angie. It’s pretty awesome when you add all the different layers to it as well.

  9. I love it! You can get any better than this with something you buy in the store.

  10. I love your centerpiece, but I have to say that stove in the background stopped me in my tracks. BEAUTIFUL!

  11. SO SIMPLE! But i LOVE it!!!!

  12. Simple, beautiful, and festive with a timeless feel…it’s perfect! I think the candlelight sets it all off so well…it’s also very comforting! I hope you get to feeling much better very soon!

  13. I love your idea. Especially since it would be easily to pick up the board and move off the table if need be. I am in love with you stove as well 😉

  14. Beautiful & Simple!! I love it!!

  15. I love the simple beauty of it. Hope you are feeling much better very soon, Angie!

  16. You staged your rustic wooden slap beautifully Angie! Love the bed spring holder tooI

  17. I love your centerpiece – especially how you used so many wonderful natural textures and rustic pieces. So pretty. Pinning Cathy

  18. I think using what you have and what nature gave us is the true meaning of rustic. Simply gorgeous!

  19. I cannot tell you how much I love the bed spring pumpkin holder. That is the cutest, most original thing I have seen yet! So adorable! Great job on your centerpiece!

  20. So pretty, simple and beautifully presented. I love your comment that it did not take ging out to buy something and my favourite… no power tools! Thank you for sharing you wonderful talents. Off to share now on your behalf!

  21. Angie I love it. Isn’t it fun how it all comes together as you use what you have on hand and just keep adding and tweaking until you love it?! Your table is so gorgeous!

  22. It looks so beautiful! I love the bed spring to elevate the pumpkin, and of course, a free decor project is the best kind. I love that you can easily switch out a couple of things for Christmas – which will be here in no time!

  23. Just lovely, Angie! Really enjoyed reading this post. Also, I’ve been binge reading your posts today, and am sorry to read that October has been a bad month. Glad your father and you are both on the mend! Take care and be kind to yourself, Cynthia

  24. Very creative! I really like your simple fall centerpiece.

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